ROOM TOUR 2016 || Mermaid Bedroom & Cosplay Work Space! || MangoSirene

ROOM TOUR 2016 || Mermaid Bedroom & Cosplay Work Space! || MangoSirene

It’s finally here! *drum roll* The long awaited room tour! Seriously, you all have been asking me to do a room tour, pretty much since I started my Youtube channel, and I’m happy to say I finally have a bedroom that I am proud enough of to share with the internet. Before we get started, I just want to give a little introduction to my room because it’s not the typical aesthetic room that you’ll see in a lot of room tours on YouTube. It’s certainly not Pinterest levels, but, I tried… I would love to have a room that is super minimalistic, and has perfectly coordinated decor, but, as it stands, half of my room is devoted to video production, and the other half is devoted to cosplay progress. So, I’ve had to sacrifice some of my decor coordination for the sake of functionality. That being said, I have had so much fun playing real life Happy Home Designer, these past three months(?) and I’m really excited to share my hard work with all of you. So, without further ado, here is my bedroom slash sewing room, with a touch of mermaid aesthetic. The first thing you’ll see when you come into my bedroom is this little blue shelf I have a few decorations on there, like this DIY beach tea light holder that I made, and these small porcupine salt and pepper shakers. Not really ocean-y… but they’re cute. There’s also a glitter jar that Brenda made me, if I’m ever feeling anxious before heading out the door I give it a shake and it helps relieve some of that stress. I have two coffee table books on there as well, one about mermaid lore and another that’s a five year daily Q&A journal. Moving on, I have a hanging storage rack on the back of my door. This is mainly for backpacks, purses, snapbacks and coats I’m currently using so that I can just grab them on the way out. I have a really tiny bathroom, so I actually keep a lot of my beauty supplies in this little cabinet. On top of the cabinet there are two drawers, one for circle lenses and another for nail polish, along with makeup bags that act as travel kits for false lashes or current circle lenses. Next up is one of my favorite pieces in my room, my makeup vanity. I’ve always wanted a vanity since I was a little kid, and, now that I’m a grown adult, I finally have one. I love doing my makeup while sitting here, it makes me feel like a princess. I have of all my makeup organized in separate drawers based on what the products are for, like overall face, eyes, lips, blush and so on. My larger eyeshadow pallets are stored in this letter sorter. Over on the other side I have a little ceramic bathtub for my hairbrush and a few other grooming tools, and next to it, I have this DIY brush holder that I made using a vase and some decorative sand, and my little whale, Bubba, holds my beauty blender. Don’t ask why his name is Bubba, it just is. Moving along to clothing, since my closet is pretty cramped, I have a vertical dresser for the majority of my clothes. Despite being a fashion major, I really don’t own that much clothing, mostly because I live my life in leggings, muscle shirts and sweaters. On top of the dresser I have my jewelry organizer, this really pretty cherry blossom lamp, another beach motif, and a candle. Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely obsessed with candles, especially during the holiday season. Since it’s autumn right now, I have a vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle in there, it makes the whole room smell like thanksgiving desert. And here it is, the super tiny closet, I actually took down the door because it took up so much space, the curtain is much more efficient, and it looks nicer too. I have everything organized by shorts and skirts, tops, then hoodies. I try to keep it all in order by the color spectrum, but that is more hashtag goals than hashtag reality. Last up in here, I’ve got a cubby system for my shoes and any other accessories like scarves, mittens and hats. Alright, taking a break from the bedroom stuff, let’s explore the half of my room that’s more of a home office. First up, my printer stand, which is pretty self-explanatory. One shelf is for paper supplies, another for my fan mail scrapbook, and then currently, this last one is being used for furniture supplies. And here is where I spend most of my time, my computer desk. This is where I do all my editing, scripting, graphic design work and more. It looks nice now, but trust me, it’s