prepare photos for laser engraving with laserwork software, laser photo engraving tutorial

prepare photos for laser engraving with laserwork software, laser photo engraving tutorial

hello today I want to talk about
something about the laser photo engraving as is known to all we need to
make some special image from our bitmap and choose something as this halftone
and I have shown a customer how to do this in Photoshop in my earlier video and today
I’ll show you how to use laserwork software this is the latest version 6 to
do this work may be not so good as we do in Photoshop but it’s very easy and fast
ok first way import a photo it’s better to have a BMP format and you can see the
photo is already been transferred to a grayscale format and we can set the size
here and if you feel ok for the size select the photo and here in the bitmap
handle button click and here we check this and check this net graphic here we
set the resolution choose a maximum 1000 and here the frequency we can make it
also the same and apply to view so we can see the effect you can drag your
mouse to move it and turn your mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out to see the
effect okay you can see my forehead huh here
okay and in fact here we can make it 600 maybe also enough as I think okay so it’s very simple and easy easy to make
half : here it is called net graphic for laser photo engraving and you may need
to check this invert color for example if you engrave this directly to mood
surface then you can ignore it but if you want to engrave on acrylic or
something transparent then you may need to engrave to invert colors so it will
have a better effect you can just try check it or uncheck it okay now we can
set the parameters and the start to work as normal
okay thank you for watching

24 thoughts to “prepare photos for laser engraving with laserwork software, laser photo engraving tutorial”

  1. Good video. I'd justo to do that with photoshop. but like you show is faster.
    Thanks for your videos. They are very helpful.

  2. I agree that RDCam definitely has got the best software. Won't Dot graphic give better image results than Net graphic? I have used Dot graphic with excellent results but never used Net graphic.

  3. Hi! Thanks for Video! I have a Question… CAn RDCAM Software Support GRADE ENFRAVING (Looks 3d Engraving on wood material)? I seen grade engraving function in lasercut and leetro lasercutters… but cant find it in RDCAM or LASERWORK 6… Please Help… Thanks! 

  4. Hi Mr. LIU
    I purchased Laser cutting machine from BodorCNC  (leetro) China and I got LaserCut5.3. But I have a problem with lasercut5.3 the machine cut the first part then go very slowly to home position to cut another one or  the next you must turn the machine off and on again. So If you can help me in the following :
    1- LaserWork or RDCAM is better than lasercut5.3 ( So  i want a trial working copy before buy
    2- Can I print photo on Fabrics Leather using my BodorCNC laser machine Model BCL1660 flatbed how and with which software

    Thank You very much

  5. I have a Chinese machine laser and I download this software but i have a problem with the USB driver I guess RD cam dont detect my machine. sorry I dont speak english very well

  6. I have such software
    And maybe you can help me how I prepare
    Rubber Stamp
    That everything I tried it eats me all the graphics
    Thanks in advance for any help

  7. I'm sorry I was not able to get in touch with you via e-mail
    How do stamp program LASERMATE
    I can not make this software stamp
    There is no stamp mode today as in other programs
    What you get:
    If I give a strong power it eats me all the graphics
    And if I give a reduced intensity is almost here nor there
    Anything with a coat of rubber
    What can you do? (I have done dozens of attempts)

  8. 3D laser engraving.
    RDCAM or LaserCut6 driver.
    1. I had to convert the image to grayscale in Bitmap handle.
    2. Change the power to min 0% and max 100%
    3. Use output direct.
    4. Prefably use soft woods and also against the grain when scanning.
    5. You might need a longer focus lens(63mm) and 2-3 scans for greater depth.
    The image above was done in a single pass.

  9. Hello… Thank You for instructional videos… I purchased an X-700 Redsail laser a while back… came with Laser Work 5… How can i get LaserMate 6 or most recent version?

  10. Can I use this software instead of lasercut 5.3 with my leetro 6525 ? what will I need to change or update if I do?
    Thanks for the Video.

  11. When I edit the bitmap completely in CorelDraw 12 and send it to RD works then the image doesn't come up there?? What's going wrong?

  12. Hi can you help me, how to invert the colors in photoshop to burn in acrylic? or where I can download that program, thanks

  13. Ciao ho creato da poco il mio Canale youtube . Si parla di cnc, di incisioni su marmo,di scultura e di tecnologia .
    Iscriviti cliccando sul pollice in alto
    I follow you

  14. i can't make this software (rdwork8) connect with my laser, its always say "Communication Error"?. do you have any suggestion?.. my benbox software work perfectly, but Im not satisfied with the feature..

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