Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS | Performanță la nivelul următor | Unboxing & Review

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS | Performanță la nivelul următor | Unboxing & Review

Internet greeting How well did you find on our YouTube channel today we will talk about Galaxy Note 10 And plus So some popsicles come out for coffee because we will have something to discuss of course is one of Of the most anticipated phones of 2019 and It is slightly approaching September What’s happening in September is fine Then I go into the pit and of course I start having all kinds of discussions And all kinds of presentations About their new products But until then, there were only rumors Just as they were with Galaxy Note 10 Therefore After I was tortured for a week two weeks three a month days False information good information positive information negative information About Galați Note 10 finally It appeared on the market and I saw a lot of videos With and about this phone But of course I should convince myself that alone You have another experience when you use it and you can give it a completely different view But we will not talk now about what I believe Me about this phone Let’s undo the setup and talk Something more about Galaxy Note 10 for which a few things radically different and It’s one of the luffy’s absence of the plug Jack Yes Exact And now as a parenthesis you know the menus on the internet In which Samsung was making fun of Apple as just a jack jack I don’t even have a Faget anymore Those videos in which they were making fun of the call no longer exist Strange But first of all Don’t forget to subscribe and activate the notifications and then enter Giveaway to register for the contest The model I have here cystocele Aura glow Lactic is It’s a silver model with some Very reflections Interesting considering that it is a phone of almost 1,200 euros Let’s talk about the smallest details let’s start with the box To be honest, it’s the same kind of box I saw in the Galaxy Nude Not the same with other Eastern models Ten to ten Plus and 10 What Honest to be me and expected to have a boxing experience Something more premium Or something close to Show me why Because they have a very solid box Even though both boxes are made from recycled materials it appears I do not know Very below It doesn’t give you that product sensation Premium though He is a Premium product The version I have here is 256 GB And it is the dual variant let’s Let’s give k The part That envelope fell from Is it Case inside or not Paper Paper And more paper Air Lots of air and here we have Chita for Drawer First we put the phone down and then not At him But I know you are curious That’s what the reflection looks like Something else Finally, we also see a phone when you come How much You can And to be honest, what you see here in the room is Just reflect it It’s because of him It is How so For a while Silver spray On the back But The way in which The light falls on that part of it It can make them have This reflexes But we’ll talk about the phone right away. Let’s see We still find in The box of a charger It’s a charger Type c Just like the pixel So probably And the power cord will be USB c USB c It’s a charger Super Fast charge 5v 3rd amp No Voice 2.70 And 7 amps It also exists And man Warning here at risk of electric shock Strict because it can reach up to 3 amps Or 11 volts And 2.25 amps Powerful charger system And the risk of shock would be I don’t know hypothesis we talk about using cable too many times and And when It started to wear out to touch two wires or I do not know what gift but at 3 amps It is Enough Strong In this box Gout we An adapter from microusb to USB type c If you want to Use your dust cable Reported that is still microusb Or maybe you go out Or a friend you want to copy some Data and that friend Does not have a USB type c Here we have that tulle To He pulls out the top of the Pine and inside we have some Peaks More precisely two exchanges We have an adapter Again From USB Type A To USB type What a dad Mother What a sincere girl to be this but I find it quite useful considering you can Copy Pretty much files Big And of course vulg Or to Package like Such a package Very big data Between the phone and another device on We have a card With the power cord And as I expected It’s USB type What the To USB type It’s a sim cable Simple I call a quality cable Say But nothing special It’s the same cable I’ve seen before And other phones Samsung Further in the box we have a pair of branded akg headphones And it’s a similar pair of headphones With the one on the S8 And it is 9 this is the headphone jack It’s a USB plug But what you are going to want honestly Like these headphones Be With Jack And to have an adapter package Maybe I want to listen to music on another device And I like these headphones or they are the only headphones I have Let’s look at the phone It’s as interesting as possible And you have a very good feeling You liked it at the moment You hold it in your hand Has somewhere at 196 g The sensation you have in your hand It’s somewhere combined Between notes 8 And Notes 9 is basically a combination of the two phones with the tactile sensation We have Curve On the front which Goes Left and right on edges But on the back As you can see and the back is bent To the outside of your TV phone And it feels pretty good in your hand. It feels great in your hand, it doesn’t cut you in that area And this But Yes Being glass on