RTX 2070 review, PT’s controversial CPU benchmarks revised, and more | The Full Nerd Ep. 72

RTX 2070 review, PT’s controversial CPU benchmarks revised, and more | The Full Nerd Ep. 72

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talking about 27 Brad’s GeForce r-tx 27 t don’t patch it
into Kyle’s NDA yeah 27 year we’ll be talking about of course what everybody
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that sounds like guns what about the what about the Oakland Raiders you know
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alright good in this episode of the full nerd the best ray-tracing card ever and
even more benchmarking controversy this is like a soap at least welcome to the full nerd
episode 72 I’m your host Gordon mom with co-host Brad charkas hello Internet
and special guests melissa rio frio hi internet and of course Adam Patrick
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Francisco I you know I can tell you this that says obviously they didn’t inspect
that whatever the billion dollar transits to Fremont Street okay and
they’ve shored up the cracked beams so people don’t understand it what we did
was we built a $2 bus station I’m not even kidding it’s a billion dollar bus
station 1 billion dollars with a B and apparently they didn’t inspect the steel
so it’s cracking already and it’s just like after two weeks of being open yeah
good job well see I think the thing is is that it was probably already cracked
right there do you think it cracked from from the use of being open we don’t know
whether they inspected it all we know is that the cracks appeared shortly after
it opened and by the way everyone it’s American steel yeah no Erica we we did
it we did it our own way but I know I know I’ve inspected a couple of
different GeForce r-tx 20 70s though Oh so I read I sorry I’ve been busy doing
other things this morning so I haven’t even read the reviews what I like this
week I’ll just today kind of get a preview of it how you know I read Kyle’s
– yesterday we got to read mine as well so yeah I’ve actually got two reviews up
a PC or comm one of the founders edition which only a handful of sites actually
got sampled that we’re one of them $600 I also have a review of the five hundred
and fifty dollar EVGA RTX 2070 XC Wow and basically if I’m
gonna TL DR it if you already own like a high-end GTX 1080 or a Vega card or
anything like that there’s no reason to upgrade but our TX 2070 is faster than
the GTX 1080 cards will actually be available for less than the founders
edition starting at 500 bucks the EVGA when I reviewed is 550 bucks and they
include all the ray-tracing and AI technology so this is the first r-tx
launch that I think I can clearly say you know if you’re in the market for a
$500 graphics card right now and don’t already own one it’s the way to go
really absolutely so actually what happened by
it so I know of course we all have to factor price into this cuz 500 iMac sees
did you say 550 or 5 for the one I have is 550 it’s the EVGA r-tx 2070 XE so it
comes with a factory overclock and a nice icx cooling design without all the
sensors and stuff it’s 550 bucks I saw like JJ’s two cents had a $500 version
that didn’t come with an overclock all these cards are launching tomorrow at
these prices oh so whereas with the 2080 in the 2080
ti you know Nvidia said hey these are gonna be 700 bucks in a thousand bucks
but in reality all the cars that come out are priced at much higher founders
position Plus prices you’re actually going to be able to find cards near MSRP
tomorrow I’m not sure how many cards because there were some issues getting
$500 review card samples various GPU manufacturers like nvidia
clearly wanted the $500 cards tested a lot of them weren’t a lot of the
manufacturers manufacturers out there weren’t ready to send those out so I’m
not sure how many there will be available tomorrow but there will be
some so and even at 5:50 that’s not too bad I guess 50 I love this card it’s you
know across different games an average of 9 to 13 percent faster than the GTX
1080 founders Edition in some games that respond really well to async compute it
it’s over 20 percent performance increase you know the EVGA version that
I tested is never top 266 degrees whereas the founders Edition it’s 73
degrees or so which is really good for a founders edition part but that’s six
hundred six hundred dollars so you know this EVGA part I think is really
compelling well what does the founders Edition card look like is it a blower
style no it’s the same as the other ones just smaller yeah I have a question so
it’s $500 sort of a sweet spot for a high-end card
um if you wants to um hi fast 1440 gameplay 500 bucks is a great spot if
you’re looking for 60 frames per second 1440 gameplay like if you have a 60
Hertz monitor mm-hmm the gtx 1070 the 2-year old card is still you know around
three hundred and fifty bucks and that’s still really compelling but if you’re
looking in the $500 price range for really fast 1440p this card because of
its performance increase over the gtx 1080 especially if you have an adaptive
sigmod etre you actually can get by with entry-level 4k gaming on it – mm-hmm
this trumps the 1080 and biggie of 64 I think especially with all the profits
that has for the future I mean we haven’t seen race games Ford ELSS an
actual games yet but this will get you in on the ground floor with the 15%
performance boost you can get another five out of easily overclocking it it’ll
take you ten minutes it’s worth it to me so here the takes from the internet
device this morning yeah well at least at least the internet
that is joining us all you you find people a rusty says feels couldn’t know
that they can hold onto their 1070 and was it David says uh there you can find
us tricks vigus 64 for $300 on sale just bought one if you can if I’m always
hesitant to buy used I’m guessing at that price at Vegas 64 was used if you
can find a Vegas 64 at that price buy in a second one of the interesting things
knock-on effects I think of this launch which I didn’t really get into in my
reviews but I think I’ve mentioned on the show in the past is that by making
the twenty seventy five hundred bucks now
Nvidia kind of made Vegas 64 more compelling than spent in a long time
because Vega cards can get paired with a free sync monitor and free sync doesn’t
have the premium price in that g-sync has so if you’re looking to pick up and
adapt the signal auditor I mean Vegas back in the game because Nvidia price DS
card so I write at the same if you’re doing doing a full package yeah yeah I
mean I think my perspective is from someone who doesn’t feel like spending
five hundred bucks on a graphics car is like what and so I’m looking for
something more in well 300 350 good the RX 5 ATS are still great cards these
days you can find them on sale all the time and we’re also coming off of a year
where cards were super inflated in pricing yeah and so I think that that
also kind of hurts for me that yeah I just I’m still feeling that hurt and
that’s another reason why I don’t really like $500 is still kind of painful for
me a couple cautions bread let’s see drew is asking how much slower is the
2072 the 1080 TI when you 72 the Ted 80 TI so if you actually want to
consistently hit 4k 60-ish maybe tone it down some loading down some graphics
options you’re still gonna want to go for the 1080 TI it is a faster card I
don’t have those numbers offhand but it is measurably faster okay so I think if
I’m if if the numbers are right in my head the 1080 T I was about
33% faster than the 1080 in the 2070 is about 10 to 15% faster than the 1080 saw
well I would guess that the 1080 Ti is about 15 to 20 percent faster Oh get the
1080 TI yeah you know $700 if you want to spend that much money
yeah I mean it’s another 100 100 200 150 bucks so it depends on your budget what
you’re looking to do really you should always look at resolution because your
monitors actually what you’re buying for when you’re buying a graphics card and
then on nap is saying thoughts on the GTX 1488 Edition 14 I thought maybe I just want to come back to about Melissa
talking about the $500 price point mm-hmm
one thing about this whole RT X generation launch has been the prices
that these have launch debt because I can video wants us to compare the 27 t
against the 1070 or the 970 but those cards have traditionally been 3 to 400
bucks this is a $500 graphics card I mean I
included the 1070 in my review just you know just because the numbers match up
but really priced the price it matches a GTX 1080 and it’s only
about 10% faster in performance the r-tx 2080 is head for head with the TI and it
is kind of disappointing that you know two years later we’re not seeing much
generational increase for the same price point that’s a bummer yeah and the Med
of you but I think the way I approach my review is realistically you know you
know my graphics card just blew up I’m looking to go buy a new $500 graphics
card what do I want to buy today and I think the RT x 2070 is better than all
the other options so real quick sorry Sean saying 1070 was essentially a 980ti
but the 27 t is essentially a 1080 but and costs more how does that make sense
how those RT and 10 Shakur’s the fact that AMD doesn’t have a competitive card
yeah I do so can we infer any kind of ray tracing
performance the shadow of the tomb Raider’s I mean that’s enabled now right
isn’t the ray tracing enabled in shadows it is enabled
in Windows now so they can come out assuming you have all your files still
isn’t even available publicly yet I was still on my computer so never mind it
will be available never Microsoft but it’s in the windows it’s once this
windows it’ll be available but there are no games that have enabled it yet
shadowed the Tomb Raider looks like it’ll probably be the first one because
it’s already out that’d be my guests battlefield 5 comes out next month
that’s another candidate I’m not surprised that we didn’t see it before
the launch of these cards actually because the 2070 has half as many
ray-tracing cores and 10 cores as the 2080 Ti
huh and we have no idea what that’s gonna do for actual in-game performance
yeah so I think cuts it in half I wouldn’t be surprised if Nvidia didn’t
want that available to benchmark on day one I mean that’s what everybody’s fear
is a 20-cent like 2080 really sort of Zoar the base of how you you know what
you can run rate racing at everybody sort of thinks 1080 at you know 40
frames a second maybe if you’re lucky 40 to 50 high ten seventies nobody know 27
he’s got it yeah nobody knows nobody knows I’m not gonna speculate because
the ones that they showed at video editors day for this games come they
were all running on a twenty atti but they were all very very early like the
majority of developers there had only been using it for a couple of weeks and
they said they had a lot of optimizations left to come and
developers can do all kinds of different implemented in different ways and use
different tricks and stuff so I think there’ll be a variety of performance
outputs or whatever results that we’ll see and I don’t want to speculate on it
yet but the fact that 2070 is half as many cores as the 2080 Ti
you’d have to think that’s gonna make a difference though right I Brad I think
you also brought up a good point that you’re buying your graphics card for
