Restoring Deleted List in TI 84 Graphing Calculator

Restoring Deleted List in TI 84 Graphing Calculator

In this video I will show you what
happens when a list in your calculator suddenly disappears and what you can
do to get it back. So as you can see in my calculator I have three lists that
have quite a lot of numbers in them. My first one has nine, my second and third
lists have quite a lot more. So sometimes you’ll need to delete lists in order to
clear them out and be able to add different numbers in. A lot of times what
happens is people don’t want to have to go to the clear list option in STAT so
to shortcut it they go up to the top, and so if I wanted to delete my second list,
they go up to the top and highlight the list name up at the top. Then they go
down to delete and they press the delete button. In this case when you hit delete
it just deletes the entire list it doesn’t delete the numbers. So I start
with list one and then I go to list three, my list two has disappeared. So how
do you get it back? In this case you need to bring list two back so you can
actually delete the numbers in it. To find list two you go to STAT and you go to
option five SetUpEditor. I’m going to press 5
and it comes up at the top of your screen. You don’t have to add anything
else all you have to do is press ENTER. After it says done on your screen you
can go back to your lists. Let’s go back to STAT and Edit and as you can see list
two shows back up on my screen. So now to make sure that you clear your lists if
you want to clear it from this screen go up to the top and hit clear instead and
then press the down arrow or you can go back to stat and use the clear list
option. Either one of those will delete the numbers in the list but just simply
going up to the top and highlighting list two and then pressing delete
will only delete the list it will not delete the numbers. So if you find a list
missing within your set just go to the setup editor and it will bring all of
your missing lists back.

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  1. Thanks for the help. I deleted L1, however, on my ti-84 plus silver edition, all the lists get cleared after restoring L1. Seems like every iteration of these calculators have slightly different behaviors.

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