Radeon Software Crimson Edition Announcement

Radeon Software Crimson Edition Announcement

Solamente un mes atrás, formamos Radeon Technologies Group un nuevo equipo con un enfoque integral
y vertical sobre los jugadores de videojuegos los gráficos profesionales, la realidad
aumentada (AR) y la realidad virtual (VR) Planeamos implementar el mismo enfoque sobre el software Ofrecemos controladores de gráficos desde hace más de 20 años Estos llamados “controladores” evolucionaron para
convertirse en un minisistema operativo de gráficos Durante la conformación de este grupo RTG decidimos dar un nombre a este minisistema operativo que
ofrecemos con regularidad a nuestros usuarios: Radeon Software En Radeon Software Crimson,
se incorporaron excelentes funciones nuevas sensacionales mejoras de estabilidad y aumentos de rendimiento Una de las novedades que deseamos
presentar hoy es Radeon Settings Esta interfaz de usuario completamente nueva se creó sobre una arquitectura innovadora y su
diseño se basó en tres principios fundamentales El primero fue la capacidad de respuesta; el segundo,
la habilidad de detección; y el tercero, la facilidad de uso La combinación de estos tres principios brinda la capacidad
de controlar la GPU a través de una aplicación simple y moderna Radeon Software se lanzará antes de fin de año Sin ninguna duda, nuestro conjunto de funciones impresionará
a todo tipo de usuarios, ya sean jugadores o desarrolladores Mantente en sintonía para conocer el resto
de la información que se publicará en breve En los últimos 12 meses nuestros ingenieros de software trabajaron arduamente
para desarrollar muchas funciones y novedades emocionantes Me complace enormemente anunciar el
lanzamiento de Radeon Software Crimson Edition

100 thoughts to “Radeon Software Crimson Edition Announcement”

  1. amd install manager wont install crimson and now i cant even play games because 1 gig vram video card suddenly does not have any ram.

  2. Ok great.Now tell me how do i Change my CPU Mhz like you were able to do in CCC on "CPU Power" tab.And how do I enable my dual graphics ? THANK YOU!

  3. when just a software update gives you about 10% fps boost without oc, you know its something great! crimson edition on hd8670m…go TeamRed!

  4. у меня стоит fx8320, радеон 7970. по сути это железо 2012 года, все замечательно. АМД отлично поддерживает свои продукты.

    графика была у меня нвидия, когда у них были шикарные по производительности 8800gtgts, сдохло 2 вк на этих чипах и цветопередача по hdmi на плазме была не очень. с тех пор зарекся продукцией нвидии вообще не пользоваться. ПО обеспечение радеона мене нравится тоже больше, очень рад что работают над ним. внедряют новые технологии, причем абсолютно бесплатно. молодцы в АМД, это тот случай когда конкуренция дает свои плоды. если нвидия запилила что-то свое, тут же есть ответ от конкурента и наоборот. в итоге потребитель выигрывает.

    по процам понятно, что интел король. но в современных приложениях и играх, fx8320 не уступает i5, а порой даже и превосходит. при этом стоит дешевле в полтора раза! материнки АМД хорошие за меньшие деньги. тут конкуренция тоже на руку потребителю.

    в итоге с компами на ты я с 1998 года и почти всегда выбирал продукцию АМД или ATi. ну да были времена у меня с нвидией и matrox и интел графика стояла… но это было давно. сейчас только АМД.

  5. Raja Koduri and Terry Makedon are going to be fired soon I take it? What excuse do they have for not even having basic QA and safety considerations in place when releasing a set of drivers which have fried many user's cards? Stop outsourcing to incompetent Indian software engineers and hire people who actually give a damn about quality and stability.

  6. Just tried the latest Crimson/Drivers with Windows 10 9That I dual boot to) and no sound over Displayport. Don't have time to deal with it right now so back to Windows7.

  7. nou is softvare who tel you what u can and what u canot to du example if u hawe sheet monitor lik 17 inch u didnt soported but if u hawe monito like 34 inch and soported from amd that wud bi fin but u can give more money for new motherbord bekos they best motherbord in the world that this new optimizacion softwer tell you to buy this sheet

  8. your crimson made my graphics card burn, because when it was under load, the fan won't even spin after reaching 95 degrees.

  9. ага, еще бы это "новое" изобретение не жрало 50Мб оперативы, находясь в трее…

  10. does this mean everytime i start up my pc i have to get a menu to tell how to manage my games? why cant we just get an update that boosts stability and preformance and thats it, not like raptr which slowed down my pc and gaming somehow.

  11. how do i get to amd overdrive in this new "easy to use" software. i have looked everywhere and i have not find it. i have now resorted to using msi afterburner…

  12. If you see on the box or in the description Intel HD 4000 + AMD Radeon 7600 HD or sumthing like that – do not buy this.

    Still all this products anit work right on notbooke like HP and many other if its have Intel+AMD videocards. I buy notbooke for 1000$ and system what they call "switchable graphics" just not work. No matter what it is – Adobe Primer, 3ds MAX, games or Opera browser, all programs got one massage – your intel grafiks 4000 does not meet the minimum system requirements for the application or use power-saving mode due to compatibility problems, which can not be switched off, because it is a limit – the castle and it can not be correct.. We have almost 2016 employees and drivers no one not released. This is called a hidden deception unsuspecting user. For all estuff on Internet must be specified in the recommended system requirements – does not work on Intel + AMD systems under any circumstances. If Radeon Software Crimson will have only one button – use the best graphics card for all applications, then from it will be a good judge, but as long as everything is just talk. In reality I find it easier to throw in the trash useless piece of iron and buy another with a single graphics card and I do not care what – Nvidia or AMD, I just want pc system to stably.

