Nvidia’s GPP is dead, G-Sync HDR is here, CPU roadmaps have leaked, and Q&A | The Full Nerd Ep. 51

Nvidia’s GPP is dead, G-Sync HDR is here, CPU roadmaps have leaked, and Q&A | The Full Nerd Ep. 51

we should do a taste test see if you can
tell their senior craft beer and the king of beers Adam oh yes yes I mean the
king of beers quote-unquote is pretty distinctive in his tastes Gordon yeah
it’s the king of beers yeah king of what is the question alright it looks like
looks like we’re going why won’t you address the audience Gordon hey this
podcast is brought to you by Budweiser the king of beers good it’s not really
we’re making that up we’re gonna be talking about hey GPP big news wait for
it you have to if you better sit down if you’re not ready for the news I just
signed up for it you did also weird how about g-sync HTR I got to touch a
monitor recently and it’s almost here and then also what’s coming for the rest
of the year in CPUs oops oops yeah oops right oh I’m making abstract art out of
my CPU coming back lots of news no this is my decision spinner pins inside bread
I’d say old Athlon from pins pins yeah it’s rough isn’t it yeah you can really
you can really I don’t know how many have you ever fixed how many bent Athlon
pins have you ever read bent I think most I’ve come back as a like seven like
the whole end is kind of like mashed over I’m always mega like super cautious
around chips with pins and I haven’t been today because I’m like I spent how
much on this I don’t want to mess this up yeah my experiences are actually more
durable I mean don’t thing that really messes them up isn’t you break the pin
off which does happen do you really I know too many times what were you doing
Gordon me some you know somebody’s not being careful not me other people and
they may just happens because you’ve got CPS everywhere most people aren’t gonna
have problems because they have one or two CPUs yeah most people actually pay
for themselves so they’re like mother bent Intel LGA pins coming back
on the motherboard that is really bad yeah really hard that’s why I almost
prefer PGA so we got people here we’re gonna be talking about GBP any second
now we’re late rusty Shackleford rusty this here over
on Twitch we got dragon Curt Nathan Lowery I mean everybody great screen
name everybody low friends weight which is great everybody come in here Curt I
think yeah cause I see Archie we’re an actual pronounced my child dragon I
don’t I don’t know why but he said he broke his 1700 I think maybe talking
about pins or something oh how do you do that I will say we are 1700 the first
Rudy one during video got bent actually I mean it probably fell about 5 feet
onto concrete somebody was videoing it we know not and obviously dropped the
thing and somebody doesn’t work here anymore
doesn’t work here anymore but it’s pretty well bad yeah and then I then
dropped the Broadwell the tank or broad wall up here but that sounds a little no
Liam so it’s a little and it still worked all right I think I think we’re
good why don’t we why don’t we do it we’re ready yes all right we’re late
sorry apologize for it ok ready do it in this episode now away look at that I
wrote this see I have to have written exactly why do I even talk like this
you’re hardcore hard yeah I know in this episode of the full nerd GPP is
dead jisuk hg are almost here and what to
expect in cpus for the rest of the year welcome to the full nerd episode 51
I’m your host Gordon wrong with coasts Brad Turkish hello Internet
as always Lanie hey everybody and controlling the vertical and horizontal
is Adam Patrick Murray I’m mentally and physically preparing for e3 oh this is
coming up so video games are on my mind and on your shirt yeah kind of you know
a little bit of duck hunt what is that that’s right after copy text to because
I’m gonna be doing it happy text again this year literally right at Computex
one crazy one day I’m actually glad I’m not going to e3 because that would be
flying from Taiwan back and then basically flying to LA god that was just
that’s just horrible it would probably be cheaper though that’s what Dan did
last year really dan went to Computex and then he
did his honeymoon in Hong Kong or around there and then came back for e3 and he
was gone for like a whole month but let me get this on to the are you where are
you gonna try to that’s it I’m not gonna try to derail because I already did it
okay well I’m gonna do a Cronkite here is it who’s that
yeah I’m you see look check it out at approximately 12:30 April oh wait Nate
May GPP is pronounced dead no I don’t remember having glasses all day so you
know and he had glasses and he just took them off what’s the point of that yeah
because he was Terry oh yes holy smokes you guys did not go to you know American
history class or something like that we’re just dead inside Gordon we’ve been
