PreSonus Ceres C4.5″BT Studio Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth: Product Overview: AdoramaTV

PreSonus Ceres C4.5″BT Studio Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth: Product Overview: AdoramaTV

Hey, Lee here from PreSonus, here today for AdoramaTV. I work as a
product specialist for PreSonas, I’m also a producer engineer and musician. So today I’ll be showing you our Bluetooth, powered speakers which we call Ceres. Today I have the Ceres 4.5, we also do a Cerus 3.5 which has a smaller 3.5″ woofer. So we all need really good sounding
speakers for our house, for listening to playback music for using with our TV, for computer
gaming etc. So we decided to design a studio monitor
that would cover all of this and give us pro studio sound in our house
also. We based our service Bluetooth speakers on our Eris Pro monitor design. We’ve got a great compact size, we’ve got added connectivity, this means
anyone in the house can connect wirelessly to the speaker’s, and it’s also got a great look that will
fit in in your home. So connection via Bluetooth is super simple, we have a Bluetooth connectivity button
on the front which we simply hold down, when we see the blue light flash, our speakers appear in our Bluetooth device. Then we select Ceres speaker, and now we’re paired to play any music or audio we want through our speakers. On the back of the speaker’s we’ve also
got TRS jack inputs, we’ve got RCA connectors, and we’ve also got this really cool sub
output which allows you to add extra bass speakers if your system needs some more bass. On the front we’ve got handy auxiliary input
connectors. This allows us to connect devices to the speaker’s that don’t have
Bluetooth capability. Beside this is our headphone output which is also very handy if you need to keep the volume down So the Ceres Bluetooth speaker is a really
impressive sounding pro quality studio monitor, that we can
use in our house for listening to music or for music production. Thanks for
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  1. Yes, they can handle both 115V-240V ( there is a switch on the back) and Adorama or PreSonas should have replied to your question.

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