39 thoughts to “Retro Tech: Game Boy”

  1. "im just tryna put together something that flows from top to bottom that doesn't sound like trash" – every millennial rap artist
    also this should have upwards of 10M+ views. lets go people, wtf?

  2. Sega Nomad was the GOAT handheld.
    It was a Genesis on the go and you can plug In a 2nd player controller and use on the TV as well. Way ahead of it's time, it was basically the switch of the 90s.

  3. such a good special. that puts old Nokia phones and Gameboy are two of the most durable tech products

  4. Started watching this video beside I was working at the desk and then it took all my attention. Great new format – keep going with this!

  5. Ugh … Was looking forward to learning more but you dedicated 15% of the video to flame throwing the game boy? Ouch. Generally I like your videos because they are smart – but that was just plain dumb. But hey – whatever attracts the Fortnight kids I guess.

  6. The intro sound is TOO high! When listening with headphones I instantly need to reduce the volume! PS: I really like the quality of your videos.

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