Productivity Open Industrial Arduino Compatible Free Product Giveaway

Productivity Open Industrial Arduino Compatible Free Product Giveaway

We’ve been creating videos for over fifteen
years with over eleven hundred videos created for YouTube, so we want to do something to
thank our viewers like YOU. This year for 2020, we are hosting a video
giveaway almost every month. For February – March, we are giving away one
of our newest products – the Productivity Open, the Arduino compatible controller. This is a complete Industrial Arduino Controller
System with these modules that will get you started in creating something efficient in
your plant or something cool for your hobby. We are giving away FOUR of these systems in
this contest. This contest will run from February 12th and
end on March 12th, 2020, at 12 Oclock PM EST. If you want to enter, listen up, because here
is the IMPORTANT information you need to know!! You MUST be 18 or over to enter. You MUST live in the United States or Canada; yes, we now have included our friends to the north in our contests! To enter the complete automation control system
contest, we ask that you leave us a comment to this video down below and let us know what
YOU would use the Productivity Open Controller for if you won. Will you use it on a new machine, or replace
an older control system or PLC? Would you use it on a hobby project? If you have no clue what an Arduino or Maker
product is, then you probably won’t need it or want it. Last, you must go to this link and register
your contact information so that we can contact our winners and find out where to ship their
prize. The link can also be found below in the description. On March 12th, 2020, we will select four prize
winners and contact you through the information you provided in the contest link. Subscribe to our channel and share our videos
with all your co-workers and friends. Remember, we will be giving away free products
nearly every month! Be sure to check out our Video Search tool
to quickly find the videos you need. Official contest rules are below in the description. Again, make sure you comment below with what
you would use the Productivity Open Controller on and fill out your contact information in the contest
link. Thank you for watching, and good luck!

20 thoughts to “Productivity Open Industrial Arduino Compatible Free Product Giveaway”

  1. I would use it at work. I am very familiar with Arduino and have a little experience in PLCs. The Arduino is so flexible and easy to use and I have been wanting a way to use one at work. But I never found anything that looked like it i would hold up in a production environment. Something like this backed by Automation Direct might just do it!

  2. Hi, I am Alisa and Jman Electrician. I have worked in many aspects of my trade. I have purchased books and simulation programs to learn PLC’s and automation. I try to explain the theory and logic to my apprentices. It would be a joy to have the means to learn more and show hands on in small bite sized bits what this can mean for careers. Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. I have a stand by generator I would like to remotely monitor. I think this would be ideal to set up an iot gateway I could use amazon web service for monitoring and send push notifications for alarms.

  4. Very awesome that you guys are doing this. Winning would finally give me an excuse to learn Arduino programming. I'd use the unit for a small system at my work, like automating a grinder, a conveyance system, or a control panel. If there's no use for it at work I can take it home and automate lights, water some plants or keep my pool at a constant temperature modulating the heater.

  5. I’ve been using AMD plc for 15 years and would love to try this product out on a meat smoker, and continue the develop great products👍

  6. I've been using Arduino compatible (custom) boards for years to build products for the entertainment industry. My company is now in the process of developing two new products, one of which uses a VFD and standard controls panel, and one that uses an extensive pneumatic system with sensors. PLCs are great for controlling these parts but Arduinos are great for handling the interactive components such as DMX lighting. So I had been debating back and forth on which route to go. I'm excited to now have a professional looking and UL rated, Arduino compatible option. I would love to have a whole dev kit to be able to integrate this into more future projects.

  7. I have a fun project coming up that the ProductivityOpen controller would be perfect for. A giant BIG outdoor piano. Children/Adults step on the keyboard keys triggering sensors wired to an input module. The controller would output MIDI notes to a Raspberry Pi based on the keys pressed. Outputs wired to a valve bank actuate different props based on notes being played….

  8. At our company (Electromechanical Solution Inc.) We are huge fans and users of Automation Direct products. You've helped us save tens of thousands in parts we've used instead of overpriced original parts and they always as good if not better! Currently we have a VFD modification that uses Arduino to ramp the frequency upon a button being pressed. We had malfunctions with it because it's not industrial. And literally that same day we had that issue we see you guys release the P1AM the exact solution to our problems! Thank you so much, your products enable us to stay ahead of our competition.

  9. Finally industrial grade controller with Arduino innovation embedded. We have industrial grade machines that have Arduino at the core. We are currently building recycling equipment that is app based. With C++ at the core it is very easy to make the needed integration. I would build a automation device to control the entire home form my phone and eliminate the need for costly smart devices.

  10. Automation Direct offers the best customer service in Industrial Automation field and their products cost a fraction of the others. Their support is unmatched.

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