Robert Games - Patent Attorney

Robert Games – Patent Attorney

generally people come and find us when they have an invention that they'd like to protect they can be large companies with big research departments or it can be a man in a shed at home who's got an invention that he's come up with to solve a fairly basic problem when I was at university I never really considered particularly what I was going to do when I left University I was always very keen on being self-employed and I'd already had always had the idea that what I'd like to do is either something with wood work or something with building after after I graduated I started renovating property in South Wales I then spent two years renovating houses and and the simple fact of the matter is that I ran out of money at that point and needed to find a job or a profession I saw an advert for the UK Patent Office and decided that it looked like a very very interesting role and followed it up and started working as a patent examiner at the Patent Office I basically run a what's really a rural practice and at the moment we have levels of work where everybody's sort of occupied to a reasonable level but not tearing their hair out and with inventions it's quite nice to to spend time over the invention I don't like to rush jobs I like to take my time over them and in fact by sort of breaking from a job and going back to it sometimes gives you fresh ideas and sometimes make you think around the invention a little bit more clearly

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