your monitor so unless you have a super high-res monitor that’s another reason
why you may not really need this card like my monitor at home is a 1080p
monitor I’m perfectly happy with it it’s nice and fast
there is no doesn’t sound like there’s any reason for me to get a 20 70 let
alone a 20 80 because I can get along with another
card that that can do 60 frames per second at 1080p no problem in and a lot
of cards can do that and that’s the majority of gamers today if you look at
the steam hardware survey the vast majority of monitors are 1080p 60 you
can get by with a you know an rx 574 that which is under 200 bucks yes well
and here’s the other thing if you have a deep you know trove of games that are
older games they don’t rate race I don’t have any future stuff and you love them
you don’t need it for that either so I’m not dissing the future the rate racing
stuff looks really intriguing and I love to see more uses of DirectX 12 this is
all good but but I think there are a lot of users for which this isn’t this isn’t
something they have to rush out and buy Gordon calls those legacy gaming rasterize gaming world over you want to
use you know conventional I mean if it does take over do you think people are
people because people were just really viscerally angry about 1080 and over 20
80 and 20 a DTI 27-year people pretty like okay pretty happy are they I think
the overall reaction will be met I don’t think people are gonna get is angry with
this as they did with the other cards the problem with the 2080 TI is that yes
it’s the fastest graphics card ever yes it can do things in unlock monitors that
nothing else could ever do before but I also costs $500 more this predecessor
like Melissa sitting here saying there’s no reason most people should buy a $500
graphics card and that’s absolutely true in our x20 atti costs $500 more than
this predecessor is over 1200 bucks not to mention when it’s like no I’m just
gonna say not to mention there’s not a game out to support it you know we don’t
know anything about actual benchmarking on our team stuff you know i’m i would
be happy given the 2080 TI and there’s choice of word just cuz of how much but
it kicks in traditional games because look it is faster than anything else out
there flat out the RT x 2080 is only as fast as the 1080 TI and like you said
there are no games out there to use it and actually street prices
it’s a hundred bucks plus more expensive there’s a 1085 yeah check on the 2080
price lately but I mean those still you would still say I mean I don’t want to
do all this relitigate this all over again but like this 2080
the 1080 prices are just pretty stupid if you ask me what written what happened
when the 2080 came out when we did the show I said man I really wish they would
have given it you know 10 to 20% more performance so you can justify buying
the card instead hey it’s a little bit faster than what came before and I have
the promise of this new stuff coming so you don’t feel like you’re getting
ripped off like you’re spending the same amount of money or a little bit more
just for the future that’s what you’re doing right now with the 2080 make that
into the 2070 and that’s why I like it so much more because it’s 10 to 20
percent faster you know it’s justified it’s a better
purchase right now and the extra stuff is just a cherry on top
RCF is asking do you think DL SS will be pretty well implemented when the next
r-tx season arrives that totally comes down to developers the initial canned
demos Nvidia sent us was very promising and 25 I believe different games have
already signed up to support DL SS including some big ones like player
gnomes battleground chatter at the Tomb Raider the dinosaur game Ark survival
evolved so there is interest there I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t seen
any of those yet because while ray-tracing needs those bits and the
windows 10 October update to unlock DL SS and theory should work now so
hopefully we see them sooner and later if it winds up being very impressive and
it doesn’t require much work on the developer end I mean why wouldn’t it
blow up know what I mean but we’re gonna have to see funny note from bass told us
as the art X cards is like buying a new car with an existing AC not working it it’s the promise of AC in the future you
know I was looking at the prices of 1080 cards because I haven’t looked in a
little while but they’re solidly they creep back up
they were you buying cards on sale same with the 1080 TI you could find them on
good sales before the RT x cards launched yesterday when I was checking
around the GTX 10 he was back up to 480 for the cheapest
one knew there were some refurbished ones buy cheaper but the cheapest new
ones were 480 bucks the earlier this year we’re seeing for 420 on sale but
that’s gone now they’re gonna try to get as much money from you regardless of
whether you buy GTX 1080 or r-tx 2070 interesting I wonder if the it’s the
vendors up in the prices or the retailer’s going oh now there’s there’s
gonna be a run on 10 series cards so they just up the price you know probable
both the way you’re paying for it yeah mr. Roboto is asking any word on a 2050
or 2060 is there anything in the rumor mill I haven’t heard a whisper and
that’s kinda that can’t be they can’t have a pretty tracing though it’ll be
just yeah one of those is just simply there gonna be you know the you know the
salvage dies were the ones they just shut off all over the the Tyrrhenian and
retracing course I wouldn’t be surprised if they make less complicated dyes for
those lower end models because I mean I think it’s not saying anything that’s
not obvious now but with the struggles they’ve had getting our TX 28 et I
especially out I mean you’re still seeing 20 80s sold out pretty often I
think it’s clear that in those RT and tension cars make these much much bigger
more complicated dice and I think they’re having some supply issues so I
think if they could just get rid of those and have a cheaper SK use GPUs
that only have the cuda cores with the improved integer pipeline and stuff like
that I think that would be smarter personally what do you think the 2060
wherever it’s gonna be would come out at though I’m kind of wondering just from a
price point of view because everything’s kind of crept up now with what 1070 is
now 500 bucks 1080 pricing so you sort of had no idea I’m not guessing anything
at this point for the future I still think that this RT x-series might be a
short-lived stop over to something next year on 7 nanometre I think if they do
make a GTX 2060 and strip out all the tension cores and our t cords and stuff
they would have to be price competitive with whatever AMD has at the time so I
think they would be lower than these r-tx car
little priced hmm but we’ll see it’s it’s it’s a real weird lunch man it is
an it’s it’s hard to figure out everything is just kind of off
everything it just doesn’t it just it’s yeah it is crazy to think 20 atti is
$1,200 right Titan pricing so yeah but everything will change if we actually
get some games that use ray-tracing yeah awesome and it’s the who knows it’s
gonna depend on performance I think because ray-tracing does look awesome
like it was real cool seeing the reflection windows and stuff and the
battlefield demo that I saw at Nvidia demo day but if you’re buying 500 to
$1,300 graphics card are you you have a 4k monitor or high refresh 1440p are you
gonna be willing to drop resolution down to 1080 if that’s in fact what happens
in there to get right so it’s gonna depend on performance and that’s why I
don’t want to get performance or rich facing yet at this time yeah that is a
weird one to write I mean I mean that’s what everybody’s been saying like who’s
gonna sell for 1080p but maybe it looks so good
so 1080 if you want to play raytrace 1080 with the ray tracing arm might look
pretty damn good enough to make that that sacrifice of 4k I’m curious to see
if they can make their 2 flagship technologies they are like a combo deal
I’m not sure if they can because the way real-time area tracing is handled in
real time but if they could combine ray tracing and ELSS that might be able to
help but I’m not familiar enough with all the back end version of that stuff
to make a guess there yeah you know and you gotta say I mean as much as
everybody’s angry it isn’t the right time to to do the experimenting I mean
there’s no repercussions of screwing one up because what are they worried about
AMD showing up with something they must’ve fist bumps so hard when Vegas 64
okay yeah the pricing and availability in Vega get
any better is it right now I haven’t I’ve got like you know you can it comes
and goes and waves usually waves tied to RTX launches around the last few r-tx
launches you could find Vega cheaper right now I was just checking the Vega
50 to 65 and it’s still 570 bucks so you
definitely want to get r-tx 2070 over that so if you can find one we found
sales firm for MSRP or slightly below I mean if you’re looking to pair with the
freesync monitor it’s still a still a good price right that’s last hole for
them so in a way it does allow them to sell more graphics cards at higher
prices because we’re sitting here saying well you don’t really need it so that
helps the prices of the last generation cards stay higher because people aren’t
you know ditching them for the new graphics card so they can just play this
out keep the new ones around and total ray-tracing comes around and they’re
making tons of money off of us or nighthawk says you can buy a console and
a TV for that price and you’re good yep games though everything did line up well
for NVIDIA to take this gamble now though because it is a bummer as a gamer
for there not to be great increases over the past two years but really 4k is
still super minority HDR is still super minority true
AMD isn’t really competing on the high end so if you are gonna take the risk
and put all this advanced hardware in it and say hey now’s the time we’re gonna
try for it industry this this is the perfect time as much as it is a bummer
for us gaming fans until it’s comes around well the low-end you know there
really are people you know everybody likes that just people who go out and
buy you know party x20 atti cards but there are a lot of people who build they
just want the absolute best and they want to them they don’t care what it
cost so I mean people are building a thread ripper and they’re building core
Xboxes they’re not worried about like oh I’m gonna put a 1060 in this thing they
want they want something to show off right so there are people out there like
that if pc gaming your hobby buying a $2,000 g-sync HDR monitor in a 1320 atti
to go with it it’s a lot cheaper than if your hobby was rebuilding cars or
whatever yes a lot cheaper very sure a lot of crossover have we heard anything
from AMD to respond do you think it’ll happen by the end of the year you know
when I don’t think no I don’t think so I think next year we’ll see Davi in 7
nanometre parts there have been rumours the past couple of days of a 590 showing
up in some database somewhere but nothing to compete with these RTX cards
on the high end and we’ll have to see about the 590 that’s there’s a reason we
don’t cover rumors very often well and Lisa sue is doing the keynote at CES
right it could be a perfect time to say hey listen we’re back in the GPU game
we were first to rate racing you know if they could say hey we’re the first seven