the face Glass on the back This aluminum frame on me is a perfect combination for Marius if you have a sweaty hand or it is Summer or you have a very cold hand And the dryness instantly slips out of your hand And it’s summer And the phone is a magnet Imprint I honestly don’t like this no One thing is Phones that gather the most fingerprints thanks to the designer Power button And the two volume buttons are on the left side So he moved From here Here again the bixby button is completely gone We still have the right edge Perfect Cleanse At the bottom of the phone we have Gasoline GS USB power plug type c Main microphone Grid for the main speaker And S The explanation pine It behaves just like the previous model you press on it And it gives you that feeling of The pen is a shrub drop We have the button In the side And that’s close to the middle pin At the top we have Secondary microphone A hole for the speaker Yes You hear well Initially I thought it was an infrared sensor Change It’s not a hole for For loudspeaker Because he has Easy stereo Phone And here is the drawer for Sim and card It’s a hybrid Yes We also have a protection around it, a protection Rubber Because this one Phone It is dust resistant To water This is how it looks It gets pretty hard and it stays As much as possible Fixed tax We talked about design, we talked about materials, we talked about ports and connectivity and pears all Totally at first glance is interesting It does not seem innovative But interesting All in all it’s a nice phone It’s a phone Predict we also have this curved edges which I’m kind of a signature design Edge Let’s say this I am satisfied with the design chapter but I would have liked to have a bag in the money package Iasi These but again the marketing strategy It is based on the premise that you can afford a holster when I buy this phone I have nothing to comment on in the design chapter At the fact that we have no jack plug anymore I always appreciated Samsung because they were the only ones that kept the jack plug But With 10 plus notes and 10 notes the story changed as I usually turned on the phone and got on Made village then Now, let’s test the fingerprint sensor Is fast Of course Like all Flex phones And from Samsung The fingerprint sensor below the screen Pretty fast Which seems to me a lot Interesting Not a sensor 8 so Because Faster than the series a And of course the most seen on other manufacturers is an ultrasonic sensor Therefore In theory you should Speed is improving To answer With abutments and of course all kinds of optimizations software Now let’s talk about the display We have a Dynamic AMOLED of 6.8 inches in diagonal And a resolution of 3040 pixels per 140 A look of 19 On 9 And somewhere around 498 pixels per Inch is a very good density Is not Over 500 as I’ve seen on other phones But the content is very clear and at this resolution I have no absolute No prepay It was a bit Let’s talk about screen to body ratio Which is 91% I think it’s the only phone I’ve ever seen A screen to Body ratio so big Or please not necessarily what I saw and put on Hand This ration is so great in When it becomes somehow uncomfortable To achieve it With The edge fingers When you want them to be perfect you want to hold them in your hand Never reach From time to time the edge of the screen But as you can see It is not always active Passion CP From somewhere The curvature begins Be active I also prefer this model to use the navigation buttons because I should go with my finger low enough to swipe up To use gestures But again, it is simply a matter of personal preference Or better said D The way you do You adapt Now let’s talk about hardware too We have a Qualcomm snapdragon 855 Five for America and our version is with the new Axis nose 825 ARO lithography of 7 nanometers And it is Basically the direct competitor of snapdragon 155 only made by Samsung No of any Of course, it’s an Octa Core It is coupled with 12 GB rum We also have the variant with 512gb of space Internal storage And the support card in maximum one terabyte Basically you can make your server quiet from this phone to How much storage space do you have to look at the tests We start with AnTuTu benchmark We are waiting for it Open 355,000 377 points Overall score And if you are curious you have the other ones displayed here scores It’s basically a phone beast From my point of view Let’s look at geekbench 4 as well Where we have 4,545 Four five four 5 on singles and 10,000 10598 per multico It is Huge Is much I personally cannot perceive such a score Right now on a Smart namely You have processing power similar With an i3 or an i5 Of laptop The monkey less And in case you haven’t found out There are models of laptops on the market With specially made snapdragon I’m running Windows Running by Pretty good we have Android Nine with One Way from Samsung would be no user experience Very different Compared to what I’ve seen so far A few buttons appeared like the media But we need to install an update And here they are The controls for Cam all mean the media on this one Device Meaning At the moment it is only a music player When you install or configure others Devices will appear in that menu Also we have a few buttons here a search One Power button And why we have a power button Because the moment we hold down On this button On the physical power button Surprise Bixby has never returned and you can’t turn off the phone if you hold on More pressed You must necessarily And the power button and