OBS Studio 111 – Audio Monitoring Guide – How to hear your capture card on PC in OBS! (TUTORIAL)

OBS Studio 111 – Audio Monitoring Guide – How to hear your capture card on PC in OBS! (TUTORIAL)

In one of the earlier course episodes, we
covered most of setting up and using the audio mixer in OBS Studio. But there’s a new feature to it that deserves
its own dedicated video – Audio Monitoring. This allows you to, ideally when it works,
hear audio sources back in your headphones without it echoing on stream. Again, when it works. Let’s take a look. TunnelBear is the fast and easy VPN service
that keeps your data safe and secure, behind a bear. Sign up for your 7-day free trial and learn
more via the link in the video description. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun, and welcome back to my OBS Studio tutorial course. I have many, many more videos on the software
in the playlist linked in the description. Check that before asking questions, and check
the introduction video to learn how this course works, if you get confused. The “Audio Monitoring” feature in OBS
Studio allows you to listen to the audio of a source, even if it’s set to go to the
stream only. This can be used sort of in place of a proper
physical audio mixer for hearing your own microphone through your headphones, or monitoring
game sound from a capture card, and so on. To set this up, first go to “Settings”,
click “Advanced” and then find the “Audio” section. Here you choose your audio monitoring device. Don’t leave this on “Default”, choose
your specific headphone output. I recommend leaving “Disable Windows audio
ducking” enabled, unless you know what you’re doing. Click “Apply” and “Okay.” Click “Edit” and then “Advanced Audio
Properties.” This can also be chosen by the gear icon next
to individual sources. This opens up the “Advanced Audio Properties”
dialog. In the previous tutorials, I showed you how
to use this to separate your audio tracks and so on. Here you also have the ability to monitor
your audio sources to your headphones. By default, all sources are set to “Monitor
Off” for… obvious reasons. You have two other options available to choose
from: “Monitor Only (mute output)” and “Monitor and Output.” These are mostly self-explanatory. “Monitor and Output” allows you to both
loop an audio source to your headphones and push it back to the stream. This can be useful if you have an audio track
going but for whatever reason don’t want it directly being checked in the mixer and
going straight to the stream. I… honestly can’t imagine a reason for
this other than addressing issues with the other option. We’ll come back to this in a second. “Monitor Only (mute output)” aims to just
loop the audio source to your headphones so you, too, can hear it, without it echoing
to your stream. Typically this is for microphone loopback
or hearing game audio from a capture card, or the like. But this doesn’t always work. Before screwing more with OBS settings, right
click your speaker icon in your Windows System Tray and click “Recording Devices.” Go through each of them – click “Properties”
then click the “Listen” tab, and make sure “Listen to this device” at the top
is unchecked. Having this checked will already loop the
sound through your computer speakers as is. You want this off. If this doesn’t fix your problem with “Monitor
Only,” I suggest heading to the forums. There are issues with some USB drivers, or
just random anomalies that could prevent it from working properly. If this is consistently a problem for you,
then it might be a good idea to use “Monitor and Output” and uncheck the audio source
from going to your stream the normal way. This way, the source is consistently pushed
to your stream. Although, if this causes an even bigger echo…
put it back on “Monitor Only.” It can be finicky, just play around with it. It doesn’t replace a full, properly set
up physical audio mixer, but this is a great feature to reduce the need for one. I hope this episode of my OBS Studio tutorial
course has been helpful for you. If it was, drop-kick that like button and
subscribe for awesome tech videos. If you like game streaming, come follow me
on Twitch and drop a message in chat. Until next time, I’m EposVox, Happy Streaming! Thanks for watching this episode of my OBS
Studio tutorial course. More videos like this and a full master class
are linked in the playlist in the video description. Click to learn more. Also consider joining us on Patreon to help
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  1. First class series, I've been watching, testing, watching, testing for 2 days. Can somebody setup a Reddit to chat about this, I don't want to clog up this forum with dumb questions, but I have some.

  2. Small question, i play xbox one and use Elgato HD with OBS Studio, how can i stream/record my party chat without the elgato chat link cable and without Windows10 xbox app? is it possible? thanks you for the tutorials , love them!

