Old Software Review: Beautiful Calculator 1.2

Old Software Review: Beautiful Calculator 1.2

The Beatutiful Calculator is a skinnable basic calcuator written in Delphi programming language, made in Russia. The software is shareware and limited to 14 days according to the license. It’s able to preform most of basic calculations and functions like on those basic pocket calculators, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reciprocal, square root, decimals and memory functions. I’ve barely used memory functions as it always messed up with calculations. There are 3 skins: Bright, Sphere and Default. Sphere skin has purple sphere buttons and Bright skin is a mess. Help file is just basic stuff. It says that it’s analogue of the “standart” Windows Calculator, but it isn’t. Also, it mentions the new skins technology, A.K.A. “super-skins”. Not like WinAmp. Calculator & calculations page should be read only by people who never used any calculator in their life. Registration page shows advantages and procedure of registration. The only advantages are unlimited free program updates and support with a cost of $12. I’ve checked archived site when this version was released, and that is 1.2. However, everything is pretty much empty. There are newer versions, but I’ve taken this one for review anyway. Only 2nd link is available. When it comes to skins there is “Bendline” that is the first skin from their collection. They hope that it’s pleasant, but we’ll never know that because it’s not archived. Second is “Meteoskin”. “Look at this sky. Yes, today is cloudy, but we want good weather.” The only surprise in here is that it’s also not available. Back on home page we travel a bit later in 2001, where we have version 1.3, but also a special offer for educational organizations, that costs from 50 bucks for 10 users up to unlimited for $200. Or bucks. Let’s compare this calculator with standard Windows calculator with just 2 simple tests that this calculator will fail on. First one is accuracy where we enter equation of 1/9*9, basically 9/9 is 1. Windows calculator returns 1 which is correct, but Beautiful Calculator returns 0.999 (etc) which isn’t correct. Second one is percentage function. Windows calculator returns a percentage on 2nd number and calculates whatever operation was given. However, Beautiful Calculator only returns a percentage on 2nd number and after that it doesn’t allow you to continue with given operation, which is multiplication in this case because other operations won’t allow percentage for some reason. The software has 14 day limit, but how far can you use it? Even after changing the date for 2 or more weeks, it will work. However, it will stop working only after 30 days, and not 14 in this case. After that, you’ll have to register it. I’ll just enter registration code, but not reveal the actual code. After registration, you get congratulation. And for conclusion, 12 bucks for calculator with “super-skins” and no further advantages would be a waste of money and overkill for educational purposes. And for conclusion, I’ll just show how does it look when you get error by getting reciprocal number of 0 on all 3 skins, along with Windows calculator. Windows returns positive infinity error, but Beautiful Calculator returns “ERROR” with no explanation. Also, the word itself looks creepy on those skins, especially on purple one with that “O”. It’s not zero. That’s it, bye.

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  1. Wow, usually only good-looking stuff survives the old times. It's weird looking at some of these ugly softwares… good video.

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