Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard – Is It REALLY Worth $200?

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard – Is It REALLY Worth $200?

hello good people Eber here with
Hardware Canucks and this is Razer’s top of the line most expensive gaming keyboard to
date it’s the Razer Huntsman Elite let’s
check this out all right so judging by that b-roll you may or may not have
guessed the price tag of the Razer Huntsman elite and if you haven’t well
allow me to spoil it for you guys so this keyboard or this thing right here
costs two hundred US dollars take them over to swallow that because that isn’t
cheap and interestingly enough it competes head-to-head with Corsairs K95 RGB platinum mechanical gaming keyboard for the same cost and if you’re
interested in learning more about that keyboard I’ve actually done a full
review on the channel and you can check it out right over here okay so why did
razer come out with such an expensive mechanical gaming keyboard in 2018 I
mean if you think about it the market is way too saturated at this point that
makes it quite difficult to differentiate one keyboard from another
unless if you’re looking for a specific feature well Razer is launching the
Huntsman Elite by focusing on three key areas and that is speed and performance
with the help of their newly designed Razer optomechanical switch the second
being comfort and aesthetics and the last of course being a little bit of
flair with chroma RGB lighting so while I was testing the Razer Huntsman elite
gaming keyboard I got another interesting package from Razer in this
large Pelican case not exactly sure what use it would have been to me but
regardless this is what it is it’s another gaming keyboard but this time
it’s their standard Huntsman keyboard when compared to the elite so the
difference between this keyboard and the elite is that it doesn’t come with
dedicated media playback buttons and it also does not come with a detachable
wrist rest with the underglow which we’ll talk about later on in the video
but rest aside it’s basically the same keyboard and it comes with the same or
the brand new Razer opto mechanical switch the
in price one hundred and fifty dollars versus obviously $200 so let me walk you
through my experience testing out the Razer Huntsman elite right after message
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things first the design and run at the bat the Huntsman elite does look like a
typical mechanical keyboard there are no signs of aggressive design elements
throughout the chassis and I like that it is a full-size keyboard with a numpad
and they’ve tried their best to make it as compact as they can in fact it’s
about the same size as the Logitech G513 keyboard that I looked at recently
now when you compared this to something like the K95 platinum it’s obviously
a little bit smaller because with Razer you don’t get dedicated macro buttons
which is disappointing and the top side of the frame is a bit extended on the K95 because you’ve got the RGB logo interestingly enough I was not able to
spot any Razer branding on the huntsmen elite apart from the subtle and great
implementation on the wrist rest which I’ll get to shortly on the top
right-hand side of the board Razer has included dedicated media playback
buttons which is good use of space but to be honest I’m not happy with the
button mechanics they feel very cheap when compared to the K95 platinum and
they’re not backlit seriously Razer I mean there are subtle LEDs under the
keys but they don’t shine through the sign to illuminate them it just doesn’t
make any sense Corsair does a much better job with
their playback buttons the volume down on the huntsmen elite lacks definition
in terms of scroll steps I went adjusting the volume it doesn’t
feel consistent and feels like scraping the plastic underneath which might sound
odd but again it just doesn’t feel right to me now by default the dial can be used
to control the volume but razer calls it the multifunction digital dial and it
can be customized to another function like switching between apps or zooming
into windows or even launch apps of utility focused applications like
snipping tool notepad calculator or even task manager remember this has to be
done through synapse but I did wish a Razer gave us the option to assign
third-party applications needless to say this
is a cool feature that you might be interested in but personally I still
prefer the default volume adjust and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this
multifunction dial in the comments down below this keyboard also comes with a
wrist rest and it is an expectation of this price point the plush a leather ID
material is really comfortable to type with in fact it’s very similar to the
one found on the g513 by Logitech Albion the one on the Razer is just a
bit bigger than the g513 it’s like pillows for your wrists and who doesn’t
like that and if you’re looking for a WOW factor check this out the wrist rest
features under glow RGB lining and it syncs up with the lighting on the
chassis to give out this cool subtle lighting effect in the night and it
looks amazing seriously Razer has always amazed me
with chroma lighting on their peripherals the color shift gradient is
so smooth and it’s quite mesmerizing to use at and during the night now for
those of you wondering the wrist rest is detachable and it connects to the shaft