nanometer CPUs and hey we’re gonna announce the first seven and a GP
consumer GPUs here – that could be a Mike Trout moment so it could be and
people like those big announcements do they usually stream those ok see the
Samsung one with Michael Bay perfect example they’re so boring just wait for
press release if you know exciting because I mean this will be an AMD
focused keynote right so I mean could be PC focus very well I mean I’d hope like
oh my god if she got out there and talking about drones stream ahead of
Vega where they’re like we’re gonna have big info on Vega from the capsaicin
stream and Roger Kaduri goes out there for an hour and talks then at the very
end and here’s the big news yeah you know these Vega GPUs they’re going to be
called Radeon Vega yeah you wonder if it’s one of those things where you’re
down to the wire like stretch it out I was like why the cards out here you know
but drew on YouTube makes a good point does AMD even need to compete in the
high-end the RX 580 is still competitive for the majority of gamers I would
recommend a 570 or 580 for the majority of gamers to be honest but compete if
you gotta have a high-end product to have mind chair yeah I agree I know
AMD’s been playing hard for the market share part of it but –mine share it
not it’s hard to quantify it but my chair plays in the market chair if
you’re if you’re if your company name isn’t in the headlines then people just
aren’t gonna think about it as much when they’re out there by it and affordable
you know GPU or CPU or whatever yeah and you got a and you can I think it’s wrong
to take that tack of hey we don’t care about high-end we’re just gonna do lowan
that’s what goddamn D into trouble with doing that arm stuff right yeah oh we’re
gonna do arm and service on yeah that went nowhere I was failing really all of
this success now is because they want to be competing at the high end you know
with thread return and Zen and these really good cores that’s put it back in
the game it’s that’s better for absolutely and we want them to compete
at the high end oh my god technology – if you’re not innovating then eventually
you’re just gonna drown so right and then people forget like rx 580 is not
arts 580 it’s arts 480 with one more number right so it’s it’s it’s some old
part still a good part good for practical for most people but if you
don’t reach for that ring you miles just go home so it’s just as old as the GTX
1080 which is still in contention with the RT X 27 the same May June of that
year that’s just I had to work my kids birthday and my birthday so right well
you know what dark Titan on YouTube reminded me that you know IMD owns the
console space so maybe Lisa sue goes up at CES and just talked to console the
whole time right you know electronics Gordon yeah right there we’ll never
announce anything about consoles they always let the partners talk about it
very own ever they richer I’ve asked them questions about you know real-time
retracing and freesync support and stuff like that is that coming to Xbox – you
guys make those chips now is go you got to ask Sony you got to ask Microsoft
they’re never gonna make an announcement for their partners yeah I don’t think so
I think it’ll be yen it’d be good oh yeah well no you know that I think
what’s gonna happen is that a wada or not II wanna I’m sorry
Shigeru Miyamoto is gonna come out on stage and say hey listen the new
a nintendo switch which used to use and video hardware is now gonna use AMD
hardware you know I don’t think sorry this doesn’t seem know just just pulling
here alright anything else on the on the review you know it seems a little look
yeah you know it’s it’s a good part really is so you would definitely say
2070 over 1080 somebody going to new egg Amazon 500 versus 500 550 versus 500
that would if you can find a GTX 1080 on a really good sale like we’re seeing
earliest you can get a GTX 1080 or even a gtx 1070 TI for around 400 bucks that
might make the difference for me because the 1070 TI they all come factory stock
clocked well you can overclock them right up to 1080 level so that’s kind of
a sneaky way to get a good deal yeah if you can get one of those for around 400
maybe a little bit less I mean I might be swayed by that but if you’re going
out saying hey I’m going to buy this classic card right now I think 10 to 20
percent performance boost and the promise of r-tx in the future which on
top of that performance booth makes it definitely the card to buy Wow
so Brad can recommend 2070 first I’m pretty much the only person on the
internet it seems like other people complaining about the the the lack of
generational performance I’m trying to keep it more focused like here in the
real world like I agree it’s a bummer that it’s not 30% faster but today if
you’re buying a $500 graphics card that’s the one you want right I’ll
ultimately that’s what it comes down to yeah you want to say like yeah we want a
more Nvidia but how could you with that would you tell people to cut their nose
off to spite themselves I don’t get it that’s what I had to think about that’s
what I was keeping in mind as I was writing these something else that just
as a final art txseries wrap-up Nvidia has an Nvidia scanner tool an API that’s
another all the most popular overclocking tools so I love precision x
1 that’s just slickest one to me but basically you press a button that says
scan and it’ll go through a voltage curve
figure out the best voltage curve and overclock e and potential for your
particular GPU then at the end you click apply and that’s got a custom overclock
right there you just press the button walk away for 20 minutes come back hit
apply and you’ve got an extra four to five percent performance so if you buy
an art px graphics card even if you don’t get into overclocking do that do
that there’s a power limit slider crank that all the way to the right save it
you’re good to go you get an extra five percent on top of whatever RJ’s graphics
card you buy huh it’s super easy go do it oh remember oh we’re calling
your video card could lead to failure hardware now with this they say what
scanner doesn’t scan it doesn’t really wait anything but even even so upping
the the power limit to max does not risk blowing the card app that much detail
when I was asking questions Nvidia still has it on lockdown just
increase the power as much as you can it’s a real slider it’s I really decided
to move over there’s a good rubber wall to keep you from really hurting yourself
it sounds like yeah nice nice okay go well why don’t we talk about an actual
controversy cost shall we is anybody kept up on this I the latest
thing this is of course principal technologies in the center of this storm
we wrote we talked about a last time and they’ve just in the middle of the storm
with you know upcoming launch no secret quarry 999 hundred K versus everybody
else and you know they did a bunch of testing that everybody disagreed with
the latest they went back to their good to their credit they did go back and of
course this is after Steve from gamers nexus went down did that hold you know
60 minutes Mike Wallace thing with them and they came back they went back they
retested everything and 27 your decks looking a lot better right looking a lot
better than it did when you’re when you’re writing it as an 8 core CPU
instead of a a quad core some of the methodology but not all of it even so no
no although I I think it’s good though because it really sort of it makes you
go like oh if they change the RAM they change the cooler and all that stuff
then then yep you wouldn’t even know what to make of it now it’s clear that
you know they’re 90% of the game saw boost from white to it we didn’t go into
details so originally PT compared the 2700 X in the 9900 K and the 1900 K in
some games are seeing 40 or 50 percent leads over the 2700 X and everyone’s
like you know what I mean that’s not that’s not right what’s going on it
turns out they were running the rise in math utility in game mode which is
intended for thread Ripper chips because the way they mix all the dyes together
and stuff not all of them talk directly to the memory so what it does is cuts
off half the cores to just the ones talking directly to memory which is good
for thread Ripper but they were running that on the horizon chips so essentially
the eight core 2,700 X was turned into a four core chip and that’s the reason why
they were saying 40 to 50 percent performance leads for the 9900 K they
retested it now with that turned off the chip actually running how it’s supposed
to and it’s looking closer to ten fifteen percent now yeah yeah depending
on the test and there was a game that did actually get a couple of them I got
a little bit slower but not much not enough that really matter so I just uh I
gotta say you know and of course everybody’s really upset about this they
see this as a trying to tilt scales before the launch you know to try to you
know change perception a lot of people think it’s like related to pre-orders no
nobody’s I think I think it’s lame but I think it was not malice I think it was
ignorance personally I mean cuz PT is like we were saying last time there they
usually do system integrator level stuff and enterprise stuff and they’re used to
thread Ripper they’re not used to running game tests on consumer chips so
if they’re used to running you know game mode on thread Ripper I can understand
what I mean literally does say game mode tight and said hey you know but you know
I think you know the reason is I think people were really really sort of like
triggered initially and I agree because before Steve did his interview is a game
mode + down clocking the RAM plus you know stock cooler God was there
something else too I mean they were just like so many oh and plus only 1080p
gaming so of all that you we can discuss that
principle to actually say gosh we were wrong yeah yeah they said yeah we
well they said we’re gonna go back and test we didn’t know these things so hey
they said they were wrong with game mode they did not change the coolers which is
another big issue yeah because they’re say an AMD says the 2700 X chip with the
cooler that’s good enough so we use that and they stuck a high-end nock to a
cooler on the intel parts like 70 bucks so so that that makes a big difference
because the AMD chip intel as well but the envy but AMD chip especially is very
susceptible to being able to hold higher clocks at cooler temperatures so it’s
still not a hundred percent apples to apples tests but the fact that is down
to ten or fifteen percent even with ambient the cooler disadvantage is you
know I think good for AMD and maybe not what Intel was looking to have going on
the week before this chip lunched right especially after making the you know
claim of best best gaming has principled exonerated itself her are we still
suspicious about you know whether they’re maybe not trying hard enough it
depends who you ask many commenters would tell you one thing they think it
was a conspiracy right I personally between watching Steve’s interview with
the co-founder and seeing that they did lay out the methodology so well then
they said oh we didn’t realize that about game mode we turned on the thing
that said it’d be better in games so we’ll go back and turn it off the test
and they did just republish those I I think they’ve exonerate themselves a
