Pro Tools Tutorial : Using Speakers in Pro Tools

Pro Tools Tutorial : Using Speakers in Pro Tools

Let’s talk about sound mixing. One of the
important things to note when you’re sound mixing is where is your mix going to be played?
Is it going to be played on television, is it going to be played in a movie theater,
home theater and so forth? It’s important to listen to the sound mix through the appropriate
speaker when you’re doing a sound mix. Also, to change speakers back and forth. I like
to listen to a full frequency speaker system. The Genelecs that I have here work along with
a sub-woofer and that gives me a complete range from twenty hertz all the way up to
twenty thousand hertz. I can hear all the frequency. But if I’m going to play this on
television and expect that my little tv is going to have that same earth shattering bass,
it’s not going to happen. And, my bass and my mix is going to effect the way the music
is balanced against the dialogs in particular. So, what I have is an old favorite. This is
an Avantone, and it’s a model of something called the Auratone. But this is basically
what we call a bass challenged speaker. This gives me a good idea of what the audio will
sound like on television. What I like to do is I like to do a final mix on my big speakers
then I go and make a pass on this and see what really happens. Does the music disappear?
Do the things that I think are holding up the mix disappear? This is a good way to reference
you monitor, to reference your mix through this kind of monitor. Then you’ll get an idea
what it’s going to sound like on television? Then you go back and make adjustments and
listen to it on the big speakers, see how much of a change there is. But, it’s really
a good point to listen to your mix through several different speakers.

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  1. im wondering if you can help me, i have an imac and pro tools with the m audio fast track pro interface which i bought a set of logitech 5.1 x530 speakers for Big mistake i can only get sound out of the front two with the green plug the back two with orange and the center and subwoofer with the black plug. I want to get the green plug working with pro tools. its currently plugged into the macs headphone socket which pro tools wont let me select and it doesnt work in the fast track pros headphone

  2. whats up
    just a quick question
    can you use a pro tool se 8.0.3 and do your record
    and make it to mp3 so you friends can listen to it???

  3. ignore what it's gonna sound like on cheap TV speakers, because most households these days have adequate large speakers with surround sound fancies and then some LOL 😉

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