HELLO DEAR FRIENDS IN THIS VIDEO WE DISCUSS ABOUT UNIVERSAL RT809F PROGRAMMER WITH THIS PROGRAMMER WE CAN READ WRITE DIFFRENT TYPE OF BIOS LIKE A LAPTOP BIOS , DEKSTOP BIOS LAPTOP IO CONTROLLER ENE , ITE COMPANY LAPTOP EC (IO CONTROLLER) IF THERE IS ENE IO CONTROLLER THEN ITS DIRECTLY PROGRAM WITH RT809F IF THERE IS ITE COMPANY IO CONTROLLER THEN YOU NEED ONE ANOTHER DEVICE AND ITS CALLED PEB1 THIS PROGRAMMER CAN BE READ WRITE, SPI BIOS AND AS WELL AS ENE ,ITE MICROCONTROLLER SAME WAY YOU CAN ALSO READ WRITE DEKSTOP MOTHERBOARD SPI (SOP8, DIP8 & PLCC32) BIOS IT’S A MULTIPURPOSE BIOS PROGRAMMER YOU CAN ALSO READ WRITE BIOS OF LCD OR LED MONITOR & TV LED , LED MONITOR AND TV HAS BIOS INSIDE OF PCB YOU CAN READ WRITE BIOS OF LCD LED WITHOUT OPEN IT CASE COVER WITH HELP OF VGA CABLE YOU CAN ALSO READ WRITE LAPTOP LCD SCREEN EDID BIOS WITH THIS PROGRAMMER NOW GOING TO STEP BY STEP DEMONSTRATION OF PROGRAMMING WITH HELP OF RT809F PROGRAMMER DIFFERENT TYPES OF BIOS PACKAGE HOW TO CONNECT IN PROGRAMMER LET’S START HOW TO PROGRAM IT? RT809f comes with accessories like a Programmer Different type of socket adapter for different type of bios package This is a plcc32 SOP8 This one also sop8 both are different package This package is a 200mil sop8 adapter This is a 150 mil package sop8 bios adapter usb cable vga cable You can read write lcd ,led monitor bios with help of this cable This pin configuration is Pin no1,2,3 is a RGB pin Pin no 13 is a horizontal pin Pin no 12 and 15 is Clock and DATA pins LCD monitor bios data read and write with this pins (12,15) Driver and installation cd ( A, B ) This is a complimentary gift provided by us Desktop and Laptop motherboard tested bios and also kb9012 io bios First you will setup program of rt809f After the run setup you will be patch new update You can download latest patch from http://www.ifix.net.cn/en/ When company provide new patch then it will be highlight you for update while you run rt809f program After the completed installation process you will be connect programmer in usb port You can check port will be install at as a port May be com port was an different on each pc or laptop Only consider com port show you properly installed RT809f default installation foder is a D:rt809f Create a short cut at desktop of rt809f.exe Open the program This is a programmer latest updated patch date This is a programmer serial number It appear if programmer connected and usb driver install correctly This is a chipset list .. Manufacturers Name and Part number list This is a Smart id tab Auto ISP We can select bios id (Detection) with help of this 2 tab Any of one of tab will be identify bios It will be select bios from part number as per our bios connected with RT809f you can see here read bios data at Buffer editor (Hex Editor) Read write different bios like a lcd monitor , lcd and led screen In this lcd screen also have one bios Led monitor circuit board bios read and write differnet package bios like a DIP8 Desktop motherboard bios PLCC32 sop8 200 mil adapter Sop8 for 150mil adapter socket How to connect different type of package in RT809f if bios package is a 16 pin then this is a pin no1 If you bios is a 8 pin then this is a pin no1 I have DIP8 package bios connect pin no1 as per bios drawing this is a pin no1 check bios pin no1 and connect it accordingly sop8 adpater pin no1 Press notch insert bios same way connect sop8 150mil bios with pin no1 to 8 PLCC32 package adapter socket can’t insert in RT809f programmer Because of more pins (32) We need another one device for PLCC32 Package bios It’s called PEB1 Your can Read Write Plcc32 bios and ITE io controller ITE Programming with PEB1 Device That will be discuss it at my next upcoming videos you need to buy PEB1 separately. its not included in package This is Laptop LCD Screen Edid eprom located here EDID eeprom connected with lcd 30 pin connector if there is a 30 pin connector then all pins is a common configuration for all lcd screen EDID has a 8 pin but we don’t need all pins for program it We need few pins for program this EDID Pin no:4 Pin no :5 Pin no:6 Pin no : 7 & 8 We need only Total 5 of 8 pins All connection of EDID connected with 30 pin LCD connector This is a 30 Pin connector if you count pin you can find 32 but this is a body pin so we are not counting