C via proprietary pogo pins for power in fact the Razer had to use a separate USB
cable to just power the keyboard and the underglow at first I thought that this
cable was for a USB pass-through port but that’s not the case here speaking of
USB pass supports there are none to be found on the huntsmen elite which is
unacceptable for a two hundred dollar gaming keyboard now coming back to the
Pogo pin connectors located at the bottom of the chassis and of course the
wrist rest Razer is actually working or they’re planning on working with
third-party vendors to create other accessories like a wireless phone
charging dock or perhaps a tablet that could just connect your keyboard again
I’m not exactly sure where they’re taking this approach with but personally
I’m a little bit skeptic about that because the fact that you might have to
attach or if you’re looking to attach accessories underneath the chassis would
obviously result in clearance issues with your wrist or your hands and of
course reaching those keys because you want to be able to get your you the most
important thing when you’re gaming is just having a comfortable space to game
on and if you start adding accessories especially you know in the middle of
your hands then it just doesn’t make any sense it might be a concerning factor
for some of you but again I’m more curious to see what they’re going to be
coming up with in the future if they do the cable is non durable it’s super
thick and abraded it was actually a little bit
difficult for me to brown on my desk it kind of feels similar to the Corsair k95
platinum RGB mechanical keyboard so don’t expect you know removal cable
coming out this keyboard because obviously there’s a lot of bandwidth to
drive the chroma lighting on the keyboard and of course getting that
information passed back and forth between the controller and so yeah
that’s something to keep note of the build quality on the huntsmen elite is
really good they’ve used a matte black aluminum frame on top of hard plastic
materials it’s pretty durable for long-term use and the body itself is
quite heavy and I noticed that right away after switching from my G pro TKL
keyboard now this isn’t something to be worried about because the keyboard by
itself is going to be stationary at your desk for the most part so I don’t see
this as a problem okay so let’s talk about Razer’s new optomechanical switch
the technology behind the switch design is pretty interesting they’ve
essentially harnessed optical light instead of traditional metallic contacts
to make keystrokes actuate so a light beam passes through the switch stem and
when a key is pressed the corresponding signal is being sent to the computer at
that instant this yields in 45 grams of actuation force and an actuation point
at 1.5 millimeters not put this in perspective the Cherry MX speed switches
requires the same amount of force but it actually it’s at just one point two
millimeters so it’s 0.3 millimeters faster than the Razer opto switches and
they’re linear too with the Razer’s new offering you’re getting a satisfying
tactile click kind of like MX blue switches but expect a faster typing
experience that them so if you’re someone who owns a mechanical keyboard
with cherry MX blue switches and if you’re looking for something a little
bit more faster without compromising on that tactile feedback the clicky feel if
you get then the Razer optomechanical switches should be a great option to
look into simply because you still get that tactile feedback and they’re a lot
lighter to actuate when compared to MX blue that’s for sure Oh
another cool advantage is that the keystrokes or they’re actually lot more
durable so Razer claims that these things can these new switches can last a
hundred million keystrokes compared to 50 million on the Cherry MX and
offerings so that could be taken as admitted as an advantage for long term
use but again that’s something to be tested over time now having tested the k95 RGB platinum here in the studio I can still watch for the fact that the MX
beat switches are by far the fastest switches ever made if you’re someone who
is looking for a keyboard with the fastest possible switch with all the
exclusive features that you need like dedicated keys and stuff like that then
looking into MX speed on the K95 is obviously your best bet because they’re
fast I don’t think you can find anything I mean the Optus which is come there
were nowhere closer to the experience when you’re using the K95 platinum or
mxp switches in general razer also claims that the new optomechanical
switch can save up to 20 milliseconds of delay for each keystroke due to the
optical light that it uses to actuate now I can scientifically test that but
in real world use it just performs like a standard mechanical keyboard I was
pretty quick at getting used to these switches and the tactile feedback is
certainly satisfying here’s a quick sound test okay so gaming on the huntsmen elite was
good I was certainly not mind blown by the performance of these new switches I
like I mentioned before they feel very similar to Cherry MX blue offerings with
the exception of requiring less force to actually so finger fatigue shouldn’t be
a problem over long-term use I was easily able to
not get through my gameplay and overall it was a pleasant experience Razer
synapse actually recognizes certain titles and eliminates the lost keys
depending on the type of play it just helps differentiate your primary