desensitized with everything alright the main thing is invidious controversial
g-force partner program that everybody hated nobody ever confirmed what it was
outside of Kyle Bennett but whatever was it’s already dead and yes and I’m gonna
guess that means Kyle was probably right anybody one fills in basically to
summarize them to see if I got this right it’s a program that would have
forced gaming computer getting board members to move the Radeon
brand like so right now you could by example we don’t really know example is
a soos Republic of gamers huge brand they’ve been building that up for 10
years to move that on to the other brand not on rogue you do have to be on its
own brand like cards not as good as geforce i think is what they were trying
to encourage you but to call it yeah the point is that it makes it so you have to
have a dedicated brand for geforce that you can use with Radeon and rock is one
day you’re talking about right but it would also apply to laptops and desktop
systems though I think cuz it did sound like again we are going all off the
reporting of Kyle Bennett editor-in-chief longtime editor-in-chief
of hard o CP this guy he’s got a lot of good sources and you know he said also a
lot of PC vendors were unhappy a dell were pushing back is what he reported I
think believe me no one you’re gonna go wall how come you didn’t talk anybody
will believe me I have talked to people ain’t nobody saying anything so how do
we know that it’s dead then if it was never really officially alive well
because they said it I took my glasses off 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time May
fourth GPP partner program is dead Nvidia actually posted a blog post in
the beginning of March I think it is which Kyle claims was in response to
questions from him about GeForce Partner Program saying hey it’s about
transparency so you know what’s in the box but they never actually explained
what it is and then Kyle’s report came out you know after this vague blog post
and then last week they put another blog post out that even though it used the
word transparency many times they still never actually say what the divorce
partner program is they say that the rumors conjectured mistruths go beyond
its intent rather than babbling misinformation we’ve just decided to
cancel it mm-hmm it doesn’t make you its transparency yeah I’m in the hole like
we’re gonna be transparent this is to be transparent
we’re not keeping opaque about this so yeah well I feel like it’s kind of
telling to say well everyone misunderstood what it was so we’re just
going to kill it but we’re not actually going to explain to you what it actually
was so you guys all understand how you misunderstood it yeah we’re all wrong
it’s it’s you it’s not me it’s you sorry we got to break this up that’s true it’s
the best way to do it like I think they could have gotten in front of this
unless the demands really were like for the top rogue class top gaming brands
like if they had just come out and said look there’s a bunch of stuff going on
we’re not asking for raagh we’re just asking that you know we want people who
buy geforce cards from a masseuse to know that you know the jerries brand or
whatever if you know the Jerry’s brand then you’ll begin Nvidia we just want a
brand that has geforce exclusive if they would have said that you know whatever
cool well rusty Shackelford says how am I supposed to know the difference
between a 1060 and a 580 now that’s true doesn’t say yeah it does it does seem
rather odd though I mean I think gamers can tell but I you know but again you
know people accuse me of being in an Nvidia fanboy but I I do think you could
see from ingredients point of videos like look we saw 80% of all the graphics
cards gamers consume we’re basically we’re paying all these companies to you
know because they do they give them money to push these brands of gamers
basically AMD is like riding on our coattails because you know we built the
wrong brand with you and then now this is just an example and and now hey why
am i helping you you know so that does kill business people to pay to help
their competitors right so but I gotta say it does it it does it didn’t seem
fair I think that’s a problem with it too a lot of people just made it seem
like they’re going on a way to punch in video or pinching and being the face and
it was hidden that one-two combination you know didn’t sit with people the
right way I think right I mean I think the big problem – we still don’t really
know I mean I I got a I got a feeling that Kyle was pretty damn right right on
this but still you want to know like so really what was it I mean can you
show us something that to show us you he wasn’t like making this up in video you
know I was hoping that blog post would have clarified it but they just said
yeah we’re not gonna fight any of the misinformation what are you talking