company pretty well I still think the cooler issue is still an issue but wait
for independent reviews anyway yeah yeah I mean it’s I know I think you know I
like I can’t say anything about performance actually I can’t say
anything at this point now so I’ve already started testing everyone she
said nothing cuz we before we before we started he’s really good a thing I could
guess I can guess but now I can’t because now it’s just I haven’t tested
anything and I think this whole thing was just them shooting them in the foot
themselves in the foot releasing this to begin with because in my opinion not
knowing anything about Gordon tests with just the clock speed and IBC
advantages that Intel holds if they put out an eight-core sixteenth red chip
that competes you know thread and core count with the 2,700 X it is gonna be
the fastest gaming chip in the world that’s that’s my hundred-percent not
tested but that’s I’m 2% what I believe and this is just a brouhaha of Intel’s
own make it at this point I think that was unnecessary I can say this Brad I
can I realize I can say this and remain within the scope of you know our embargo
it’s very much it’s like Tom Brady I am I’m not a pictures fan I’m not a Tom
Berg I know you’re not but he’s already the greatest you see I know I was that
on TV I didn’t but no arguably the greatest quarterback of our time right
easy do you have to go and cheat to do you gotta go let the air out of the
footballs to write you know you’re gonna you’re gonna win you’re gonna win you’re
like the greatest quarterback in oh my god and probably ever you could argue
that I can I agree that is arguable but do you have to cheat
do you have to go and then to take and then they take the the locker room dude
and throw them under the bus and then have the team bus run them over twice because you knew like oh my god Tom
Brady you know come on he’s got such a great chance but let’s let’s let the air
on the ball let’s let’s yeah I don’t you know this sort of it does kind of mess
up the slots a little bit it’s sort of like oh can’t you just get a clean
launch without some controversy but but no ironic part to me about all this is
that it’s over gaming I mean if you’re gonna buy a $500 chip for gaming you’re
probably not gaming at 1080p you’re gonna be gaming at 1440 or 4k with a
higher-end graphics card where the cpu performance is gonna matter less I think
the big draw for this is going to be in productivity applications to be honest
and the fact that they you know got so much bad PR out of gay
when it’s not even really going to apply in a real world in a lot of cases in the
way it was tested it’s just crazy to me yeah I mean but they’re pushing really
hard on the gaming thing because you know it is gonna be very interesting no
one cares about productivity yeah it doesn’t we don’t really get out there
and get a stadium cheering at that Excel spreadsheet you don’t think like what
Camaro and I do I mean you’ll you will pry desktop Excel from my cold dead
hands I don’t even like office 365 except for Outlook Outlook you can get
out but yeah just it’s much sexier to talk about gaming and show that you know
the vivid images and everything and but but what I don’t like is that Intel was
already leading with overpriced chips and so to me what’s interesting is that
they’ve paid they paid principal technologies to run these tests to try
and make it look better like what are you scared of yeah I mean that’s what I
think a lot of people are sort of that’s what again that’s what it’s just like
the brady thing you don’t have to cheat Bluff I think they’re cheating but I
think it’s just simply you know there’s other things that work here obviously what cuz it really there’s no really
other reason to do this except as we talked about last time I think there’s
somebody from I think venture B was saying yeah we thought it agreed he
thought he thinks there’s a legal obligation so that they in order to say
it’s the world’s best gaming C right because you know remember there every
single home that they have there’s lawyer catch and again this gets down to
what we said last time very specifically in my interview with on on at Intel he
said hey I said this is the world’s fastest game CPUs oh no it’s it’s the
world’s best games legal you know I mean it’s lawyers right lawyers are just oh
god I just got I don’t know any lawyers I have no lawyers in the family but they
must just be a bummer just they just like got to be the biggest bummers in
the world right you’re like editors man you think
so I just like it yeah you gotta think like lawyers it just always the biggest
bummers and the plan at all this is like can’t do that yeah that around me some
lawyers and parents but it’s very much like best versus best versus fastest it
will be the fastest gaming CPU right and it will be the best you say best it’s
doesn’t squirrelly they could say best case we’ve got this really cute diamond
faceted blue case sure that makes it the best blue for best right so this just
makes you you know again as somebody was pointing out it makes it seem like it
was a legal obligation to say this but it just it’s unfortunate that they ran
the test everything just you know I it’s hard does not I mean I I don’t I’m with
you I don’t really think they intentionally did it I don’t think it’s
a grand conspiracy theory but damn and so it’s like everything going bad it’s
like yeah yeah what are the chances of the memory and the cooler and the 1080
and then also you know running in quad channel or quad quad core mode it’s just
like well here’s the other thing I think Intel has spent several years trying to
extricate itself from the PC business de-emphasizing it going into servers and
drones and all this other stuff and oh yeah you want a PC chip sure just take
this and we’ll charge you a lot of money for him but we’re not going to develop
it and I think we’re all so frustrated that we’re on 14 nanometer plus plus
plus plus plus you know you know at this point and they’re like and we’re not
quite ready with the 10 nanometer so we might run out of chips actually so I
think I I think I personally just feel buffeted by Intel like do you love us do
you hate us do you love us do you hate us
yep although I I think this is a good sign I mean that the fact that they’re
doing pushing so hard you know five gigahertz so that’s a decent clock speed
for this thing right that is even moving in recent years since game has been
getting hot they’ve been cutting back on the germ sectors and picking up the PC
you know enthusiasm which which is a good sign I think rise and Bryson
probably pushed them into that a bit but which is good right because you need I
mean that’s they got to focus on what they do
best and Rison is helping them focus again just like he’s like all over deja
vu all over again right just like with no in fact 50 what I’m gonna be really
interested to see this review because the reason that a Nvidia can get array
with a $1200 r-tx 20 80 TI it’s because it doesn’t have competition ROM Intel
definitely does at this point so I’m real curious to see if they can this
$500 is gonna be justified 530 bucks yeah sweet price list 1k you is 488 so I
actually settles out a 488 might be a little more compelling but you still
gotta had the cooler and everything whereas aimed it but at the same time
Brad now I’m gonna I’m gonna point this out I love being devil’s advocate as if
it’s so great to get the 2200 X with that cooler that’s such a great deal
right it’s a great so beautiful cooler it’s got RGB which is the most important
thing yes yep how is it everybody’s complaining
about that principle technology using that cooler because it’s not a similar
cooler being used on the Intel one I’d be fine if it had a 2-1 to Evo or
whatever on it but you have a knock to a big just honking monolith of a heatsink
on there it’s just it’s done okay alright it looks like them on skin I
know I know I just want to say I just like with 77 decay I remember everybody
said sky like 2k be like everybody was like oh this is just a dumb as CPU ever
why would you even come out with this and then I swear to God three months
later oh my god this is KB Lake is the best gaming cheap you ever look how much
faster it is and rising but you said they didn’t need to come out at three
months ago so I still disagree things are true I think both were true it was a
ho-hum upgrade but it still was the fastest one around right I mean was KB
Lake but you know KB like didn’t really up the prices it wasn’t I
NVIDIA is really sort of stretched stretched you know how far they can go I
think with this series of car I really that’s why I’ve been saying I think
2080 t-i-is it’s like a $1000 700 so 1700 $23 GPU with 10 cores yeah it’s
like that inflection point where you go like oh what the hell were you doing so
we’ll see and now you have to choose between the thousand dollar phone the
thousand dollar graphics card everything’s a thousand dollars that
there’s that the new $500 dollars $500 I’m I’m not buying either
really Sony not buying $1,000 phone no I would never buy a thousand telephone
yeah I just use my phone for Twitter and slack and phone calls and texts by the
time you pay it off over two years and it’s just I know the whole phone
industry oh my god you wish somebody would disrupt that stuff so but okay
hopefully we can get to whatever we don’t I don’t know if we can say when
the reviews go a lot but we can do it yourself I don’t know if we can but
until itself in response to printable technologies you know putting out their
revised benchmarks until itself sent out a statement to press saying they’re
looking forward to independent reviews on October 19th okay so then we can
we’ll see it on Friday interest if we can hopefully get from till Friday
without another controversy popping up I just don’t it’s like a soap opera I’m
just kind of like can I just need to pay attention there’s one thing there will
always be something do we have any questions it Clara
you know yeah we got a we got a couple for the this section and then we’ll do
just the general section so yeah if you have questions for just general AMA put
them in the chat and please at PC world so I can see them because sometimes it’s
hard Timothy on each it was asking do you
think Intel would have published these benchmarks in the revised state
I think they saw the old 50% of the free BRE as a freebie and not their fault
since they didn’t run the tests yeah I think they would have I think I think
there’s other obligations going on so and what what are you gonna do right you
can’t they can’t not pretend they can’t pretend they don’t exist it’s gonna come
out no matter what so I think they would have done it to begin with face I still
wish they could have said that and sat on the data and if they ever got sued me
like yeah we you know we got an independent testing house so I I don’t
know if they would have published that data if it wasn’t so favorable really
okay we got a split decision arrow so you got any thoughts
I think they can’t pretend those tests don’t exist right I think they would
have gone with it so and then the last question for this section
Petey is part of the X PRT group founded by Intel so they claim 20 years of
experience do you think that they weren’t told exactly how to test well I
mean again this gets to the conspiracy thing
intel has member Intel’s a huge company they control everything I mean the USB