the volume button In combination A little weird if you want to say hello Stop from the buttons It’s similar to the call That’s how this phone turns off You have to press both buttons where you have the option of power off restart and image what mode What I saw more It’s this Power mode Practically Come High performance optimized medium and maximum Power saving Also recommended to call Active Power saving because It somehow monitors the applications you use and If you haven’t used it for some time, some apps keep closing Leave in background But they do not runs Practically They are somehow rescued frowning So you can access them It’s a Smart gesture mode Dictionary of water three Let’s go to the settings and see if there are more things changed I take them tulle is the same Like Oane y Biometrics and Security Here you can manage it Make the place and of course the fingerprint Digital wellbeing Further Let’s look at the settings for S Pen Let’s open it This curtains go to settings Advent Espanyol Futures from here I can customize the gestures for shortcuts and so on It is similar to a Note 8 We too But we have some extra functions like these actions Practically One can do is control different functions of different AP Applications like Either room notes Club and so on To have Certain shortcuts to wheat in Clock Let’s get into the house We’re here You can start You know the stopwatch How the button from Expand It does not seem The most useful Name of gift Around here Press the button to start Want to Select a lap Two laps And long pressed To enter the room Appearance does not have the function of He also has one Interesting functionality If you open the room application As with Note 9 you can use Espanyol To trigger A photo Or you can press And to have certain gestures Such as Zoom rotation Swipe up or down for Changing the selfie room With the main one Or left right for changing modes I’ll give it a try I turned left and changed the way we turn to the right And once again to the right Up I changed the room Selfies Down I switched to the normal room And now let’s try a Zoom But I never succeeded I make it work to my liking I’ll see if I can go back for months Not It’s more demanding Of course, to be honest, it seems to me to be an extraordinary functionality With great or innovation What right It’s an interesting thing you can do with Espanyol But from my point of view it should be a little more refined Also, let’s not forget about the function of Take notes with the screen Torn off Chrono stopped her Scor Spanish And I can take a note directly that I can save Notes 10 Another feature I appreciate on this phone is Recognition of text or handwriting and its transformation into digital text Search is also written emtech Text ok And there’s a button Convert to Text Text Yes You must learn it and you must recognize it And handwriting also has more possibilities to customize Because I didn’t have that much time to teach him my handwriting or Example I write a lot Correct I wrote As far as Vidin market can be Text Horia So it’s pretty accurate and I like it Very very much But it is only a functionality that we find On Samsung and note phones And with each model is refined more and more This functionality and of course this aspect In any case it takes some time to get used to it but after this period is one of them The most reliable options Yes write on one Digital device of course excluding telegraph boards that are made specifically for this purpose That’s something and they are dedicated To draw to write for Various applications Let’s start with the back rooms We have triple time ratio room camera of flight The main camera is 12 Megapixels with variable aperture from f-15 to f Two four It’s the normal room to say the way White was We also have a 12 Megapixel f21 sensor with phone lens and Optical Zoom 2x Also the 3rd camera is 16 megapixels f-22 and is an ultra-y Antilla And finally lvm that top 3D camera is a VGA camera it’s basically just for For The depth sensation that the front camera records is 10 Megapixels F2 You two and surprise Shooting 2160 About 30 frames per second The one on the back Shoot at 30 And 60 frames per second Also the main sensor and the secondary sensor Phone They have optical stabilization Tico And on Ultra wein Samsung He says they have some kind of Super steady video Daddy is good is optical is kind of Digital stabilization in Direct processing Imedeen Finally, too many details of why these cameras are quite performing are top of the line From my point of view and we will see immediately and how it works in real life if you are curious I tell you Dad now so we don’t hang around anymore Further on This phone supports 32 bits 384 kW audio has Sleep Atmos And the sound is tuned by akg Or at least This blenduit akg esound There is no information written here but information can be found on the internet And I landed all the details are given to the maximum And pretty much everything I could have done to the max exactly as I expected the phone is not He suffers from gusus It suffers absolutely no interruption And the experience is as whistling as possible Also this screen It helps you have as immersive an experience as possible Because the border is in Munich Less this Panciu climb To be honest I have always said that I don’t mind one nor was it like I am a Panciu Paul but here It’s as annoying as possible. Just forget about it You play quietly You look from the left to the right of the screen and see Someone fry me He