Scariest Things Caught by Twitch Streamers

Scariest Things Caught by Twitch Streamers

– How you doing? I’m Kallen
and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at the scariest things caught by Twitch
streamers, live on camera. But, as always, before we
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content, just like this. In 2018, Jake Dufner was
live-streaming himself playing Fortnite when a
series of very creepy things began to happen. Not long after he starts the stream, the door behind him begins
to open all by itself. A few minutes later the door closes, then reopens once again. (gameplay chatter) Dufner continues to play,
seemingly oblivious to what’s happening behind him. Suddenly, the chair in the
background begins to move. Then the door slams shut,
this time it does so with enough force that Dufner hears it. He immediately turns to see what happened however he appears to be unconcerned and quickly returns to the game. Someone in the chat tries to
warn him of what’s happening by typing, “Jake, the
chair shifted to the left. “Did anyone else see that?” Dufner turns briefly but
appears to pay little attention to the comment. The door continues to open and shut as the fans on chat keep
trying to inform Dufner about what’s happening behind him. One writes, “Dude! What the
hell? Your house is haunted. “It’s open, Jake. Please look!” Again, Dufner turns to take a quick look but says that he’s pretty
sure that the doors been open the whole time. – The doors been open, I think. – [Kallen] Suddenly, the
chair begins to slide right out the door. Dufner continues playing
for several more minutes before he’s eventually killed in the game. He then checks the chat
where he sees several alarming messages. One reads, “The was a figure by the door. “Jake, your chair has disappeared “and your door has been opened!” Concerned, Dufner finally
gets up to investigate. Shortly after, he
returns and asks the fans if they saw anyone else in
his room while he was playing. Again, he checks the comments. Someone is now claiming to have seen a cloudy figure next to the door. Dufner becomes increasingly nervous as he leaves the room once more to see if there’s anyone
else in the house. In the background, you
can hear him calling out but there’s no answer. – [Dufner] Yo! Yo. – [Kallen] Suddenly, he
returns saying he’s home alone and that he doesn’t know what’s going on. The video then cuts as a scared Dufner abruptly ends the stream. In this clip, streamer
Mangamean gets seriously spooked by some sort of strange light that appears to be floating behind him. He spots the strange orb on camera and quickly turns to see what it is, only to discover there’s
nothing actually there. The fact that the streamer
appears genuinely startled by the strange shape has
some viewers believing that this might actually
be a genuine encounter with something supernatural. Others, however, have
pointed that the orb might be little more than a speck of dust that has landed briefly
on the lens of the camera. What do you think this
mysterious shape could be? Is it proof of the paranormal? Or is there another
explanation for what Mangamean has captured on camera? In 2016, Twitch streamer
SirGaryTube was playing Pokémon when the door behind him
suddenly closed by itself. In the footage, he quickly
turns to see what happened and then asks the viewers if
they noticed anything strange. The streamer says that
he originally thought he was seeing things as no one in the chat mentioned anything. He continues to play the
game but appears visually shaken by the incident as he
repeatedly looks behind him. Thinking that it could have been his roommate who shut the door, the streamer finally decides
to get up and investigate. Shortly after he leaves the room, the door slowly opens itself then suddenly slams shut once more. When he returns, he checks the chat where several fans have informed him that the door opened
and shut by itself again after he left the room. SirGaryTube claims his
roommate was out doing laundry at the time of the incident and that there was no breeze at all coming through the open
window in his room. Was the door slammed shut by
some sort of paranormal force or is there a simpler explanation
for this bizarre event? Let us know your thoughts in
the comments section below. While minding his friend’s cats, streamer Rubzy experienced
some very scary events while playing the game Skyrim. He had ran several streams while staying at his friend’s house but
nothing particularly odd happened except for one occasion. As he talks to his friends on voice chat, a door opens behind him and
then quickly slams shut. – Um, Oh my! – [Kallen] He looks visibly
scared as people in the chat begin to comment on what they saw. Suddenly, a light begins
to turn on and off right in front of the camera. The chat lights up as Rubzy
decides to investigate. Over the course of the night, the door continues to open and close. The lights flicker on and off and a box on the table
even flies across the room. – Oh my god! – [Kallen] Rubzy’s reactions
appear to be genuine. With each chilling occurrence,
he looks honestly startled. In a follow up video, Rubzy
talks about his experience and even decides to go
back to the apartment for another stream. It’s this second stream,
coupled with his explanation, that makes his experience seem genuine. Rubzy says he felt awful prior
to reentering the apartment. He left it to the last minute and really didn’t want to go in. Shortly after setting up his
equipment and going live, the door behind him opens and closes just as it had the time before. Rubzy appears noticeably shaken. In his explanation, he
mentions trying to communicate with the entity. Several people in the chat
suggest that he should say that he comes in peace and
that he just wants to help whoever’s haunting the house. At this point, Rubzy says
he went completely numb. He couldn’t feel his face or hands. He even says that he blacked
out for several minutes and that the last thing that he remembers is coming to in front of the banging door. On the verge of tears,
he apologizes to his fans and says he has to leave
the house immediately. – I’m going home. – [Kallen] Since the
incident, Rubzy has said that he will never go
back to the apartment no matter what he’s offered to do so. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at an alleged ghost that’s been captured
live on a Ninja stream, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you’ll be completely up to date with all our latest content. (clicking) This video, uploaded to Top
Extract’s YouTube channel in May, 2018, shows a
clip of a supposed ghost that someone captured while
watching a livestream. The Twitch streamer seen in the video is none other than legendary
Fortnite player, Ninja. A gamer, who has quickly become
one of the most well-known and recognizable people on the internet. In the clip, Ninja is playing Fortnite when suddenly a strange, shadowy figure can be seen entering from
the left side of the screen. It then hovers briefly
before leaving the shot. Shortly before this footage surfaced, Ninja appeared on the popular H3 podcast discussing several paranormal events that he had recently experienced. Firstly, he spoke about a time
that his wife was out of town and he was home alone with his dogs. He had just finished streaming and went upstairs to go to bed. Suddenly, the downstairs sound
system started to play music. Scared, he ran downstairs to investigate. He checked his computer
and phone to make sure that the Bluetooth was switched off. He then grabbed a Katana sword and continued to search the house. Freaked out, Ninja called
his wife to tell her what had happened. He swears that he was sure
that everything was turned off before he went to bed. And, to this day, is still
creeped out by the event. Another time, he claims that he woke up at exactly 3:00 a.m. in the morning and smelled a strange odor in his house. He says that he felt as though
something was staring at him and that he’s never been
so scared in his life. After the incident, he wasn’t
able to get back to sleep for three hours. Could it be possible then,
that the video posted to Top Extract’s YouTube
channel, has actually captured proof of the entity that’s
been haunting Ninja? Immediately after the
footage was released, fans began offering their opinions on the mysterious dark shape. Many felt that the clip
did indeed show a ghost as it didn’t appear to have
been staged in any way. If the footage really has
captured a paranormal entity, is it the same one that supposedly
turned on Ninja’s stereo in the middle of the night? Love to get your opinions on this one in the comments section below. (eerie music) If you want some more
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