Repair Creative Speaker 4.1 44000 Hz (READ DESCRIPTION)

Repair Creative Speaker 4.1 44000 Hz (READ DESCRIPTION)

This is just a sub-woofers circuit diagram. There is no diagnosis or repairing on this video. so if you think this video is useless for you then just leave without wasting your time. But if you are really interested to diagnose and repair your own speaker system then be with this thread. From this circuit diagram you will get an idea what is inside of a subwoofer and how the circuit diagram looks like. If you dont know anything how could you manage to diagnose or open your speaker system circuit ! Now if you are completely new with this type circuit diagram then try to familiar with the electronic parts. There are lots more Capacitors, registers, different types ic, potentiometer, fuse, diode etc you cant expect same kind of trouble it may occur for you, so you need to diagnose properly to identify your sound system problem. I would strongly recommend to read description window for more detail And there are hundreds of comments where i suggest different type diagnose techniques and way, and most of the time those are all different. So if you have time read the comment section carefully you will get variety of suggestions there. If still have problem let me know in comment section Will try my best to help you And thanks for visiting my thread and channel. Take care and Have a great day !!!

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  1. hey ,my 4.1 creative speaker is damaged though i have repaired it in a local shop but the sound is not coming clearly as before.i'hv an other sub woofer ,i'm wondering if i extract the speaker from my creative sub woofer and and place it with my working subwoofer ,will it work ? i mean i want to customize the subwoofer with two speaker.

  2. Hi
    I have Inspire 6.1-6600. My system was working perfectly fine while listening music, all of a sudden it became dead(no sound). I checked its volume control and that seems to be working fine with it's
    green LED on. I tested its functionality with the headphone as well.It would be really grateful if you could tell me in detail what went wrong?


  4. Hey brother, I need help,My woofer has started to produce a blurr bassthe bass isnt clearIt creates a annoying sound when bass occursIf I increase the bass level it produces more blurr sound. Thank you

  5. Hello from Finland… I have a Creative CSW 1230 system, only working channel is Front Left. Which transistors should I change? (I can do it myself). Many thanks, Juha

  6. Hello Amit,
    I have a Creative Inspire T313 2.1 Speaker System.
    I've had had several problems with my speaker. I'll try describing them in detail here.

    Problem#1: The speaker would be running normally and after a few minutes of listening to it (5 min max) the speaker would stop producing any sound. The volume control would show that it has power but there would be no sound coming out of it. I tried looking at the pcb but no visual proof of any damage to any capacitor or any of the ICs.

    Problem#2: The subwoofer starts making a weird buzz sound while the speakers are producing normal sound. The noise would be pretty loud even if i decrease the bass volume knob.

    I've been facing Problem#1 for quite a while now but havent really been able to locate the problem.

  7. can i make a custom bass control to my creative a255 speakers i need that badly and if possible please a make a video of it

  8. hi amit i have same sound system but i dont have volume controller can is it any way to make direct volume controller ?

  9. dear i dont have volume controller . thats why i wana make direct from circut . will u please show or notify me which which pins will i short . by serial 1234

  10. hy Amit plz help me,
    my subwoofer is working but doesnt produce any sound in satelite speakers,my speaker is creative sbs a520 5.1 plzz help me

  11. Hello Amit,

    I have been using a Creative Inspire 2.1 system for quite sometime with my desktop. I now the input stereo socket has gone bad somehow and failing to establish full connection with the input plug. I am unable to remove this green coloured socket as the manufacturers have sealed it with hot glue.

    Can you please help me to bypass this socket connection by identifying the points on the PCB side, which correspond to the Ground, Left channel and the Right channel. If I solder a shielded wire to these points, I may get the system working again.


    Atanu Mukherji

  12. i have a creative sbs a335 2.1 and it was not working lately and got it repaired from a electronics repair shop, but afterwards the subwoofer performs poor and satellite speakers are getting more emphasis on treble(which is not that much welcoming). this situation is making me very sad

  13. my creative speaker A120 does not turn ON anymore, I don't know what is the problem. Please help me find the main problem and how to solve it.

  14. Dear Amit, I also have this creative inspire 4400 4.1 speaker and recently I have been facing this issue of the woofer making loud thump sound and then sound going off and on intermittently. I was okay with it, but today when I turned on the speaker there was a disturbing continuous tone coming from the woofer and the satellite speakers. after that the sound was gone. The volume controller is turning on, it shows the green led but now there is no sound in subwoofer or the speakers. What could be the issue ???

  15. hi brother intex 5.1 2 speakers are not working I given to repair that same problem could you advice me

  16. thanks for reply they said that 3 ICS 6283 were damaged but after changing nothing happens I do my self can you advice

  17. hello amit
    my speakers are creative /inspire 4.1 4400
    as the power was comming not able to play the music
    pls reply

  18. Hi I have a creative MF1630 Speaker system and it is producing very low and crackling sound what can be the problem? plzz tell

  19. hey,, i have M4500 creative speaker .When i connect all speaker to a sub woofer and power on, it is getting ON and proper light show on a volume control but does not make any sound from any speaker. So, please tell me the problem ??

  20. when i am touching my 4.1 speaker input jack (3.5 mm) its shocking me last few days. mean to say small amount of current flowing through my body. Please suggest solution ?? speaker and overall system is working fine except current problem when i touch it.

  21. i have sbs500 and only two speakers are outputting sound rest are dead,
    is there anyway to detect if ic has gone bad ?

  22. I have accidentally disconnected the main audio wire frm the crt brd and have now forgotten the connection can u help pls

  23. Hi. Please tell me what the Fuse type (i.e 3A or 5A Etc.) for this sub-woofer is? I use the same model (Inspire 4400) – This was damaged by using a bad 12V Adapter that had a wire shortage and the sub-woofer stopped working afterwards. Please advise what needs to be done.

  24. I have a 4.1 creative m4500 model speakers.but there is no sound. green LED is on. please let me know what is the defective parts.

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