PCIe PCI there are just so many technologies that came out of Intel it
would be very hard to find anything in the PC industry that at some point until
probably did not see them to get them started
whether that is actual proof of them you know intentionally saying we need you to
make AMD look bad I I certainly can’t say that for sure I don’t I don’t see
anybody can my response my thoughts on that is I’ve seen that as like you know
you know I’ve seen people say that PT is owned a subsidiary of Intel which one is
not true to PT works for a ton of companies – including AMD they’ve done a
lot of work for AMD so you know their value lies and being independent testers
probably took a little bit of a hit with this fiasco but I don’t think they would
have accepted and you know a work order or whatever for something that would
make them look dishonest that tells them to stack the deck against the company
that they’ve already done worked with for in the past and probably hope do you
work with again in the future and last comment friend of the show Kyle Bennett
is here he says I would suggest that someone at Intel marketing did not truly
look at the data I think they dropped the ball intentionally
maybe they signed the NDA Kyle all right al wrote me a check he wouldn’t sign it
I was like Intel marketing you are these people these people thing you know we
saw up to 50% game you’d be like oh great and then just know never to open
it dependent we didn’t want to double check them sure I mean yeah I just I
have a hard time believing that and I do agree with Kyle suddenly they didn’t
want to look at it too hard but I don’t think there’s some secret memo somewhere
that’s on the desk yeah I agree everything is open to
discovery in a lawsuit so I don’t think so the mistakes that they made I can see
how they made them genuinely yeah as people who don’t normally review
consumer gaming hardware yeah you know I also honestly everybody made these
mistakes when rising came out – right and it was like what you know 1080p
medium everybody freaked out about and then it was like yeah I mean they’re
very sensitive to memory there were just a lot of things they’d like made every
single mistake everybody made two years ago so yeah all right well I am is not a
mistake we should again yes we have plenty questions so let’s get to them
are we down to get some questions go go go another riddle on YouTube s do you
guys think we will get PCIe Gen 5 and ddr5 on consumer boards in 2021 I never
guessed three years out we don’t even have PCI 4 yet so I think two PCIe four
is next year maybe so if you’re talking about rolling in a PCIe 5 and 22 and one
no I can say that’s an absolute no ddr5 I I don’t know maybe it probably it
seems like it’s a little close to me but it’s possibly 2021 is reasonable for ddr
5 but PCIe 5 no way all right another one from another riddle a great question
do you think the future of gaming will be on Linux valve is pushing the proton
compatibility later and Microsoft is trying to push
everything to their store to get a cut who will win
if it is you’re talking like 20 years from now in that Monsieur term I do love
what steam is doing there there are a lot of games that just work like a
thousand or so games I’ll just work on Linux now because valve had best
switched but there are many tens of thousands that still don’t cuz it’s not
as easy as you think because games are built for DirectX and
that’s a Windows thing yeah so I someone was for something it was me but yeah I
don’t I’m soon however Linux gaming is looking up which is great I’m uh you
know I’m a fan of Linux myself especially after all these continued
issues we’ve been having with Windows updates and the more games you can play
on there the better but I don’t think it’s gonna be the future anytime soon
the future yeah I think we’re looking at long long term and I I do think valves
basically they need an escape hatch because you never know when Microsoft is
gonna like decide to go full-on market and basically get them have we haven’t
seen iTunes in the in there I know they said they were gonna do a Windows Store
version of iTunes I don’t know if that ever never came out
really I don’t remember see it didn’t a year after they announced it I remember
looking and not seeing it then I’m not sure if it has since then right because
I think my fear I I think Microsoft sees the store is a good way to maintain
security of about the applications but also at the same time they take their
cut but the fact that their litters Apple in there to take a cut with iTunes
maybe there’s a chance that we could see this you know steam in there as well
maybe if they’re I doubt it’s gonna happen anytime soon there’s something
else that’s very important to the conversation I think is well I think the
Xbox play anywhere endeavor the fact that you buy a game in the Windows 10
store you can play it on your Xbox vice versa I think that’s awesome that’s
great it’s bringing things like Forza to the PC which is awesome but in general
the Windows Store is dumpster fire garbage trash
gamer’s my kids it’s indescribable how amazingly shitty it is yeah cuz in so
many ways we did an article on it we had someone do an article on it
dr. Buford a couple years ago describing like 4,000 words how terrible it is and
nothing has gotten better it’s only gotten worse I want to buy Forza horizon
Ford because I love the Forza series I bought Forza horizon 3 the bay came out
on PC had so much issues with it so many issues with it that I’m just not buying
for as I resin for it so I don’t think Microsoft is that close to dominating
you see gaming anytime soon no no they’re not gonna dumb it yeah it is
really I don’t know if anybody’s cuz and I can legitimately ask because no one’s
ever gone into the store for anything right I it’s basically the quality of it
is about three steps lower than the dollar stores like I’m downloading this
app from you know is Becca Stan or something for from Dax is my gmail that
doesn’t seem legit that developers like hey yeah thanks for the shout out for my
gmail again I do think I applaud valve for what they’re doing right you got to
have an out and it does it keeps it’ll keep Microsoft honest if they ever do
consider walling windows off and going full on Apple would they haven’t done
that yet but you know you can sort of feel in on Mac land but if they ever
sort of walled off the prison then we’d have a place to go for gaming outside so
I think you know valve needs to keep pushing on that so it’s good thing all
right Brandon feelings Brandon Hall says that they’re building a rise in nineteen
fifty X gaming slash content creation slash streaming PC for their first build
I’m looking into buying a 20 DTI is that needed for this build
they don’t mind waiting I don’t there’s no reason for you depending what you’re
doing there’s no reason that you needed a DTI as far as streaming and playing
your games is concerned you can get by with something cheaper
even the 1080 TI or 2080 would be great for it for five hundred dollars less if
whatever you’re doing needs the extra GPU horsepower to work faster
I mean it’s worth while depends on what exactly your productions going to be
nokey dokey dark tighten on YouTube when are you expecting the next-gen nvidia
gpus six or twelve months not six months I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s next
year I’ve said that since the minute these were announced I think there’s
gonna be a hopeful hopefully I’m right because they are not
tremendously better than the previous generation but I expect these to be a
shortstop getting before ten seven nanometer Palestines says they wanted me
to tell you Gordon that they used MSI 1080 TI gaming X is still grown going
strong at two gigahertz they got lucky yeah I mean that’s you know that’s great
I mean some people just don’t want to roll that dice if you do that’s that’s
good you know I I am I I wouldn’t want to roll the dice in $500 and $400 on
eBay so it’s a tough one it’s you sure you can’t recommend everybody do it
right so now it’s all about your risk factor and what you’re willing to gamble
because you know there’s a better than 50/50 chance I think that’s the part you
get to be just fine yeah I mean even 75% chance that you probably just fine but
there’s a 25% chance that I won’t and I don’t want to go through that
I’m just making pulling those numbers out of my butt but hey you know there’s
a great chance there’s a greater than I’m comfortable with chance buying
high-end CPUs and GPUs used yeah I’m more so with CPUs I feel a little better
cuz you know they weren’t running a hundred percent well revolted for force
you know eight months get I sort of think for video cards a little tougher
but you know again we’re all it depends on how cheap you are so if you got a
1080 if you’re saying roll the dice and $200 I might do it you know I might do
it yeah but 400 be a lot more comfortable if it was local and you can
see it in the system yeah but how’d you no right you would just never know if it
was driven hard so yeah Richard asks should I go get that knock
to a cooler for my 2,700 ex yes honesty in 27 X is hundred X is very responsive
to temperatures right Gordon yeah definitely
although I I think people are making a little too much of it it probably
depends on load more more so it’s like the current like you’re just it just
it’s just like the road Ripper you run it in those current limits very quickly
with a CPU so but definitely yeah I don’t know but I like that that’s not
cooler it’s just awesome with RGB it’s got the heat pipes and everything and
yes it’s a good cooler it sure is for free
Joseph s when do you think we’ll see a 4k UHD 1440 Hertz
HDR monitor with Qi sync or free sync at 32 inches or larger hopefully next year
these first round of free sync and gsync 4k hundred and forty-four hertz monitors
are all 27 inches i believe they’re all coming from what is it a you owe
something AU Optronics or whatever yeah I would that’s my one of my biggest
complaints with the predator 27 other G signal monitors HDR monitors is that
they are 27 inches because to me a 4k you want 32 hopefully it’s coming sooner
than later they’re already working on 60 inch monitors so just meet us in the
middle guys that 60 is pretty nice I just want to say that a entendre on
drove in the YouTube chat if you’re gonna be an asshole like that I’m gonna
ban you so don’t don’t say dumb stuff sorry the dark Titan is asking what
happened to VR it faded it was overhyped to begin with well yeah it’s a everybody
job is to overhype it but I I think it’s still there I think it’s pretty awesome
still you know it is just you need pretty expensive hardware to enjoy it
right it’s getting a lot more affordable now 400 bucks with a $500 ish computer
will get you by which is still very expensive for most people I know but
it’s a lot less than it was to begin with for me the issue is more like I
have an HTC vive for me space is an issue I know for a lot of people space
is an issue like gotta move the coffee table in the living room in order to
play it or whatever for me just the fact that it is so isolated mm-hm is a factor
for me because then I can’t sit there and play games with my kids or you know
talk to other people in the room in the house and stuff like that because you
are fully immersed which is great but it’s also kind of dystopian weird yeah
