Robots : What Does a Robotic Engineer Do?

Robots : What Does a Robotic Engineer Do?

I mentioned earlier that robots could take
many different forms. This is a remotely controlled helicopters, yet design and testing process
very similar when you have certain applications you have to first do the conceptual design
if you want to flying robot to survey the environment, then you have to decide what
kind of sensor you need, how much power you need, how to control it. In this particular
case, controller is this box, remotely control this helicopter. And you can connect this
sensor remotely to computers so that you can analyze data in your time. You have power,
in this case, use gasoline. And you have to solve mechanical dynamics so that you can
actually fly this safely. So all this design, simulate, test, manufacture, very common to
all robotics engineers.

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  1. In my country (denmark) it takes 5 years, and to start on it, your reguired to already have succeded gymnasium (takes 3 years)

  2. yer i've got a year left of studying physics maths biology and geography and i'm concidering studying robotics at university or other disciplines of engineering. I was just wondering what you could tell me about it.

  3. my family hates me and they ar moving to alska and they say I have to come but I don't wana because I whunt to do robotics they say I still can but u will have to go far away to get the parts and stuff and I don't wana go there is a big diffrents beetwen robotics and the woods

  4. Do robotic engineers have the capability to build things mechanic engineers can? Like headphones and all that junk?

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