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  4. I bought a Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus and it has great picture quality and I'm using obs and it captures the video but I can't get sound on the recording of the video on my TV the sound still comes out just not on the video could somebody help me figure this out

  5. Kind of unrelated, but I can't hear desktop audio at all! And it's not showing that it is capturing it either! What should I do?

  6. it only lets me use my voice, i just want to record with the capture card and no voice. it doesnt show the capture card bar on the mixer

  7. HELP! I have updated to OBS 21.1.0 from an old version. Now I have loop/echo from my Twitch alerts! What has happened?? I really need help on this, please 🙁

  8. Alright. So, I am using the Elgato HD60 for xbox 360. I want to hear my game sound, and this works perfectly. But there is like 3 second delay from my headphones to the actual gameplay itself. I want it to line up perfectly but I am not sure how. If you have any suggestions please let me know ASAP! <3

  9. Duuuude I’ve been trying to get sound to my stream and to my headset off the PS4 for 3 days now and tried everything going ! Tried this and it worked ! You my friend are a legend ! Dropped a sub as a thank you

  10. this is how I can hear 2 mics on my headphones connected into one of those mics? It sounds super echoed when I get it sort of working. crap!

  11. Hallo! I use the latest Obs Studio, soundcard m-audio Fast Track Ultra, Win 7,x64.
    Delay is minumum BUT i cant normaly Sing And play guitar cause delay .. its on minimum but i cant sing with it((
    I tryed all variants with m audio// Help me pls!

  12. Thanks alot ur videos help.me alot i started a week ago streaming church programs and havent yet had any issues… due to listen and go step by step . Thanks again

  13. i tried monitoring with and without output, hey its still hearble in my stream, Doenst matter.

    Why? Why are there 2 optione if they work the same?

    Behringer UMC-22 Interface.
    Set my Outputdevice in advanced to my Interface.

    And yes, i turned Audio monitoring from my interface off -_-

    Why? Im using sometimes autotune stuff and my interface obviously wont monitor my voice the teh effect already applied.

  14. My PC audio is defaulted to an external Digital Mixer/Audio Interface which I use for music recording also. It is firewire. I would like to use the mixer in OBS to not only playback from the PC, but also play input from a live microphone. What I've seen online is that this is not possible without a second interface. Is that true, or can I do it all from my existing mixer?

  15. If anyone knows how to broadcast people voices in game to stream or rec let me know becoz when i stream people can only hear my boice and not other people voices in game

  16. I'm using my USB audio interface device and changed to my driver. When I play your video on here. The desktop audio signal is working. When I'm using Fl Studio to playback audio the desktop audio not picking up the signal. Why is that?

  17. Thanks man! I had it set up perfectly before I updated my Windows today and It broke my whole OBS Stuff, I I spend legit 8 hours trying to get my Sound back! Needless to say, my Day was pretty much ruined, but thanks to you it got a lot better! Much Love!

  18. So my OBS is able to RECORD everything including the audio just fine. The only issue is, when I have my Bluetooth headset connected, when I start recording, I am no longer able to hear anything but I am pretty sure the audio is still being recorded. When I try to disconnect my headset to restart it (which works when it is having issues outside of OBS) it does not work and says it’s connected even when it’s turned off until I close down OBS. I do not have this problem when I use earbuds physically connected to the laptop via port. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  19. Hello my monitor for some dumb reson doesnt have a headphone port neither built in speaker is there any way i can still hear the audio? atleast while what i reccord/stream still has audio?

  20. I have a separate question that maybe you could answer. I also have voicemeeter. With this program I have three separate audio tracks being sent to three separate tracks on my OBS for recording on my main pc. I am soon going to get a stream pc with a capture card. How would I be able to send all three audio tracks through to the capture card? I planned on, if this method would work, to use my voicemeeter to record three separate audio tracks through OBS on my main gaming pc but then on my stream pc have my OBS up on it as well just streaming it to twitch and recording the video and game sounds all merged through the capture card that is being used. Is this possible? Is there a better way to do this that I'm missing? Please help!

  21. Anyone got a hotline or something lol I plug my headset into my capture card and i need to plug something into my computer? well my stream has no sound and I cant get any sound unless I run no headset, anyone got any ideas?

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