Performance Car Mods That Actually Work  | The Bestest | Donut Media

Performance Car Mods That Actually Work | The Bestest | Donut Media

44 thoughts to “Performance Car Mods That Actually Work | The Bestest | Donut Media”

  1. FMIC – first and foremost

    CAI does work but needs a proper tune and the gains are minimal, but sounds awesome

  2. The best mod i did for my 02 is300 aka “high mileage hero” was TEIN Basic Z coilovers….. has 2inch of clearance all around and looks Amazing

  3. can a 2008 lexus is350 get too cold? The previous owner of my car replaced the muffler and intake and my dad says the car doesnt know where all the air is coming from amd shuts down, but that's only when you floor it for a whilr

  4. best – i/h/e, msd ignition, sway bar.. balance shaft delete. worst – straight pipes, eye lines, glow guages.

  5. Put an washable filter, a TRD (Exedy) muffler on the wife's yaris so it doesn'T sounds like an enraged bee no more.

    Never felt 30mph so fast! 😛

  6. When I get a car wash my truck gets an extra 76HP and if I put the expensive air freshener it increases at a much lower RPM as if cylinders were added try it but please be careful that boost sneaks up on you

  7. Wrong, all wrong.
    Step 1: buy brand new car with every single option.
    Step 2: give race shop blank check to gut every feature you just paid extra for and turn it into a race car
    Step 3: spend at least 6 months driving a shitbox every day and to cars and coffee while you make new car payments and wait
    Step 4: receive race car and $300,000 bill
    Step 5: continue driving shit box because driving 1200hp 3000lb car scares the life out of you.

  8. How is a cold air intake a waste of money? I genuinely don’t understand because I’ve heard arguments for and against them.

  9. Best mod I’ve done to my $2k Porsche 944 so far is reworking the ignition system. New spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, coil, etc. Amazing how much of a power difference actually running on all four cylinders makes.

  10. Pedal Commander throttle response doesn’t add power but sure does make my car more fun to drive 👌🏼

  11. I did the basic things on mine first the suspension exaughst the intake then went into the engine. when I had a head gasket issue with my daily I basically did a port polish on the heads and went with better a lot better oil system for the engine and barrings so there would not be a worry thing. also a tune to go with it because it started its life as a flex type of a engine. just doing the basic internals port polish have a custom cam as well as every thing else became a good rounded car for a daily driver.

  12. Do 2004 to 2006 Acura TL drift well ? I'm asking because I'm getting one as my first car. And I want to get into drifting. And should I get a spoiler as my first Mod??

  13. I remember getting literally the same improvement in my stock vehicle by simply removing an air silencer and opening up the inlet at the grille of my escape instead of adding a cold air intake/ open free flow filter and aftermarket tube combo w/ heat shielding

  14. Great recommendations. I put in oil cooler and transmission cooler for my VW 1.8t and 01m trans. Keeps the cars consistently cool and responsive even while charging up a hill.

  15. Cold air intakes help AS LONG AS you do other intake and exhaust mods with it. A cold air intake alone is indeed pointless though.

    Also, putting grease on my brake rotors reduced friction, thus increasing acceleration.

  16. I like when he says CAI are a myth, so true. Most cars run lean from factory to reach government standards on fuel consumption. Proper tune to increase and maximize air/fuel mixture with the use of a AFG will do just fine. Save yourself 300$ and skip the CAI.

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