pin no1 from here but we will start to count from here This one also body pin so we do not consider this two pin in our counting Start from here .. this is pin no 1,2,3,4 Pin no: 4 This is datasheet of lcd screen now check which pins we need for programming Any of 30 pin lcd pin configuration is same so you need to create one time data cable for all you doesn’t need to make different cable for each 30 pin lcd screen any of lcd screen like 15.4 inch , 14.1 inch All LCD screen function pins are common for 30 Pin connector of LCD Screen Pin no : 4 is a 3.3v power pin We need Pin no : 6 & 7 ( Clock and Data) Pin no : 10 &13 VSS ( Ground) These all Pins we need for Program of EDID you should make one cable for read and write EDID You can make your cable with any of LCD 30 pins cable Remove lock and remove unnecessary wire You need only few pins Don’t remove pin no :4,6,7,10,13 instead of all pins you should be remove from connector i have already readymade cable Total 5 Wires You need only Pin no:4,6,7,10 and 13 now you can connect all these wires here This is pin no :1,2,3,4 This is a Pin no : 5,6,7,8 Now how to connect wires ? LCD connector pin no: 4 (orange) Connect to Pin no :8 may be different color you have in your lcd cable .. its doesn’t matter You just follow pin numbers LCD pin 13 Connect to Pin no : 7 Pin no:6=Pin no: 6 LCD pin no:7 Connect to Pin no:5 LCD Pin no : 10 (Black)=Pin no : 4 So This is a Universal cable for all 30 pins lcd screens of laptops If you want to read or write LED screen EDID bios then you need LCD to LED Converter Cable This converter cable use for any of 40pins LED Screen 14.1 or 15.6 or 10.0 inch Any of 40 Pin Screen size had same Configurations If you want to read write lcd monitor pcb bios You can read and write it with VGA cable if you want to read and write led monitor logic board pcb bios then connect vga cable to rt809f VGA ISP port vga cable connect to monitor and power on your monitor Click on Auto ISP Now LCD monitor logic board bios detected First you should read file (Always backup your existing bios and keep it safe) Bios reading start This is a eprom number of lcd monitor pcb card now select your file name and save it now we have also setup for LCD and LED screen Connect cable adapter at RT809f Socket Connect LCD 30 Pin Connector Auto ISP not Detected with this function Now Click on Smart ID tab it was selected with Smart id it’s 24 series eprom you can read you can write file name i was make LTN154x3 You can also read any of broken glass lcd screen backup it and built your own database you can use this backup file to any other same number LCD screen This is a read Data (HEX format) for example if you want to write bios to LCD Screen so for writing process click to open and select file now here bios file load in software buffer click on write When you click on Write .. programmer will be erase bios ,blank check bios , write bios , and verify bios itself . Follow same procedure for led screen read , write EDID … you need LCD to LED converter cable now you have backup for led screen edid This backup file you can use in future for repair led firmaware realted problem Bad firmware condition like if pin no 2,3 (3.3vdd) is ok but no display , 4 windows display , resolutions not supported problem so need to reprogram EDID now how to read and write plcc32 package bios ? set plcc32 adapter from the bottom of socket Connect PEB1 device to RT809f programmer Click on smart id bios hardware number selected with smart id Read existing bios and backup it safe place Now Write here working bios Click on open Select working tested ok bios file Click on write tab start erasing bios Writing process start doesn’t need to manually erase , blank check and write … it would be work automatically while you click write tab Verify mean your hardware upload bios and your pc bios are same data detected after writing bios if your pin no1 is not connected same place then it would be heat your bios so carefully always verify it Follow same process rt809f support 3.3v and 1.8v bios Please subscribe my channel and click at like tab of video Next video i will show your how to read and write io controller with different type of programmer Thanking you .. i hope you enjoy this video

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