Roland Keyboard Rigs with Michael Ghegan

Roland Keyboard Rigs with Michael Ghegan

[Music] [Music] hey my name is Michael Geghan and I’m out
here with Roger Hodgson and his incredible band and guest starring the
new Roland aerophone that I just fortuitously came across in rehearsals
in Belgium recently and was playing it in concert two days later so this thing
is the most ergonomically sound comfortable close to saxophone playing
instrument of the future that I’ve ever tried what I really dig about this is
that living in hotel rooms I will not practice my saxophones
because it’s just people are sleeping so this thing on a plane or in my hotel
room I just plug my headphones in and it’s absolutely perfect for shedding and
just working on new material that’s unbelievable [Music]
we have a couple of spots in the in the in the setlist that have this kind of
Celtic vibe and so like this Uilleann pipe [Music] [Music]
you know soundman mixes it perfectly he got that 12 string acoustic guitar
sounds like he’s hiding in the back and my RD-2000 is my absolute favourite new
keyboard I am gonna be using this thing it links up perfectly with mainstage and
just I couldn’t be happier with my entire setup I’ve been very lucky to have
longtime relationships with I’ve been working with Justin Timberlake
for a long time Andrea Bocelli and the Bocelli family Roger Hodgson of course i
got really lucky in my earlier years with my first big gigs with Elton John
and Keiko Matsui for about eight or nine years and just some really really
world-class writers and singers and performers and obviously the bands that
tour with these artists just fantastic world class people are world-class
musicians so it’s been it’s been a pretty good ride and I’m looking forward
to more this Roger Hodgson tour is an absolute pleasure than that you know
those classic songs and a bunch of just just killer people and
killer musicians on the shows every night are just an absolute pleasure and
I’m really stoked to have in my arsenal the Roland Aerophone my
horns and the new one this one yeah I haven’t seen this one before today but
it’s like so fun so this
is the Aerophone GO this is the travel companion it doesn’t get sick it doesn’t
yell at you I love it so crisp so crisp dig it

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  1. I miss Aaron MacDonald from London Ontario who originally played with Roger Hodgson on tours. He too played saxophone and keyboards great.

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