I’ve discovered using it long term yeah we played that multiplayer Star Trek
game yeah bridge crew bridge crew so that was the one time that I didn’t feel
isolated doing sort of virtual reality yeah but nights I still loved it
these are like first generation devices practically so we’re it’s it’s gonna be
around this is not 3d I mean if anybody remembers 3d gaming was actually else it
just was not great this is this is more than that it’ll keep going some er’s
great if you ever if you have a vibrant oculus if you play I think it’s called
the blue the BL you just basically the underwater there’s whales come and buy
you and stuff it’ll blow your mind it’s awesome um our VR expert Hayden says he
thinks continues to think has always thought that the best place for this is
like arcades and educational experiences like he went to a museum in Cologne we
were over there for games come and they had VR exhibit where you could actually
put the VR headset on and they walked you through old Cologne before it got
bombed out and that’s awesome and stuff like that I think it’s probably gonna
pick up faster than consumer VR inside the houses households nice let’s get
some questions here and then finish it up judo Qi dan do you think that if
Huawei or Xiaomi ever get into the u.s. market they will disrupt the u.s. phone
market those questions for me not really full
thing but no dancers know that they sound Chinese I can’t see Americans
being in the u.s. it’s pencil iPhone Samsung and nobody else I mean it’s not
even pixel pixels just like such a small part of the marketer so really it’s just
Samsung and iPhones while we rebranded just as H right well no and you got like
what could they already have honor yeah honor was there us you know brand that
was easy to pronounce I thought that was the budget brand well its budget but you
know I mean it’s it that’s where all the money is so but like you can’t get into
the budget market you’re not gonna be able to get in the high-end yeah that’s
true I just I don’t know I think it would keep enough people go for it with
the current political climate don’t think it’s gonna be something that we
need to worry about in the next few years at the very least yeah yeah I just
wanted to answer that one cuz I like talking about phones Daymond is asking
or saying that amazon has a 1080 TI for seven hundred and sixty dollars and a 10
a 20 80 for 848 which should they buy turing worth the HDR bump looking the
game at 4k 60 with HDR you should go to new egg if you can because new egg has
much more competitive prices at that price that’s high the year there is an
HDR difference with taran you’re using standard HDR for four for four it’s you
know you’re not gonna see much of a loss in performance with the r-tx 2080
whereas you do with Pascal I don’t know if it’s a hundred dollars worth of
difference I mean if you’re talking ten percent at sixty that’s six frames per
second I don’t know if I’d spend 100 bucks for six frames per second and it’s
not ten percent I will I’m ivote is yes because you’ve already crossed the line
and I think we’ve I’ve said this many times before I’m not gonna back off from
it you’ve already crossed that line in the high end why are you buying a
two-year-old graphics or fullest price right we’re doing what
760 which is like that’s that’s what the damn thing came out at 18 20 months ago
tanu wag you can find him a lot cheaper I think you’ll find much better options
for both parts there and you’ll have you’d much better decisions either way
if you go to new egg if you’re in the u.s. you I’m just saying you don’t
bother 2014 Chevy next to the 2015 and pay the 2014 that’s my own principle I
just can’t do it alright but if you can go on new egg and find a $700 1080 TI in
all the 20 80s are a hundred to one hundred and fifty bucks more that’s
that’s different yeah but you’ve already you know okay you’ve already crossed
that line brag to people cope October 1977 says I’m currently using onboard
graphics but want to get a card for around 650 to 750 what’s that L it’s a
pounds I don’t know what that is looks like a little with a line in it I
think it’s pounds anyway yeah I currently game at 14:40 PE at 60 Hertz
but when to upgrade to 4k maybe 60 which card would you recommend wait what
you’re playing he’s playing on GPU at IGP right now he’s saying onboard
graphics current gaming at 1440p at 60 Hertz but they want to upgrade to 4k 60
it sounds like you if you’re using these to game in eSports like League of
Legends or dota or something like that you could get by real good with like an
rx 580 because if you’re using an eye GP to get that kind of frame rates now it
probably his eSports or older titles or indie titles or whatever so I would say
a 580 would probably be a good purchase you’re looking to play modern you know
cutting-edge Triple A games in that price range
either the RT X 2070 if you’re looking more for the 1440 booster or if you’re
looking to really game in 4k more the 1080 TI or the RT X 2080 which we
actually have a breakdown of those two verses each other on PC worldcom if you
search for and it’s much more objected than Gordon
Asst each on with the new 4k 1440 10 bit monitor are we going to get a new
DisplayPort version to actually support it at some point soon the new Nvidia
graphics cards are already ready for the next one I forget what’s called like 1.4
a or b or something like that yeah but are you saying he is asked or she is
asking if it supports 10 bit up to 98 Hertz for so for gaming yes for gaming
if you’re gaming on the GC HDR monitors up to 98 Hertz is pure a 10 bit no
chroma subsampling if you go above that you’re either gonna have to go to the YC
RB I forget the whole the other kind of hide HDR output or you’re gonna have to
use chroma subsampling but if you’re looking yeah if you’re
looking for maybe hurts at 4k is already good yeah right but if they’re looking
for cheap ten bit support no it’s not gonna happen
you got to buy Quadro for that all right couple more achieve us for live what
wattage would you recommend for a nineteen ninety nine ninety nine hundred
K and an RT X 2084 power sparks play watch I you know it’s looking like is
seven seven eight probably I don’t know what what’s the twenty eighty doing it’s
not too bad right it’s not too bad if you’re gonna overclock any of it a
little bit higher if you’re gonna overclock those two things I’d go eight
fifty yeah and my general recommendation is to buy more because on really hot
days the output from the power supply does sag so if especially if it’s not
the greatest power supply so if you over by then you’re gonna be good on those
really hot days in your case where it might be a lot hotter so it it doesn’t
hurt you to buy too much it might be a little less efficient but generally it’s
better to have more but you I mean if you were like going cheap on 750
probably do it I think yeah it’s funny during the like when Maxwell came out
900 series cards for NVIDIA and back then when Intel was pushed in efficiency
over performance gains like you could get by
with a gaming PC with 650 watts but these days you know all the companies
are starting to put the pedal to the metal a bit more so I would recommend
you know 750 850 for a top-end like gaming PC like that these days
yeah yeah overclocking makes a huge difference with GPUs like massive once
you start to overclock and you see massive differences once you apply those
4 to 5 percent performance gains yeah same thing with CPU you start just
really eating into your wattage once you start overclocking everything so I would
yeah 850 yeah you know of course brand really matters to don’t go out and buy
the one that says 850 on it from the sticker they just changed it for you but
or the one that comes with your case two more questions in a comment frag alot on
twitch is as saying I wish Nvidia would stop installing 3d vision drivers when I
update my drivers who uses those anymore please make it optional yep I totally
agree I mean it is because can’t you just say like a custom install I think
it’s only when you do Express install that you really okay hey I still have a
3d vision projector somewhere I think so it’s you know nice Express install is
always a bad idea it is that’s how you get Cortana exactly and an ID and
advertising ID gaming with war is asking for they have
a first gen rise in 1700 that’s given them some headaches should they wait
around for his n2 or wait but should they get as n2 or wait for a 99 hundred
K to come down a price well I mean gosh I’d you’re looking at an 8 core 1700 it
feels crazy to to just you know he wasted or you know I guess if you’re
selling it but I would say probably just getting issues well I guess I’d want to
know what the heck you know you should be able to hopefully
solve it but yeah you’re going from a pretty low-cost CPU to five hundred and
twenty three dollars plus cooler so it’s not as motherboard plus him on the board
it’s a big leap like like they’re saying if ideally hopefully you can figure out
the issue and it’s not the CPU and you can fix whatever the underlying issue is
but if I was in your shoes I would probably go for the twenty seven hundred
X because your motherboards already going to be compatible with it and it’s
gonna cost several hundred dollars less and if you’re already happy with what
the seven hundred gives you seventeen hundred gives you in performance it’s
just not stable then I would think the twenty seven hundred your 27-inch axe
would be good options right but I also sort of think something a twenty seven
or seventeen hundred really shouldn’t have any problems with so figure out
what’s wrong it you could like end up going out and getting a brand new CPU
motherboard RAM and everything and have the same problem because it’s your power
spool yeah my first question was what did you do to it yeah I would like to
know what maybe they follow the the verges PC build guide anyway last question from our I don’t
want to say it will we ever see a clean shaved brand no sometime like when I
have to go to a wedding or something actually have a big old Jay Leno style
butt chin underneath her really I just thought it was your brand somebody says
you’re trying to emulate Steve from gamers Nexus you know gamers Nexus video
I was doing this long before Adam is thinking you’d be great
he’s for hire everybody wants to know if your high school graduation needs
somebody to call the names out and then you can just see the principal school
like what’s know you just you know I’m just that would be awesome though if he
like called out the high school yeah hey you know what I am I’m open for that
come mail me Adam underscore Patrick underscore Murray at IDG comm your high
school joins my V you know there’s that key and peele up so the the substitute
teacher where he messes up all the times oh it’s hilarious they’re making a movie
about that or something oh really that character anyway it was great okay cool
let’s let’s wrap it up here check back next week for your fix of PC talk on the
full nerd for audio listener subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play or set your
please leave a review every time you do Adam gets a name wrong that’s where it
comes from I’m gonna pull nerd ip0 calm thanks for
coming on Gordon on with Brad darkest adios melissa rio frio by and adam
patrick Murrah will take us up hey we’ll see you later Garden get hurt

