Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Walkthrough Part 1 | Ratatouille (PC, X360, XB1)

Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Walkthrough Part 1 | Ratatouille (PC, X360, XB1)

okay kid this is it just head down that
path there to the playground kids are expecting you have a great field trip you don’t have to be scared or anything
these kids are really friendly not to mention a lot of fun go talk to one of
them are you shy cuz I promise all the kids
here are really nice you can just go right up to them and they’ll invite you
to play so you want to write it to me uncle I’ll
be a girl rat again Gemma pal so nice and let’s say Skinner’s and me and chef
just called the health inspector so I’ll see the rat team Cousteau’s and shut the
place down and Skinner gutter rat front which he’s showing him to the health
inspector as proof in the health inspector puts which in a jar we’ve got
to get that journalling way so he can let twitch out that way he can stall
Skinner and a health inspector while we get the rats out of Gusteau’s gotta work
fast first we need to get rid of these
pigeons hey I bet that water will scare them off
it’s foolproof come on way to keep your eyes on the prize all
we have to do is get twitch to linguine he’ll take care of the rest
keep up the good work Linguini’s right nobody knew I was feeling queasy I need a slide just grab her up and slide down your
body do you still live you just study with banshee I tell you the colony is lucky to have
you everybody says so hold on twitch we’re
trying to get you some help I hate to rush you but I’m not sure how much air
twitch has in that jar I can do this well you handle the rest I’ll do that
for you yes you’re welcome and that’s gonna lie to you twitch we
could use some air let’s go and I’m talking about we need to hurry either never even here
you gotta get me scourge of the city back I think yeah you can do it just slide what’s the matter little buddy some
health health inspector I thank goodness twitch
is saved and we have time to warn the other rats this calls for a celebration you were fantastic that was so much fun
any time you want to play on the rooftops of Paris again you come and
find me one of the other children must to try
out a new pretend scenario with you it’s so exciting hey I hear you like ratatouille me too
my name is Peter okay I’m gonna be a meal that’s Rama’s brother and you can
be your own rat and what if there’s this big rain storm the skies over Paris are
opening up rains coming down in buckets it pours through the streets and into
the source the drain pipes are filling up fast pretty soon the whole sewers
gonna be flooded and Django that’s her dad he had a boat loaded up with food
and supplies for the rat colony for just such an emergency we we gotta get out of
here he’s gonna be out any second hold on son
first we gotta get the boat back safe to the colony I need you to pull those
handles and open the sluice gates along the way or we’re gonna be trapped
it’s a boat another submarine hurry no time to waste we gotta celebrate great we’re gonna get
wet nice work there’s food at the end of you it’s like we’re stuck unless you feel
like climbing sliding I got this part you just focus on the
other stuff gotta tell you I’m stumped freak job buddy yep looks like we’re going for a little
swim waters rising pick up the face hey can I do that you know so you can do
the throw that over there and see what
happens it’s not my fault that likes me better I mean look at me
I was hoping you knew what to do with it okay now let’s get through this oh maybe we’ll get food if you push that
button not bad not bad you’re really good you know that that
gates a problem and that Wars not getting any lower teamwork oh yeah that’s a strong current I say we get moving before this place
goes up I was pretty impressive smooth as I thought oh boy the food’s here they got the boat nice work I couldn’t have done it
without you nice work dad actually said nice work
this may be the best day of my whole life good listen anytime you want to play in
the sewers again you just find me see you later somebody was looking for you they got a
whole new idea for an adventure hey I heard all about you I’m Jack I was
just about to play some more ratatouille okay what if we’re in the kitchen at
goose toast and linguini got the rats out before the health inspector came but
now Skinner’s madder than ever any knows the
ants on ego the famous food critic that Gusteau’s tonight cuz he knows Remy’s
ratatouille and Skinner wants to ruin the ratatouille and then ego will change
his mind and give Gusteau’s a bad review and they’ll have to shut down forever
it’s Skinner he’s coming to the kitchen he’s gonna ruin this rate we won’t have anything left to
cook with slide into the turn
not bad sliding down the rope is actually kind
of fun you gotta jump first Frances this is a meal fit for a wreck we need to swim across my clothes I can smell it – gimme what
you truly a little overwhelming under his toque sometimes we need to go put a
stop to this insanity thing over there to be something you can throw that any
kitchen especially not mine let’s go throws that thing I need a super mystery
ego you trust my nose right well it’s
telling you to go this way my way chef you don’t want to do keep it up looks like we saved the day you’re destroying everything I worked
for you’re not setting one dirty little bow
in my kitchen oh did I forget that’s good stuff right
there get back to the snow elsewhere you whine like your life depends on it
this right this is a restaurant that’s a pet shop and weenie and Colette they do make a
cute couple maybe I am back to find a nice rat I
settle down one too many cooks in that kitchen get back to the soils where you belong that didn’t look fun see the kitchen has the whole world Skinner is the problem but we’re the
solution this raping won’t have anything mr. Eko what’s the ratatouille there you
go slide a little more when only the best will do we don’t hurry there won’t
be a restaurant left to save just stand on you’re actually pretty good at this
job mr. ego is getting impatient if mr. ego doesn’t get his food looks like Miss AV day you’re making a
mockery of gusto sniper get back to the soils where you belong
climb new wave to ends on it didn’t I tell you but it’s gone far
enough we have to stop and look around it be something you can throw that at as flameouts go oh you froze that thing over there you’re running out of time to stop
Skinner that’s what I’m talking about team one tie that chef up and get him in
the fridge team to get this mess cleaned up you my friend are one cool rat under
pressure weights Beit Skinner let’s just savor
this moment and you’re welcome to my kitchen any time what I like about Remi
is that he knows who he wants to be even if he’s not sure how to be it I feel
that way sometimes nice going you met all three of the biggest ratatouille
fans they’re not done yet though they still have a lot of cool ideas and stuff
to share with you

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  1. Smashes into wall
    Other rat: "Not bad!"

    When the NPCs compliment the player no matter what XD

    But wow, I do like this Ratatouille part! You even get to be an original rat in the story, which is very neat

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