    How it's look like https://otvet.mail.ru/question/182271458

    I download Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta http://support.amd.com/ru-ru/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy3&os=Windows+8.1+-+64 ..Ready to test this one and update too.

    if these problems will remain like this was on Catalyst or disappear and everything works like a Swiss watch – I will write here.

  13. Hey i have a problem where after I installed this new software, in device manager it says I have r7 200 series instead of r7 260x. Is that normal.Ty

  14. I'm excited to see the changes. As a gamer the graphics are awesome. Looking forward to the new technology involved also.

  15. It is nice to finally put a face to the dipshits that write the software that keeps resetting my target GPU temperature setting to 95 degrees celsius, causing my system to crash whenever this happens. Hello, AMD morons, 95 degrees it TOO HOT!!!! AND STOP RESETTING MY SETTINGS.

  16. What about us users who now cant adjust our screen resolution once we connect to a TV. No options at all within catalyst control centre to do so as the tabs are missing! Spent WEEKS trying to fix this!!! This is a joke! Unable to use PS on my TV and hard to even see what im doing!!

  17. back to Catalyst waiting to next Crimson, Icon missing Crash with out a word when game, Movie,browser not so much "hotfix" than.

  18. This is what I'm talking about! Good work, keep up the good work! This Drivers are now even better, then the ones Nvidia present each day.
    Greetings FritzsHero

  19. with crimson all my games crashes i really love radeon but with this fail i think you really sucks, i cannot play gta v, star trek online, l4d2, alien isolation and other games since i update to crimson

  20. hey, i wish to increase my resolution on my windows 10 g50-45 lenovo laptop because it looks quite bad even though its on its maximum. I did not find the program you are talking about on my pc, i only found AMD quick stream which shows an error message when i try running it….and i dont really know what it is used for.

    So do you think it is possible to increase my resolution? i want to use my pc for everyday use but its a french keyboard so its not QWERTY its AZERTY so the keyboard is really not good for gaming and neither is the resolution, everything looks blur and it really hurts my eyes…..i really need someone's help i don't know what to do with this pc anymore i got it as a gift

  21. im kinda scared on what i need for my apu.. i have A6 apu and i need to update it to play my recent games. my graphics card is military grade 4 nvidia gt 730 4gb gpu. where do i update the catalyst control center to support my gpu current update without causing issues to my display driver on the apu or possibly render it useless, forcing me to buy a new pc

  22. How the fuck can I calibrate my screen with this "new better" tool??!
    In CCC I could easily modify the vertical and horizontal and zoom from my screen. Now I cant find it anymore –…..–

  23. My graphics card fan starts to sound agitated sometimes, like i I were playing a video-game that requires too much graphics. Anyone has any idea? does it happens to someone else? I saw someone here commenting something about fan curve. If I need to do some configuration can you guys tell me how to do it?

  24. Crimson Software is a joke. Where are all the features that Catalyst provided? Is there a way I can install the old Catalyst application with the BRAND NEW R7 370 card I just purchased? Otherwise, I'm returning it and going Nvidia.

  25. Radeon setting panel SUCKS ASS.
    Still waiting for a AM3 pcie 3.0….AMD totally fucked its loyal consumers

  26. Where are the settings? How do I check if I have the latest version of the drivers? This thing is impossible to use. There is NOTHING to use because there's nothing there. edit: I just saw another video and they had an update tab. I don't have that. How do you turn on the update tab?

  27. почему amd не переводят на другие языки свой сайт и видео, цена одной видеокарты стоит больше, чем услуга перевода. ненавижу amd, в следующий раз куплю nvidia

  28. Как скачать эту хуйню без драйверов? Суки! Новые драйвера требуют покупки материнки за 18к что бы две видеокарты работали в паре. ИДИТЕ НА ХУЙ.

  29. THIS SOFTWARE IS A CRAP!!!!! when i instal it, my games just start crashing!!!!! first i reinstall my sistem, i put new w10, and still my games crash all the timeee!!!! FIX THIS!!!!

  30. Tengo problemas con una radeon rx 480 que compre en EEUU. Se reinicia cada vez que estoy dentro de un juego… eh enviado ticket de soporte y no he recibido noticias de ustedes…. por favor donde puedo hablar con un tecnico especialista

  31. Catalyst permitia conectar dos tarjetas graficas en una sola Tarjeta madre funcionando en conjunto para aumentar el desempeño de una sola, esto utilizando la opcion CrossFire, ahora con esta actualizacion de (AMD Radeon), no encuentro esa opcion, sin embargo, si se aprecia una mayor fluides de graficos en los juegos de ultima generacion, pero sigo utilizando una sola tarjeta grafica,, quiero explotar ambas…
    COMO SE CONFIGURA el CROSSFIRE,, en este nuevo software?????
    HOW TO CONFIGURE THE CROSSFIRE ,, in this new software ?????

  32. Весь мозг выебал, но так и не смог найти дрова на HD3870. "Простите видимо что то пошло не так" Охуеть можно

  33. طريقة تشغيل الاعاب في وضع ملئ الشاشه انا املك كرت amd 6450 hd ولا اعلم طريقة وضع ملئ الشاشه ارجوك تساعدني

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