keys with the rest ok so I do want to spend some time and talk about Razer
synapse 3 software that comes with this new keyboard or just any Razer
peripherals first and foremost I really hate the fact that you’re supposed to
create an account and be connected online in order to create this whole
initial set of process and the fact that you need to be connected online just to
access controls is a bit weird it’s so I mean it doesn’t make any sense in the
first place again it’s a sloppy job by the software
team by Razer I’m not sure why they require users to create an account with
synapse I mean I get the fact that you can get to sync your staff
across all these devices but give us an offline mode I mean give us the give
users the option at the very beginning of the setup screen where you can choose
to either use online or offline because I certainly wasn’t able to find that
with synapse so that’s a little bit unfortunate next up the UI it’s
definitely improved in terms of visuals over these years but unfortunately I had
difficult time customizing lighting and macros on the huntsmen elite a with my
main pc lighting would stop functioning at times synapse would crash if I change
in effect the keyboard wouldn’t do anything it was pretty frustrating but
thankfully everything just worked fine after I plugged the keyboard into a
notebook again this could just be my PC but I just wanted to bring it up
navigating through synapse is fairly straightforward the user is greeted with
a physical view of the keyboard along with different modules like being able
to integrate Phillips hue lining once you click on the keyboard you do have
the option to reprogram each key and also customize the multifunction dial
that I talked about earlier the lighting tab allows you to cycle between eight
different lighting effects including breathing fire reactive ripple spectrum
cycling star light static and wave which is my personal favorite you can also
just a brightness by either turning it off or dimming it to a minimum setting
here but that can also be done within the keyboard through the function keys
speaking of which you have the G key that disables the Windows key and
on-the-fly macro recordings as well then there’s chromis studio which is a custom
lighting effects control space that allows the user to create their own
lighting effects and explore their creativity with RGB lighting do note
that if you have other razer gaming peripherals like a mouse or set of
speakers with chroma synapse will automatically detect those devices and
you can sync lighting across those devices as well which is pretty cool
join the wireless club with Corsairs new dark core Mouse play the way you want
with nine programmable buttons aligned in the comfortable shape and fantastic
sensor you can trust and crazy-good wireless performance plus qi wireless
charging built-in focus on the game the dark core will do the rest so to
conclude the huntsmen elite by razer is an odd entry in 2018 in my opinion for
one you can get a lot more for $200 with a k95 RGB platinum because
there are a few things that I find lack lasting or just that I find doesn’t make
any sense on Hunt’s belly or the fact that they
haven’t included for one dedicated programmable buttons I’m fine that
missing on this keyboard I mean for $200 at this expectation a USB pass-through
port they decided to not include one on the huntsmen and he dedicated media
playback buttons kind of feel cheap it’s like you have you know a Ferrari of a
keyboard but then you kind of have like a Prius on our Prius maybe like a Civic
attached to it I’m not sure if that made a good analogy
but I hope you get the point so that’s something that I found to be really odd
with the hunt smelly it’s certainly a good keyboard for Razer enthusiasts out
there if you’re looking for something a little bit more innovative if you’re
looking to try out new switches the new Optima chemical switch is certainly
interesting because it gives you that tactile feedback without having to
actuate or put a lot of force into it compared to MX blues definitely not as
fast as MX beats which is but I’m sure that you’ll have a great time gaming on
these new switches the lighting is of course fantastic you cannot go wrong
with chroma lighting of course the detachable wrist rest features RGB
lighting that’s next level when it comes to lighting on a keyboard speaking of
the wrist rest it is super comfortable to stank with I mean this plush leather
red material is again that’s this is exactly what wrist rests were supposed
to made in first place but I’m glad that companies like wasteful he’s trying to
approach wrist rest with this material we first saw that with Logitech’s G513
keyboard again a fantastic keyboard for the price at $150 so if you’re looking
for something you know within those lines then again you have the option
within the Logitech G513 keyboard the regular Razer huntsmen keyboard that
also cause the same price but you don’t get a wrist rest so that’s a little bit
behind and of course you have this $200 expensive elite huntsmen keyboard so I’d
love to hear your thoughts on Razer’s new huntsmen elite keyboard what do you guys
think about it is it worth $200 are you disappointed with the fact that
Razer forgot to included a USB pass report or dedicated macro buttons or
things like then I’d love to hear your thoughts again
I’m Eber with Harvard Canucks thank you so much for watching and we’ll see
you in the next one you