57 thoughts to “RTX 2070 review, PT’s controversial CPU benchmarks revised, and more | The Full Nerd Ep. 72”

  1. I love the intro 🙂
      1:59 intro
      2:37 offtopic (construction)
    4:26 RTX 2070 review
    34:24 PTs benchmarks revised
    53:58 viewer Q&A

  2. For 550 i rather buy an Vega 64 !!! , Just F*CK Nvidia !
    Don't act like they did a good job for us , with the RTX series !!!

  3. 3:08 …. Just wait for AMD's 7Nm Navi ! ( should be ready within 8 months )
    Nvidia ? Who really need Gay Tracing ? …… Not for another 2 years !

  4. I cringe when I hear somebody say buy a used video card. If it has a warranty somehow yes but other than that, no. Or if you get a good one $100 or less maybe. People should not be comparing the RTX series with the GTX series. They are totally different beasts. And Nvidia is not going to give the cards away for old prices. If you don't want future proof go old. If you want to be on top of technology buy new. It is really that simple. We've been spoiled these last few generations. Clock speeds are getting to their limits with to the die sizes. Yes 7nm or whatever is coming but that is still way off. And personally just having a faster card for me is not enough. I have been waiting for graphics to take a leap finally. We have 4k on the cheap now. It's time to advanced forward graphically. It's time to finally make a large progressive leap. I do understand that a lot of people are poor these days and that's really where the complaints come from. But that does not mean that we have to stop advancing technology. And it doesn't mean that we have to stop Innovating. I don't have a problem supporting innovation as long as it's going to be useful for me. But having better looking games that run smoother up to 4K should be what everybody wants. I think Nvidia made the right move whether it works out for them or not. No matter what it's still a technology that people are going to use somewhere. So really we can either win with them or we can keep complaining and lose out. That is just how I see this picture. People still complain about VR too but for someone as old as me was waiting a long long time for that technology to actually get in my house where I can actually experience it personally and not just on a TV show or in a movie. And I really think that this is a big problem. The younger generation versus the older. The younger generation seems to want to find things to nitpick at all the time. Whereas in my generation it seems like a lot of us want to embrace new technology because we don't take advantage of it. We can appreciate it because we didn't have it when we were kids.

  5. you have way too much faith in the pricing… I highly doubt you're going to find a 2070 around the MSRP… I'm willing to bet even the lowest price 2070 model is going to be above $580

  6. I don't blame Nvidia, nor Intel but I have a FX8350 that I want to replace. I am sick and tired of compromises and prices, deals, and value for the money. I just want competition at the high end, soon. If not till the end of the year, I will just get 9900K with 2080Ti and bite the bullet. Enough waiting for the next GPU/CPU architectures from AMD, enough value propositions. I just want uncompromising system and call it a day, cranking up all at max settings. No more compromises!

  7. as for the controversy, PT is not to blame entirely, this was a commission by Intel, it was their idea with their instructions and PT was just being a good dog and doing as they were told. So this controversy is really only about Intel making a CPU appeared to be way better in comparison to AMD by seriously handicapping the 2700X

  8. and one more thing… I don't think I need reviews to predict the future, I can almost guarantee the 9700k is going to be 10% to 20% better and performance compared to the 8700k… Whether or not you want to pay the price for that small percentage performance is going to be up to the individual. Keep in mind I'm saying this before the review embargo is lifted so I will be curious to find out how accurate I am with these numbers

  9. Tensorcores don't do ray tracing. RT Cores don't do ray racing. The RTX series has high AI training performance but that's got very little to do with gaming. It's got high AI inference performance but we were never bottlenecked there. So NVIDIA has moved the data center Volta part down the stack and is desperately trying to find problems for their solution.


  10. Contrary to what some think i am a big fan of AMD not because of gaming though but because AMD i a big supporter of open source and i am a big fan of Linux.

  11. FINALLY someone talking sense! All this talk of 500 dollar cards plus, when the huge majority of us have 1080p monitors. I'm lucky enough to have 3 monitors, I use 2 and have a spare. Yay. I don't need more than an RX 570.

  12. The 2070 is $1k AUD, the 1070 was $600 AUD. Why should anyone spend high end money on a mid range card. A little over 1080 perf for the same MSRP that was 2 years ago is unacceptable. It's not even about a lack of generational perf improvement, its the fact it lacks it and the product stack was moved up almost 2 whole price tiers. It stung a little to see the "70" class card at $400 USD but we accepted a price tier shift with Pascal because it was considerably faster than Maxwell. This is just plain insulting.