ran away returning See a hole in the screen I mean, theme again The application I do not know I do not like this time I do not like the idea is the following in gameplay the phone is not very hot on The back The gameplay experience is uninterrupted, it moves very well and you can play from fortnite to pubg Asphalt villa I know what other games that need a lot of resources Why Because this phone has them all What right Samsung listened to said Well we do not want harmful we do not want Panciu times because It’s not symmetrical if you put it to the left or right And if I’m not mistaken Catalin That’s how a huge hallway Panciu on the Galaxy s10e looks like if the villa is remembered and that’s how it looks Empty the hall on the Galaxy Note 10 more The major indifference between aknai Dica is not understood I want to have three phones on the table Not only two phones stay in the house It’s really very slippery phones including this one that has a skin as cute as it can be It is time to go to the conclusion and of course talk a little about this phone Because I have a good opinion And it was about that phone what Are Simply a bag of feelings for that The impression that this phone is a bit late and I will immediately explain why I think so To this Well, we didn’t get near the end of this video where we will talk a little about Galaxy Note 10 She wasn’t home now We stand to prevent ourselves Technical specifications rum Internal memory was stolen from the video and photo camera and so on in 2009 11 2018 I saw a supersaturation of the mobile phone market I have long passed the period when I had a skin Mobile phone and And you said ha how bad this room is now with a 500 RON phone you can do some frames and take some pictures Photos Pretty good as I saw in the case of a Redmi 7 E.g Name that has Just nothing on the phone Who exists and does his job and so on Why did I say earlier that Note 10 is a phone that I am late the world complains that he wants bz phones And Samsung One tried how much to do Infinity display Curved screens as we get bigger and so on Somehow I got bored Users if you are good at thinking about how many Samsung phones from the old J series series M9 series Then they launch two flagships each year It would be s And serious notes And so for 10 years And to be honest I am too I have a bunch of phones in my hand and Fabrizio on the phones Already from you Not necessarily bored And I’m no longer impressed by what a manufacturer offers me when they launch a phone Ponte market ie There has been no innovation for some time Yes it really is like the new Samsung 10 model outdone And he’s already started to create an experience And why I say this I have seen many comments on the Internet and And many rumors that you see Lord Samsung Look is the new Apple Apple It was always understood today that bandits have experience Why Because The system is very well optimized that is made to run on a hardware Specific I mean Apple but Samsung still managed to do something it had to Now A few years Make a phone call With which to have a user experience And As other reviews say on the internet people are a mouthful of fresh air than tacos old stains It is much more intuitive and much easier to use and is somehow suitable And for the screens with a very large diagonal for who this phone is, think a little if you have a Samsung Even 7 even though an older Note 7 still keeps up the pace to this day Same eight We too From my point of view Not too much and it made sense considering that This model was launched after a year And it is much more refined you have a much better and much more pleasant experience with this phone From my point of view it does not compare much with Notes 9 The look And Design Even if they do the same thing on paper Going beyond the price of the phone of almost 1,200 euros at the time of launch It is one of the best and fastest phones on the market And if you were to rush her and give her this way through the Mobile Phone Market, you would notice that very few Few phones have been innovating lately A small example would be about 1000 cumi the original mix They saw me catch That kind of phones So let’s say let’s do nothing and doimi mix 2s mini 3 and so on The tail of an innovation could be the Huawei p30 periscope camera Cyprus but so much about what happened in the mobile phone market Let’s turn our attention to Galaxy 10 And all I had to reproach on this phone is the absence of a jack Jack We all know that in the end it is just a marketing blunder that they didn’t happen In I have it with me Handy An iPod 7 of 2012 As we have shown, we return almost half of this phone and And with all that, he has a jack plug If he can put a Jack on an iPod Seven They certainly were going to set A jack plug Sheena Galaxy Note 10 but let’s just say that if you allow a phone like this you can afford a pair of bluetooth headphones Good or plug adapters and so on Already It seems a bit late even if it is the perfect phone From my point of view On the side of the screen on the side Dudești on the side of absolutely everything you want Besides, they even have a smaller phone for those who don’t want to A little man to keep and break in your pocket So You have a smaller phone with 8 Gigabyte RAM and the same user experience About the Galaxy Note 10 Don’t forget to leave Opinion in the comment section below and of course Don’t forget to check the description for useful links and up-to-date prices

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