Puget Systems Serenity PC

Puget Systems Serenity PC

We haven’t met anyone who says “I want a louder
PC.” So we already know that when it comes to quiet computing, once you go quiet you
never go back. It is this incremental process you go through that, soon enough, you find
any noise is bothering you. But there are some very practical applications as well.
It’s very popular in university environments, or lab environments, sound studios; places
where the PC pollutes it’s own readings. So those are very popular applications for
us, but really anyone who just values a quiet PC. Part of what I think enables our Serenity
to be so unique is that each system is built by hand by a single technician. It’s not part
of a greater assembly line, and that technician really spends a lot of time working with each
part, listening to it, making sure it’s up to the standards of the Serenity. After it’s
all done, the system’s passed along to Quality Control. They actually have a soundproof room
where they listen to that system individually and make sure it’s meeting our goals for the
Serenity. When we’re talking about cherry picking our
components, there’s a wide variance in the sound level of even the same component. So
we’ll set out three or four hard drives and then listen to each of those drives and then
reserve the most quiet components. We’ve been building Quiet PCs for years, and
Serenity is the culmination of a lot of things we’ve learned over those years. So we wanted
to take a PC that said, ” Here’s everything that we know about quiet PCs put into one
package that’s more extreme than anything you would find with any of the techniques,
one after the other.” So, whereas we can take any PC and just make that PC quieter, Serenity
is a different approach. It’s approached from the ground up to say, “Let’s build the quietest
PC we can. What does that take?”

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  1. Beautiful! Wish I could get the new V4 DIY kit for myself for my next build! I currently have the ThermalTake MozartTX case. A little old but still an awesome case. You guys certainly are the best of the best.

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