100 thoughts to “Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard – Is It REALLY Worth $200?”

  1. honestly just buy the standard huntsman there is no reason to spend 200 srsly you have to spend 50 extra dollars for a wrist rest and a volume thing? and play buttons? so stupid

  2. I honestly do not give two craps about a usb passthrough, as they end up getting too hard to manage my cables, as I'll have my entire mouse cable on my desk. I could see why it would be useful with a usb, but I don't see how it's harder to just directly plug it into your pc.

  3. Nahh pass. Used to be a Razer fanboi, had the Deathadder which runs pretty much like a tank. Bought 5 other Razer products for myself, bros, for work. AND ALL 5 HAVE PROBLEMS. Fuck Razer, their older products were better, but now they just make overpriced crap. Literally overpriced, and literally crap.

  4. 0:36 remember to not call it a keyboard because in today it might get mad if you call it a keyboard so good thinking on calling it a thing

  5. It seems like you were strongly recommend us to buy the K95, but I have already bought the Huntsman Elite and I'm going to hunt you down with it.

  6. never buy razer no matter how good it seems … the quality is terrible. RGB will start to show wrong colors in a year or two then some keys will have problems then well… it will die , my keyboard started falling apart just after my warranty ended and i took care of it , it seems by design

  7. Seriously, for a product revieuw its kind of annoying to have the product compared by the channel sponsors keyboard. it makes me wonder how trustworthy the revieuw actually is. but its hard to justify 150 to 200 euro/dollar for a keyboard anyway.

  8. ok so i have the razer huntsman elite but
    definitely not worth it you can buy the blackwidow that is much better for cheaper price so yea kinda regret that i buyed it :/

  9. Funny how this keyboard came to me. I am a speed touch typist. Could care less about gaming really. The feel of the keys are awesome. I just didn't like the mushy feel of Corsair, Hyper X and the Logitech. This one had short throws and I was faster with this one than the others. The K95 sounds interesting though. I might look into that for work, but I might just get one of these for work too. This keyboard for me changes the game on typing,. Not gaming, I don't game. Life is too short. I create instead. Cheers.

  10. K95 looks awful, the space bar looks the the train flooring we have in India. Awful typography, awful fonts, doesn't look premium or modern. I'm willing to weigh my pros and cons against how things look on my desk, and it's really hard for me to like the CORSAIR and their obnoxious branding. The Razer huntsman looks like it's money's worth, ie: a $200 product.

  11. I have this keyboard, and don't have any problem with the volume control. Seems pretty solid to me. I think that the lack of a USB pass through is bunk though. Razer has the best palm rest ideas bar none.

