Restoration Blog: June 2018 - Jay Leno's Garage

Restoration Blog: June 2018 – Jay Leno's Garage

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  1. hey Jay, What long term plans have you got for your collection? Have you got it set up to keep the entire collection intact? You've built what seems to be one of the most important collections of transportation technology in the world. Will it be preserved so future generations can view, enjoy, and learn from it?

  2. Wonderful video. I would love to see CC made available for hard of hearing or deaf visitors. Thank you 😊

  3. Back in the day I used to sell Facom tools who supplied the kit for the McLaren, the spanner’s (wrench’s) were titanium. You could buy them separately for £100 each, same price every size, bargain!

  4. I would left it straight piped and use a carbon fiber small structure to keep the safety of the car instead of that muffler.

  5. No jay..I don’t remember any of these cars… but damn am I glad you showed me so I can remember them now.. unreal stuff. A true automotive hero

  6. I have commented stating that I would like to see how those cylinder jugs were made & to my surprise, Jay mentioned, "If you would like to see how they were made, look at the earlier restoration blogs!"   My question is, "Which one?" Is there a specific label/ video description of which they show the forming of the cylinder jackets? I am interested in seeing the making of those coolant jackets/cylinder heads!!! Love your collection Jay! Your guys do some incredible work!

  7. Ok so your guy can recast engine parts and remake brass sleeves, but can’t make an aluminum fuel cell for the F1? The extra weight would be worth the maintenance saved I would think, right?

  8. Is all resto’s in house? As usual a bunch of beauties. Enjoy Jay in Last Man Standing. A show with 2 car nuts. Who woulda thunk it.

  9. Thanks Jay, you're the best. I would watch anything McLaren you make. I would watch someone detailing it!

  10. A McLaren F1 over a Ferrari 250 GTO? hahahahahaha
    I think you may need to brush up on your car history 😛

  11. In Doug's video, Doug asked if they work on the F1 in his garage, and Jay's response was, "we change the oil and do other maintenance."

  12. I hope you live to see thousands more fuel cell replacements for the F1 and eventually some carbon fiber degradation.

  13. I can't get over that picture on the wall of the devil looking over the boat and car lol… It's like they asked someone what the devil looks like then told him to dress up like that for the picture for two bucks lol..I kind of want that picture now,,

  14. Hey, that's how F1 cars used to sound………………now they're all taxis in formation behind Hamilton, week in week out. Pathetic, would rather watch GT races. The only hands on Leno does is with the steering wheel. Christ, use Shell 93 octane with no ethanol, maybe the cell wont leak or fab a custom cell out of aluminum.

  15. I can't believe Jay doesn't have the guys fab up an aluminum fuel cell for the F1 . He can keep an original on hand if he needs to put it back in some day

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