  13. My Grandmother can't even set the clock on her microwave, and even she is more credible for proper benchmarking than PT is now.

  14. they made the 2070 $500 but most of them will have cheap crap cooler unless you pay the $600 or $700 for it,your not going to get a strix 2070 $500, you just said it the 2070 is a cut down card from the 2080 ,save your money cos these cards are for BETA TESTING for 3080 next gen,and there not justified

  15. No one should buy the 2070 on principle alone.

    -2 generations ago, we got the 970 (a 104 class GPU) for $330, one of the best value for money GPU's of recent years
    -Last generation, the 1070 (also a 104 class GPU) went up in price to $450 (maybe $400 to $420), but at least matched last gen's flagship for a lot less money
    -This gen, the 2070 is a 106 class GPU for $600, just $50 less than what Nvidia's flagship was selling for 2 generations ago

    Nvidia are cutting down their die, offering less performance gains vs the last 2 generations, and making you pay $100-$150 more per generation.

  16. VR- isolated and dystopian until everybody's on it and it reunites you with your extended family. Remember, the family that slays together, stays together.

  17. Funny my hobby used to be modifying my car and now it is PC gaming and I did buy a PG27UQ and 2080ti paired with and 8700k at 5ghz and have WAY Less tickets, also noticed something I believe Microsoft is lowering performance on Win 7 I have an win 10 on both my computers (new rig mentioned above) and my old rig which is a 3930k at 4.8ghz and Titan X (pascal) SLI and on the x79 system I don't update win 7 often and have seen Zero performance advantage on windows 10 but on this new machine (Z370) is slower at times than my X79 machine with only one GPU active and there is no way that should be

  18. Can I just say I'm glad this show is taking off? Been watching for a while and the numbers and engagement is just going up and up.

    I'm sure there's some cross-over here from Awesome Hardware viewers, Paul and Kyle are cool and all, but Gordon and Alaina constantly fighting over hardware or value is the true "Sword Fight". Haha.

    Great show.

  19. I bet there will not be any 2060 or 2050 or GT 2030 or a GTX 2060-ish, because little over year from now the 3080/Ti will be here, it was on the road map that had 2080 name right, oh and don't forget the pascal cores stockpiles, 10 and 20 Series will live and die together when 30XX Series comes out

  20. Any1 who is claiming that that i9 9900k "benchmark" wasn't intentional is whitewashing it , so not honest, so don't deserve our views, simple as, bb.

  21. These guys truly believe that principle technologies made an "honest" mistake! They should remember those babco sysmark scores . Anyhow that's why most of us go for truly independent PC journalism like AdoredTV. Disclaimer I never subscribe or will subscribe to this channel adios !

  22. I usually like for my builds to last 2-3 years anyway. Just got the Ryzen 2700x and GTX 1080 five months ago, so probably won't be upgrading until the Ryzen 4700x/5700x (if AMD can keep competing with Intel by then) and RTX 3080/4080 (when Ray Tracing is more refined, widely available and cheaper).

  23. In Europe an RTX 2070 will never be below 600 EUR, the real street prices are always approximatelly 100-150 EUR plus on that 499 dollars not including VAT….so it's a bust by default. If one plays texture heavy modern games (Watch Dogs 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, Wildands, Origins) at 1080p or 1440p using all details to Ultra with no compromises a GTX 1080 will always be slightly faster because of a little stronger compute power and faster GDDRX5 memory.

  24. An RTX 2070 should never be more than 399 + VAT because it's a MID TIER gpu just like 1070 always was by price and performance….so around 450 EUR street price in EU. And because there will be an RTX 2070 Ti next year and the RTX 2070 will be pushed down below the GTX 1080 pricewise and reality about GreedVidias master plan to dry us consumers for too much money will be clear as day….again.

  25. The notifications of Youtube are problematic again. I did get a notification for some phone-review from PCWorld but none for this.
    On the topic of the podcast: the RTX 2070 is the only Turing card which I would consider if Nvidia would support FreeSync and Intel and PT screwed up horribly. I don't know what was going on but indeed, there are way too many 'accidental' errors to trust it. Everything was a disadvantage for Ryzen: much worse memory-timings while Ryzen is much more 'sensitive' to it. worse cooling in a poorly ventilated case (overlooked by most people in the community, it can differ a few FPS) and disabling half the cores. I won't anything of PT or Intel for years. PT still cheated with the last benchmarks: full rank RAM, still the stock cooler for AMD and the highend cooler for Intel (a few FPS disadvantage for Ryzen). This is what was going on in my opinion: Intel knows that gaming is the growth-segment of the PC market and thus Intel has to sell the CPU for gamers. "Best gaming CPU"…
    But the 9900k doesn't perform much better for games than the 8700 at the same clock frequency (4.9 GHz. single core boost) given that few games utilize all the cores of the 8700k fully. That is why Intel had PT cheat. Just my theory.
    HardOCP TV: "I see Intel marketing going through BIG changes very soon.". I agree with Kyle his prediction. 🙂

    Adam, good trolling of Gordon with the console-buying suggestion. Keep that going. 🙂
    Even though I only game with a PC.

  26. Gordon and Brad. AMD wants to compete in the high end with graphics card, they just can't at the moment because they had to cut the budget for RTG. AMD was close to a bankruptcy, Su chose to invest more in the CPU because the profit margins on CPUs are higher and that paid off, didn't it? In the meantime AMD kept the GPU department alive by letting Sony, MS and Apple prefinance new GPUs which are adapted to serve their needs. That is why Polaris was only a midend card and why Vega has a great performance in compute but a mediocre (compared to the diesize!) performance for gaming. Even though an undervolted Vega56 is a great card which gets the performance of a 1070 Ti and doesn't have a higher power consumption (with an undervolt of close to 0.1 V). Now that the CPU daparment does well and AMD gets profits again AMD invvests more in GPUs. Navi will not be a return to the high end, after that AMD will once again compete on all levels. Patience.

  27. I've seen bench marks where the 2070 struggled Vs Vega 64 and the 1080 at 1440P and 4K especially at 4K, (they are all withing the margin of error in most games!!!) The 2070 gets choked by memory bandwidth at 4K, Joker has videos out showing it…

  28. This is the Joke of the whole Nvidia Thing, is that they sold all these cards on the promise of Ray tracing BUT all games still use Rasturizatiuon and will continue too.. There are No Ray Tracing Games, Soon there will be some games patched in to use it, but it's going to make the cards look slow, and your only going to be able to game in 1080P at the most to use Ray tracing.. That's why I keep calling it a Gimick just to sell over priced cards!!! And not just over priced, Way too over priced.. I really feel bad for the fools who bought into the Gimick Crap.. Nvidia is so dirty and so slick, that's why they sold the cards before there was even one game that could use it.. And finally the joke is while your trying not to get killed while play a game your not even going to notice the FUCKING DIFFERENCE YOU FOOLS…..

  29. Do not buy this card for Ray Tracing, #1 this is the low end ray tracing card of the first gen, so it will probably be the worst RT capable card made. ALso the few leaks of RT gameplay from the launch showed 2080s struggling to get to 60FPS with RTX on. If that is indeed true — And we still don't know due to lack of games, the odds are this card will be horrible at RT. . BUT the main issue is here is NO improvement at the price point, normally each generation there is an improvement for a price-point here there is not – I say if what you have works just keep waiting…till AMD releases something early next year…maybe it will at least cause nvidia to lower prices a little.

  30. If I was building a new 1080p gaming system today I would consider 1070ti cards, i have seen several of these NEW on newegg for 410-430 bucks, and overclocked it can surpass a stock 1080 and come close to the 1080 factory oc cards.

  31. 20% performance boost is really generous, most benches I have seen by other reviewers did not show near that level of improvement from 1080-2080..heck on some games i have seen the 1080 even outperform the 2080 slightly.

  32. I think if we're talking high-end in regards of resolution, meaning 1440 and 4k, Vega 64 is the best option if someone considers in terms of "value for money" (also AMD delivers better in dx12 btw.). For me personally, i have no intend of supporting nvidia anymore after their marketing schemes and consumer manipulation (same goes for Intel but that's another story). Regardless though, i am more concerned in "value for money" and at this point, after researching the prices constantly, i see Vega more appealing still (although, objectively speaking, gtx 1080 is a better option for me here in Greece atm. That being said, used cards market is the way to go whatever the case imo).

  33. "Moaaar" : p For real. Its so comfy hearing you guys talk about those stuff. With Steve (Gamer nexus). It allows me to pay attention to the stuffs I'm doing while getting the info I want. Really great channels. Well..Here I go for the next one…

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