usually a total mess. As far as the top of my desk goes, I’ve got my tablet, my recording mic and my webcams for streaming. Starting to bring in more gold accents, I have a few wire organizers too. One for chapstick and other little knick knacks, one for pens and markers, and one for mail, coupons and, anything else I should probably pay attention to. I also have this little decorative mug that I use for my wine corks, my wine bottle topper and my wine bottle opener. Yes it’s important to me that these things are within arms reach. Lastly over here, I have my little waste bin tucked under the desk Along with a basket for any electronics, like my external hard drives, portable chargers and headphones. Right next to my computer desk, is my sewing table. Obviously, I have to keep it close to my computer for Twitch streaming, but it’s nice because it gives me a lot of open work space. First things first, in the top drawer I have a file sorter where I can keep any current patterns or other documents I’m working with, there’s also space in here for additional fan mail that I haven’t put in my scrapbook yet, my collection of cosplay cards and wig styling supplies. Underneath on the shelves I have my sewing and fashion books close by for quick reference, as well as my copic markers and fine liner pens for artwork and planner decoration. On the bottom shelf I have space for any prop and armor materials I’m currently using, like Thibra. my iron, and a bin for miscellaneous supply storage. I also keep my file folder of planner stickers and washi tape tucked under here. And, of course, my sewing machine takes front and center stage, I keep my thread box next to me for fast threading changes and I have a pegboard where I hang all my scissors for easy access. If I’m in the middle of styling a wig, I usually keep it on the stand here too. Up above, I have a wall shelf with a lamp and the rest of my sewing tools. You all know about my love for coffee, so I thought it would be cute to use a variety of coffee mugs to keep my tools organized. To keep myself motivated while working on cosplay, I have this photo hanger where I post my favorite Instagram pictures from conventions and other fun times with friends. Also tucked in this corner is my bulletin board for keychains, charms and buttons. I am stupidly proud of this thing, but it’s also like, wow, I clearly have a spending problem when it comes to artist alley. One of the main features of my room is my giant display shelf On top I have some inspirational plaques that Beth gave me, along with my little unicorn lamp. There’s one last beach motif that’s sort of a place holder for right now, and to the right, I have my more expensive Disney keepsakes. The shelves themselves are devoted to my figure collection. I change how these are organized pretty frequently, but for the most part I have, my Disneyesque cube, my Free! cube, a miscellaneous anime cube, a cube for Square Enix, grungier figures, a cube for idols and cute nendoroids, Zoids, more random anime stuff, Pokemon, and legos. There’s also two empty shelves just to plan for the future, because I am sure I will accumulate more figures since I have a terrible problem. The last row has been set up for current cosplay projects, just to keep all the materials organized and out of sight. If you haven’t noticed yet, my bed, is lofted. This is actually a childrens bed from Ikea but it really helped to solve a lot of my space and organizational problems. It also gave me space for this cozy plushie nook. If there’s anything I love more than figures, it’s stuffed animals. So I set up this little relaxation spot where I can work on my planner, read or play Animal Crossing. The thing I love most about this bed is that it came with a built in bookshelf and cabinet. I have all of my favorite books, manga, DVD’s and more organized on the shelves, and then I use the cabinet to store all of my filming equipment, like my tripods and light stands. Last but not least, I need somewhere to sleep. To tie in the ocean theme one last time, I have this beautiful watercolor quilt and a mermaid pillow that Beth found for me. The mosquito net is my finishing touch. I wish I could say it’s only for aesthetic, but honestly, it’s because I’m scared of spiders. So that is my room tour. I am so excited about getting to live and create in this new space, and I’m so glad I was able to share it with all of you. Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of my new room is and with that, I will see you all in my next video. Bye!

