Product Requirements Blueprint Video for Confluence Team Collaboration Software

Product Requirements Blueprint Video for Confluence Team Collaboration Software

Define, discuss, and track your next release
with the Product Requirements Blueprint. Define document properties like Release, Status, Stakeholders and any custom property to match your business
process. Great products require even better planning and Confluence has everything you need to create rich product requirements so your developers can hit the ground running. Confluence automatically organizes all your
product requirements in one place. Use the index page to find out what work needs
to be completed and by whom. All stakeholders are automatically notified
of any new product requirements or edits to existing ones. Confluence automatically tracks every edit so you can see how your product requirements evolve over time. Start discussions and get everyone on the
same page. Plan for the next big thing with the Product
Requirements Blueprint. []

8 thoughts to “Product Requirements Blueprint Video for Confluence Team Collaboration Software”

  1. What's powering/populating that product requirements aggregation page, the page properties rather than needing something like the reporting plugin or using excerpts?

  2. Hi Karie and Stephen!

    The aggregation page is known as the 'Index' page. It's a template which you can edit, but basically it's powered by the new Page Properties Report macro which you can learn about by reading the Confluence 5.1 Release Notes.

  3. This was done using the "Page Properties" (to define the metadata) and "Page Properties Report" (to report on it) macros. These macros are available in Confluence 5.1 or higher (or for OnDemand customers you already have this!)

  4. How do you do test case traceability? Is any test case tool you're aware of capable of creating links into individual items (requirements) within these Confluence documents, not just the top level Jira or Confluence document itself?

    If not… how can you be confident that each requirement has a test case?

  5. Have a look at our Page Tree Creator Add-on. It provides PTC-blueprints, which are based on normal Confluence pages. So creating a PTC-blueprint is as simple as creating a Confluence page.

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