Reset Your Calculator, Ready for the Exam – Casio Calculator Fix – fx-83GT, fx-85GT PLUS, Hack

Reset Your Calculator, Ready for the Exam – Casio Calculator Fix – fx-83GT, fx-85GT PLUS, Hack

Hello and welcome to The Calculator Guide video Reset your calculator. Don’t forget to
subscribe for future videos or follow @guidecalculator on Twitter. A short and
simple video this time how to reset your calculator ready for
the exam. We’re going to access the CLR menu so press SHIFT and then 9 it gives you the clear menu. Press 3,
equals and then AC and that’s completely cleared your calculator’s memory, ready
for the exam The only complication that may come with this is if you don’t use the regular MATH display mode or the natural
display mode, if you choose to use the linear display instead. I’ll just change
the calculator into the linear display there will be a future video on this if
you’re curious about it. I’m just going to do the same reset function again now notice how it’s changed it to MATH mode by default, so if you do use the linear display mode you’ve got two choices you can either
put the calculator back into the linear display, after you’ve reset it. Alternatively, what you can do, is when
you go to the CLR menu rather than clear all we notice that we’ve
got two of choices here set up Setup and Memory, while we don’t want to alter the
setup because that’s what this is in the linear mode ,we just want to clear the memory of any
saved formulas or notes or anything like that and that’s how the calculator is still
in linear mode here The MATH symbol is not displayed Look out for these future videos and
don’t forget you can subscribe or you can follow @GuideCalculator on Twitter That’s it for this video, thank you very
much for watching. I’ll see you next time on The Calculator Guide yeah

100 thoughts to “Reset Your Calculator, Ready for the Exam – Casio Calculator Fix – fx-83GT, fx-85GT PLUS, Hack”

  1. Haha a lot of people claiming you have saved their lives. Not sure you have saved my life, but you've definitely helped me out! Cheers! πŸ™‚

  2. You saved my life, exam next week and it suddenly said that 6+6 wass 100 x3 Β²Β³ and I was like whst the hell does this mean lol

  3. YOU MADE MY DAY there was an f(x) error thing that wouldn't leave but I saw the video and it helped thx man

  4. If I press on the "plus" button on my Casio calculator the display shows a multiply sign and if I press the "multiply" button, the display shows the multiply sign again! So there's no way to add numbers anymore on my calculator please help!!!

  5. I have a canon F-605G calculator
    Whenever i press the number buttons thw calculator's screwn wont show the numbers i chose to calculate like 2+3
    What should i do??

  6. Hi , my calculator screen is converted from left to right , and upside down, it so weird, is there any solution for this ? , my calculator is fx-991ES

  7. Thank you, this really helped my Problem every time I put like numbers it will have decimals behind everyone like 2 x 2 but this helped

  8. Awesome! thank you for posting this video it helps a lot especially​ someone like me who struggles in math and needs a complicated calculator like this.

  9. thank god I found this!! Thanks!
    My Casio Calculator gave me wrong sin/cos/tan answers, "wrong" in the sense that I did not know what mode it was in and it did give me results but not the default ones which really confused me in the beginning

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I can tell this to my friends with broken calculators now! My class distributed the same calculators so I know how to fix it!

  11. i have a problem because my calculator didn't change anything when i press xΒ² in the calculator the result is only Β² and the x is missing. plss help meee

  12. Do you know how to find the battery power left in the calculator? Don't want the calculator run out of battery power in the middle of the exam!

  13. This totally works! I love the beat in the background too. It gives me a nice tingle. Thanks so much for helping meeeeeee!

  14. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought I was never gonna get my calculator back to its original state. I was messing with the calculator until I don't know to reset it anymoreγ… γ…  so thank youuu!

  15. Hi, can you please help me, everytime that the calculator gives me an answer in fraction and y press de s<>d button (to see as a decimal) it just put a Y on the screen and dont do anything, this is just so frustrating, I tried almost everything.


  17. You are a hero.. I just press shift then 9 then 3 after I see a magic my calculator is working.. Thank you so muchπŸ™ˆ


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