NZXT H1 Walkthrough and Installation

NZXT H1 Walkthrough and Installation

The all-new NZXT H1 provides a beautifully
small vertical chassis, while maintaining full-sized GPU compatibility for incredible
performance in a small footprint. The building experience is streamlined, with
pre-routed cable channels and an integrated PSU and AIO liquid cooler. The dual-chamber exhaust layout maintains
superior cooling for the CPU and GPU, providing each with a dedicated air source. The toolless SSD tray and integrated riser
card are incredibly simple to install. In addition to pre-routed cables, the motherboard
I/O faces down, routing all cables through the bottom of the case for a clean, simplified
appearance. The dual-chamber airflow is thermally designed
to allow the CPU, GPU, and PSU to pull in fresh air, and exhaust hot air without affecting
temperatures of neighboring components. Remove the glass panel and back mesh panel
by pulling away from the bottom of the case. Remove the case shroud by sliding it towards
the top of the case. Remove the 2 screws holding the hinged radiator
mount. There are arrows to help indicate which screws
to remove. Once removed, the radiator can be rotated
out of the way. Remove the cable cover. The cable cover is a plate of metal in front
of the PSU on the front of the case, there is a ball joint holding it onto the frame. Once the joint is popped out, you can slide
it out and away. If you haven’t already, seat your CPU in the
motherboard processor socket, and install any m.2 SSDs you have. If you are using an LGA/Intel style board,
assemble and use the included backplate. If using an AM4 socket, keep the latch points
and AMD included backplate. Install the motherboard I/O shield if necessary,
then install the motherboard and secure it with four stand-off screws. If you have any 2.5″ SSDs, slide them into
the SSD trays underneath the PSU. The SSDs should click when they are secure
in the tray. Once you’ve installed your SSDs, screw in
the holding piece in front of the SSDs for added security. Plug in the SATA power cable and SATA data
cables to your SSDs, if necessary. Begin to plug in necessary cables to the motherboard:
24-pin, CPU power cable, USB 3.1 cable, USB Type-C if applicable, front panel headers,
HD Audio header, and any SSD data cables you may have. Plug the riser card connector to the PCI-E
16X slot on your motherboard. Install the AIO liquid pump onto your motherboard,
if using an AM4 bracket, please swap the bracket on the AIO to the appropriate latch-style
bracket. Ensure that you install the liquid pump so
that the tube connectors are facing the DIMM slots. Once the liquid pump is secured, plug the
pump header into the AIO/Pump_Fan header, and the radiator fan to the CPU fan header. Install RAM sticks to the motherboard. Close the radiator bracket and secure it with the two screws on points indicated on the arrows Remove the two thumbscrews from the frame,
install your graphics card, and secure it. Plug the PCI-E power cables into your GPU. Ensure your PSU power switch is on before
placing the panels back on. Stand the case up, then slide the shroud back
over the case. Place the two panels back onto the case. Plug in peripherals, video cables, and power
cable. The compact vertical design of the NZXT H1
provides a small spatial footprint while maintaining support for most full-sized GPUs on the market. Whether the user’s space is small–or they
simply prefer an understated, smaller chassis in their battlestation–the H1 maximizes desk
real estate without sacrificing graphics power. To learn more about the NZXT H1, please visit And to always stay updated on NZXT products,
subscribe to the youtube channel.

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  1. I can’t wait for the restock… I love the minimalistic look of your cases. …looking to build my first PC… it’s between this and the H510 elite

  2. It's like a better Xbox Series X, but it's a PC and you don't have to pay to play online. Loving my Previous NZXT Cases S340 Matte White | Purple and my Current case the Blackout H710I. Amazing cases to build in, great quality and price.

  3. YouTubers reviewing the case have pointed out a need for a perforated front panel. (or at least the option to purchase it)
    Is this something that will be added in the near future?.

  4. 😬😬 sorry nzxt even tho I love your pc’s I’ll still go for the original case bc I love it sorry 🥺👉👈 and plz can I have a pc 🥺👉👈

  5. Hey, i'm a big fan of your cases and use an h510 elite as my current case. it works like a dream and looks really nice too 🙂

  6. Please make a version with no water cooler because I'd like to be able to use the wraith cooler that comes with AMD ryzen CPUs.

  7. I took delivery of this case 5 days ago and I'm still staring at it from time to time. The thermals are awesome and it's pretty quiet even when cooling a 3900X. I will go for even quieter by opting for a Noctua 140mm chromax fan. Hopefully I get a bit better thermals as well. I LOVE THIS CASE!

  8. If this doesn't become available in the next week I'm gonna have to buy the inwin a1 plus so please hurry nzxt

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