Reacting To THE STRANGEST ANIMATIONS EVER?! (Daily Dose of Internet)

Reacting To THE STRANGEST ANIMATIONS EVER?! (Daily Dose of Internet)

okay Lots we're watching pancake dog yesterday yes thank you oh my god this person has a pet snail and every time they give it a care to eat it just kind of plays around with it this one forgets he has Conine inspections the average winter temperature in Tucson Arizona is about 68 degrees about a week ago this hot desert was completely covered in a blanket of snow before I like see this is NASA's water deluge system which can unleash 450 thousand gallons of water in just a few seconds the system was created to help reduce the extreme heat generated whenever a rocket gets launched into space it creates that charge oh no it's a real live oh I thought that was a bird's human being wait what if he is okay now I'm really confused was that bad damn it was he real oh the mold is like it's mass let me see the mold here look throwing cheese at people on our [Applause] walk did it be a sign language interpreter at this press conference the promise that she doesn't know sign language at all and was just making things up no way this was a volunteer job so she didn't even do it for money about this air show in Australia put lasers on top of a plane and flew it over a crowd of people this looks like the start of the next Coachella the guy the points actually an emergency this person made himself a little tiny remote-controlled snowblower this is what people with no snow do because they want to have snow and they live like literally fuck buzzes so what it looks like to melt a jawbreaker with a blowtorch this giant blanket is designed to quickly extinguish fires why didn't seem like it wasn't gonna work initially that's actually insane bag going for a walk I can't believe it's faint it's CG that's actually sick what is that that is a literal cannon bro not the fucking cannon phone what that is a that is an actual gun here's a great example showing how Earth's atmosphere changes depending on a season the yellow clouds you see is carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere in April the co2 levels and the northern hemisphere are at their highest while the co2 levels in the southern hemisphere are at their lowest this is what it looks like to juggle balls from a bird's eye view NASA created this huge facility to test out the rocket engines and they conduct a test an enormous amount of hydrogen and oxygen gets mixed together as a result these engines are basically pumping water vapor into the atmosphere after about an hour the Oh fuckin over to I discuss the Amish men gather together to help move a barn no boys these boys been practicing the energy of Sweden has begun creating electric roads for people to drive on these roads will charge your car while you drive on it the car will automatically sense the power unit and start recharging the internal battery once again leaving you to fully concentrate on driving so should see there is no electrical app USA still using gas law this guy made himself his own automatic M&M launcher go outside you fucking pussy my god you know guys you probably told all these friends he's like your guys this sick thing I made over the weekend if you eat all this you'll probably die this isn't pasta this is actually how many pharmaceutical companies make medicine the ingredients are mixed together and push out into long wet strands after they through this process they'll be ready to be formed into pills and tablets so what we're saying is pills actually come out in that form but people just get scammed oh this is called the flip and it's a research vessel owned by the US Navy to study how the ocean works what makes this so unique is that this boat is designed to float in a vertical position the vertical position makes the vessel much more stable compared to a traditional boat someone discovered that the Google Maps car accidentally captured the moment a man started falling down the stairs this company designed these incredibly powerful rings that glow in the dark how do you even design them how wait what what this is a fucking vibranium what is magic that was of a fucking loser you actually wear the ring no way no way there's no way there's no photographer likes to create movie action shots using toys so much time oh damn dude that's actually so crazy dude not bad miss Sullivan Lonnie do your spotted over Los Angeles oh it's that fucking dick shape so easy melody even meteor Smeaton become to la banda it's just the flaming torch she saw saw those weird light fly over Los Angeles but apparently show some guys and wingsuits they put fireworks on their feet and flew cross the sky coach in 1986 the Chernobyl disaster took place in the Soviet Union facility exploded turning the surrounding area into a wasteland because of the radiation this place is now completely abandoned this person went to go check out the damage and was surprised to find a man living with his 92 year old mother apparently after the explosion happened they just never moved fucking radiation outside we stay we stay once a year there's a huge snowball fight that takes place in Russia I was getting sickle back people build a giant snow fort while other people try to take over sod ball both up honey badger said he was baby for one this is your this honey badger saw her baby about to get eaten by a Jaguar and came to save the day right here I actually have pictures of this Pili's it is so beautiful it's definitely recommended yeah I walked along there yeah like it's so funny because when you go here it's all fucking Asian people like they're all like there's literally like one local person I talked to he's like yeah it's just this is a tourist this company created a program that allows anyone to make their own masterpiece this took this company it's the video these companies draw the shapes of the objects that you want and the neural network and then fill in all this is the real advance here is that we're able to synthesize images with a lot more diversity and more fidelity than we were able to these ducks decided that they wanted to give surfing a try this person discovered that this company uses the same cutout pattern for all their puzzles by combining two or more puzzles together he can make some beautiful works of art dude this guy's solve this system why why that's in his video I really hope you enjoyed and I'll see guys getting very very soon gonna stay away from hamsters you fucking weirdos okay glide over and active volcanoes this person went paragliding over a volcano in Guatemala some guys a lot to die I'm fucking this oh okay Oh Mike did it this would be the most satisfying loading screen for a video game I've ever seen I'm sorry and ran all over the freeway dodging vehicles I'll try to catch the dog my dog come here No why was I surprised it's just a fucking balloon

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  1. That dude in all brown in front of the dog was nude u can tell by I don’t know HIS DICK HANGING OUT

  2. Mrtlexify is the type of guy to eatch daily dose of internet cuz zombies aint got new content in forever,untill new dlc comes out

  3. Did anyone else see lex upload a video titled something like blowing up black ops 3 but then when ya click on it it says that it’s not available in your country?

  4. About 4 years ago I helped my step dad build his own arc reactor from iron man

    And no it didn’t fucking shoot lasers

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