Robots : What Is Robotic Engineering?

Robots : What Is Robotic Engineering?

Robotics engineers designed the robot and
build the robots, and test robots like this. This is a industrial manipulator being used
in manufacturing floors. You can see this consists of mechanical arms, motors, grippers
and controller which is hidden underneath. So robotics engineers must perform many functions
including thinking of new applications. So typically they form teams, and go through
from initial design to the test of the final products. Often you have to work with customers,
just like automotive engineers do. However, one major difference is robotics applications
are limitless, and you can develop robot fly into the sky, go into the ocean. Go into the
mines, work in the hospital, so applications are unlimited.

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  1. I prefer using pneumatics when possible. That's how I built my boxing robot I box against. It throws human speed punches and beyond. It's a great workout and I've learned a lot from it. The approach to making something as "simple" as possible to do the task, is key.

  2. I wanna build robots but also stuff like Iron man not literally but some type of gauntlet with a type of weapon on it …..

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