Reacting to FunForLouis Carbon Use video! | Carbon offsetting or UPSETTING!?|

Reacting to FunForLouis Carbon Use video! | Carbon offsetting or UPSETTING!?|

hi guys today we’re gonna talk about carbon
offsets and I totally broke a rule of the Internet [Music] so recently I watched a funforlouis
video where they look into Louie’s carbon footprint what they do is they
type in all the miles that he’s flown in the trips taken was in the last three
years and then they type it in to this program online that calculates the
amount of co2 put off that he’s had in the last three years and then he donated what that
program decided the price would be toward planting trees to offset the co2
put off first off if you don’t know who FunForLouis is he has a Youtube channel FunForLouis his channel used to be where he would travel the world and try out weird foods
and a lot of them were disgusting and i think that was like to get the following
and so he stopped doing the weird food part and just started traveling because
everybody likes that part the most and it’s probably best for his gut health
that he did that to be honest like one video I remember him watching was like
fermented soybeans and that’s pretty gross looking
I digress I’ll link his video in the description
the one about offset not the soy bean video now let’s get into why I’m even
mentioning this I’ve never heard about carbon offsets before and I just wanted
to know what the heck these things were how do I partake what do they do what
are they I had no idea but first I went to the comment section to leave my
own comment this is where things started going south sorry if you hear the crinkling my
son found a fig bar some of these comments that I read I will include
later on in this video needless to say a lot of these upset me
and I know that it’s a rule the Internet to not read comments at least in
that movie wreck-it Ralph that I’m totally late to watching it’s a really good
movie states that you should never read the comments because people go there and
then they kind of forget they’re talking to other people and so needless to say I got
upset but I feel like that’s a very newbie thing to do when you’re on the
Internet again I’m gonna digress I did notice though that a lot of people
showed a lot of passion about this issue and there’s a lot of confusion so off to Google I went to look up what offsets were what is a carbon offset what is the
amount that I put off what monetary number do I have to give to be considered
ecofriendly upon my research there were hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of
websites out there that offered a price on redemption
however the five that I actually looked into seemed pretty credentialed and
they all gave me a drastically different number on how much co2 I put off
annually and they also gave me like a really different price tag some I felt
it didn’t ask me enough detail and others didn’t they at all didn’t use the
same unit of measurement this gave me a general feeling of an easement which
brings us to my results pf these five I’m going to tell you about them Terra Pass
which is the one that Louis used on his video I’m gonna read it off because i swap around numbers sometimes so I’m gonna read directly so I’m gonna be looking this way
so terrapass told me that I use five thousand and twenty eight pounds of co2
emission that’s equivalent to planting fifty-eight urban trees then they asked
for $25.09 after I went to to carbon footprint they say that i use
point one zero three tonnes offering redemption for a rang of options
from two point six nine to 17.36 it’s like six different programs that you
could donate to and the lowest one was 2.69 and the highest and
seventeen point three six then I went to United States Environmental Protection
Agency which is the EPA which was developed in like 1970 by Nixon he was
like maybe we should keep tabs on this issue people have mixed emotions about
the epa Im not gonna give mine here maybe later on I’ll make a video. so off
I went to the EPA’s website it says that I use three thousand six hundred and
seventeen pounds of co2 emissions so it doesn’t offer Redemption other than in ways
to reduce it then i went to the Nature Conservancy
accessible it says that I use ten tons of co2 emissions and also does not offer a
chance of redemption however it does ask for donations it does not
have set amounts and it does tell you the processing and
handling and running the site does cost money so they kind of ask if you want to
tack that on to the donation then on to the last one i did which was Conservation
International this one was by far my favorite because it seemed the most transparent which
I’ll get into in a sec again they say that i use 20.27 tons and that equates
to a one-time payment of 276 dollars for the year or $22 a month and that would
outside my co2 emission this one was by far my favorite and that seems to be
the most transparent you can check out the website I’ll put it down below again
do your own research on all of these before you give your money to them but
these are the ones that I looked into they seem the most credible now onto what upset me the most about some of the comments on Louie’s video they
shamed him for not being a beacon of eco-friendly
no one’s really a beacon for eco friendly and I feel like he made a good step by
sharing offsets with his audience like I for one had never heard that phrase and
so thank you for making that video if you’re watching this yeah I think it’s a
good first step I also think it’s a little odd that when people show
progress and then they share it with other people they immediately take it as a judgement
about themselves I think it just might be the flight shame that everyone’s
talking about this one was interesting to me because
Louis and his (spouse) repeated several times that he’s paying for his own co2
emission and under the video there’s a little donation fundraiser thing where
it shows the amount he’s donating this person was not the only one that mis
heard that there were others that miss heard so I’m gonna put those here also I
include my own response in that last one and I just cuz I don’t think, I don’t know if
people are just trolling or if they just really don’t know about like ecology or
what’s going on environmentally or if they genuinely don’t think that they
have an impact on the things around them or I just I don’t know but that’s how
I’m feeling about it it’s like we’re trying to maintain our own environment and habitat that sustains humans more so than
everything else cuz there’s such a thing as a food web and
some people might feel differently about that they do come on here and tell me
about it and everyone’s everyone’s entitled to their own opinions is all
I’m going to say about that though it would not be a shame to make the world accidentally
better. no one has the same way of doing anything and nor should they. yes the
issue of how we treat the planet should upset you though I do think that this
energy should be put in a productive healthy manner for example I went to
Google and I’m sure there are petitions and City Council meetings in your area
that cover topics and need your opinion in making decisions on co2. On that note I I need to go my boy is fussy it’s lunchtime it’s time to eat I’m hungry and yeah remember to like and subscribe I post every Friday and Saturday about self-care animals
conservation and ecotourism sometimes techy videos sometimes vlogs I’m not
perfect I’m trying to teach myself and learn how to treat myself better and
the planet better it’s a journey please join the crew and
remember to like and subscribe notifications maybe and yeah see you
guys next video bye! I gotta go!

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