  12. Bought the Standard Edition for my Xbox One X (and the next Xbox, thank you DirectInput), it's awesome so far ! Optical switches are the future, at least for me, I love them !

  13. You don't need dedicated macros on the razer boards because you can make any key you want a macro in the software. I bought the razer black widow elite though it is better imo than the huntsman but people aren't buying the huntsman for other features they buy it for the optomechanical switches which are not cheap to produce hence the price of the keyboard. My corsair k70 v2 with speed switches failed in a month and had a strange issue with a certain key locking up every once in awhile.

  14. I think Razer is trying to get the customer to buy their other products like the keypads (for example their Razer Tartarus V2) in order to get the side programmable keys. Because if they were to create a complete keyboard (like including the side programmable keys), than no one would buy their separate keypads… Just by visiting their website, it's easy to understand they are trying to sell more stuff. However, Corsair are listening to their customers and they produced a keyboard that has everything we need. The only thing this Razer Keyboard has is the optical purple switches…. if ONLY Razer created a god dam keyboard with programmable keys on the side and had maybe a little more light on the keys (the way Corsair is), i would go with Razer without questions. But if only Corsair had those optical purple switches….. Corsair K95 would be the PERFECT keyboard -__- ….

  15. mechanical keyboards require multiple mechanical inputs in order to generate a signal which is then carried to the pc and inputted into your screen, optical allows for instant transmission of effect. Light travels at 3×10^8 meters per second as opposed to mechanical keys which can only travel as fast as they are being pressed into the input. This was clearly sided on corsairs side as he is one of their main YouTube sponsors and as such is a bad review, skipping over the main feature of the board which beats it's rivals. mark my words the next keyboard Corsair puts out will have these keys on them guaranteed

  16. I have one of these. So much better than my old Corsair one. The switches are beautiful. Too expensive tho.

  17. I'm not a razer fan but saying not having a USB port on a 200$ keyboard is unacceptable is also unacceptable xD

  18. Corsair K95 is a bulky beast with no real advantage. This is 2019.. dedicated physical macro keys are not necessary.

  19. I wish that I had a Razer gaming keyboard and if I do get one it doesn’t really matter which one I get because they are all really good keyboards

  20. Agree, I wish Razer would had better multimedia keys for this model.
    It reminds my old Sabertooth controller buttons.

  21. No keyboard worth 200 bucks, unless it doesnt makes me a coffee when i sit on the PC
    My coffee machine cost 200 tho…

  22. It seems like the blackwidow elite is a budget version of the huntsman elite but no underglow lighting but still has the usb and earphone jack

  23. This feels so fake and i have the huntsmen elite and tbh Its so amazing i dont know what the hell he was talking bout

  24. yeah i those synapse problems are with your pc i have a friend with an huntsman elite and he doesn't have any issue with it so :/

  25. I wish they can make a keyboard that DOES have the rgb lighting around the wrist rest and it also comes with macroes and a passthrough for my mouse

  26. I honestly prefer Razer over corsair, since every corsair product I've tested feels cheap and unsturdy. My corsair k70's spacebar felt mushy and rattly and my scimitar broke not even a year of having it. Every Razer product I've owned lasted years of use.

  27. I had a Corsair mechanical with cherry Mx red switches and a USB pass through that never got used, so I don’t even miss it. On top of that there is something to be said about the seamless integration of lighting and macros across all razed peripherals. It’s definite a 5 star purchase I don’t regret one bit…it just feels great!

  28. All the stuff you list as minuses with the hunstman elite are stuff to me outside of the keyswitches are the biggest positive sides with it.

  29. I wish my Corsair K70 LUX had a wrist rest that nice. I also like how the keys feel. But I don't think it's worth 200 bucks.

  30. In this day & age, we should be talking to our keyboards & not going klickity klackity like angry birds, especially at 200 dollars. Just saying y'all.

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