Programmer Jokes Only Real Programmers will Understand

Programmer Jokes Only Real Programmers will Understand

Twelve Programmer Jokes presented by KnightSpear hiphip [ ] array Why do Java programmers have to wear glasses? Because they can’t see sharp Why did the programmer quit his job? Because he didn’t get arrays (a raise) I don’t see women as objects I consider each to be in a class of her own Algorithm A word used by programmers when they do not want t explain what they did. What’s the object-oriented way of becoming wealthy? Inheritance Hardware The part of a computer that you can kick Real Programmers Count from zero How do you tell HTML from HTML 5? try it out in Internet Explorer. did it work? No? It’s HTML 5 A SQL goes into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks Can I join you? //life motto if (sad()===true) {
} Three SQL databases walked into a No SQL bar A little while later they walked out Why? Because they could not find a table Sign up now at

47 thoughts to “Programmer Jokes Only Real Programmers will Understand”

  1. Great! I know most of the jokes already, but this did not prevented me from laughing again. The animations are great! I liked the most the SQL databases ;D

  2. I'm an animator and I did a little bit of coding. Got all the jokes right away. These jokes are not jokes that only real programmers can understand…

  3. I don't now what's funnier. The fact that this jokes are hilarious, or that almost half of you have no sense of humor. Please don't be my boss so I can get arrays.

  4. 01:39 I don't think that works, coz if you are doing sad() === true, then we assume sad() is a boolean. But later you call the method stop() of sad, which is not possible as sad is a boolean.

  5. If you titled your video "Programmer Joke Only Real Programmers will Understand", why are you explaining the jokes so literally everybody will understand them?

  6. IT career comedy: Linux Driver, Java Garbage Collector, SQL Burgers:

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