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  1. I'm moving into my own apartment next year and I'm going to be bring all my cosplay, art and makeup work with me. This is a great video to help me learn how to organize my shit!

  2. More YouTubers need to follow this model of room tours. It's really well put together and far more interesting than any I've seen. Cute room!

  3. Really random question, but I really want the kind of bed that you have so I wonder how long it is from your floor to your roof?? I want to know if that kind of bed would fit in my room cx

  4. my fave part is the bed :0 i want it so so much so i looked at it on ikea and noticed it came with that desk thing that i later realized (after going back to see where you put it) was your sewing table!! thanks for inspiration πŸ™‚ btw i love you and your videos!! the mosquito net is something i am also definitely going to look forward to!!!! love you sirene!!!!!

  5. I'm married, so I'm forced to take his opinions into consideration, but honestly if I had my way, mermaids… Just all the damn mermaids. My tails are stuffed in a closet, my ariels are all in the spare room, my mermaid blankets are not allowed to be the main comforter, and "No Abby, you cannot keep your tsum tsums above the TV." ~Buzzkill :C

  6. The netting over you bed is so cute! Getting your bed off the ground is actually a really clever way to give yourself more space, I might just steal it πŸ˜‰

  7. I so want that bed! I'd have one if I had room. But my room is pretty much standard and I don't think I'm getting rid of my bed at this point. XD

  8. That is the best room I have ever seen😍😍😍🐢😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. The letter sorter for palettes is genius. Mine are just in a sad pile in a corner so thanks for the idea. Also, kudos for being so organized. I have a little more space and less stuff and I still somehow find a way to turn my house into a cluttered disaster lol

  10. Awesome! I love how you actually put everything into the description, as most youtubers don't. Also, I LOVE your contact lenses! They are such a beautiful color!

  11. I feel you with the home office thing. I need like two desks or three because I currently do my homework, makeup, bullet journal, and play on my big old 10 pound laptop on the same desk and it can get hectic. I think this summer I am going to finally clean out the clothes that haven't fit me for five years so I can actually fit stuff in my room.

  12. Where oh where do you get your figurines from? I'm sure a great deal of them are from cons, but do you have a go-to site for mini statues like arda wigs is your go-to for flawless hair? (You should do a cosplay closet tour of all your amazing cosplays sometime <3)

  13. I don't know why, but whenever I feel anxious I come and watch this video. It's very calming and by the end I feel a lot better! I'm pretty sure I've rewatched this over 10 times by now!! xxx

  14. My favorite part? All of your room is goals! I really love it, you definitely gave me inspiration for the August big clean up!

  15. WOW!! You're room looks sooo cool, you can really see your personality thru the decorations 😊😊😊 I did a room tour on my channel too, it would be awesome if you can check it out and tell me what you think !! Thanks πŸ’•

  16. It's an incredible room Mangosirene, the detail, the style, and the dΓ©cor. I love the lamp, the closet, and the home office. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  17. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I was just wondering, what colour is the paint on your walls? It looks like Baby Blue but I wasn’t sure :3 Also, I looked at the link your bed was from and it didn’t have the cabinet. Did you personalise yours?

  18. oh god, i LOVE your bedroom > <
    everything looks so nice and cute~ and the photo hanger~~ i want to make it for my cosplay photos too xD *and those blue colour, love it~
    so much inspirations~~ Thank you so much xD
    i want to re-design my bedroom but i can't decide the theme, bcoz so much ideas~ xD

    Kiss and Hugs from a tiny Cosplayer from Indonesia~ <3 //sorry for bad english xD

  19. I am adding a crafting center and office to my bedroom. And this has helped me figure out how to make a combined space work. I like having clean and simple as my aesthetic. This video is so inspiring and cute β™‘

  20. Thank u for this I love the ocean and I love the sea it’s so good 😊 I need some ideas for my ocean room

  21. Did I see a capezio box?! I haven't finished the video yet but are you a dancer?! That's so cool!! Aaaa I love seeing fellow cosplayers that dance!

  22. Your bedroom is goals! I have a huge obsession with mermaids and I’m also a seamstress. My room and craft section is nowhere near as neat and organized as yours.

  23. My room looks like a tacky slop compared to this! I'm going to strive for something this organized and aesthetically pleasing in the future!

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