about Brad they were being fully transparent yeah the point that amused
me in that blog post is they said the GPU brand should be clearly transparent
no substitute GPUs hidden behind a pile of techno jargon I mean it’s always hurt
my heart because I really hate how Nvidia has they’re like the three
gigabyte GTX 1060 and the six gigabyte GTX 1060 and it’s not just the memory
they’re different chips but that’s hidden behind techno jargon it didn’t
this post there like things shouldn’t be hidden behind techno jargon and I was
just shaking my head reading the entire thing weird I you know and I gotta say I
do think it’s unfair because definitely a lot of the a lot of the reaction was
it too was for everybody to go out and want to say Oh anybody who signed up on
this GPP I’m blacklisting right I I do think people don’t I don’t think that
was really fair to a lot of those vendors because I don’t think people
understand the amount of control that Intel AMD and NVIDIA have over these
people who sell their parts yeah but I feel like as a consumer that’s really
the only route they had to make their displeasure known right yeah they put
pressure on the middle person and the middle person that has to go back and
put pressure on the right source of it but I think there should be some empathy
for if your entire business model is your supplier that sells you 80% of what
you make money off of it says you’re gonna do this it’s pretty hard to tell
that that vendor your supplier to go okay and Sam because I don’t disagree
I’m just saying that having the people speak gives that vendor power to go back
to that supplier and say hey they’re not going to buy any of this stuff so we
need to talk about this again right well go ahead Brad I mean just to see if even
though it’s technically dead if like the spirit I live on cuz like Zeus already
made this new Radeon inclusive Ares Brent and the page was acting a little
wonky the day the news went live I checked before the show it’s back up so
that’s still there we’re inclusive Aires brand you know
obviously other companies it seems had put things into motion to make their own
Radeon exclusive brand cuz AMD said as much I’m curious to see if that still
happens because GPP could be technically dead but they’ve already spent all this
money rebranding everything changing you know all that kind of stuff so even
though cynically dead the spirit could still live on we’re not gonna know for
you know months or whatever right it could be just one cycle to where you’ve
already printed 10,000 boxes Yasim you know had throw away you know it could
they could pull the classic sticker move look like that they like like ROG
sticker they could just like rogue sticker on the Aries Prague Aries on
there and this has happened over the years where at the very very last minute
they will have to tape over specs to not get sued or they will tape on a brand
because they’ve changed something so well Leslie lie over on YouTube thinks
that Nvidia’s misunderstood and that they’re trying to do the the good thing
for the consumer that’s right from an Nvidia point of view we’re trying to
help you not buy a Radeon car we’re being good for you oh yes we also make
money off of that to you but it is yeah they’re their whole point is do not help
their competitor like I said I can get that I can understand if they to come
out and say hey we don’t necessarily we’re all wrong but we want a sues to
make a gaming lineup that’s branded just for us you know that’s cool whatever
yeah it’s that it stay hidden everything and just everything about this just it’s
weird yeah something I mean it just smelled everything about it smelled
weird like I could see like yeah like I mean yeah if they said like yeah we you
wanted you keep you know wrong for Radeon and we’re like you’re saying
we’re gonna make our new brand that’s not gonna happen oh they’re not gonna do
that because all the the brand recognition is in that name right it
just feels like one of those political conversations where someone they sit
down at a table and someone says I’m not gonna tell you I want this but this
location something would happen yeah I totally agreed because you’re clearly if
you’re you know nvidia does do 75 or 80% 70% of graphics card sales so that’s the
one that you would use your flagship brand on so even if it doesn’t
specifically say use your established brands on us I mean it’s very much
implied right so to wrap this up roo-roo two’s asking when do we think we’ll
actually see a real GPP contracts leaked online now that it’s you know supposedly
dead I don’t I don’t think we will don’t like to get sued personally and they
don’t like their companies to get sued the only person that we know that has
seen this outside of the people who have signed this contract well although I I
don’t know if Kyle actually said he has seen the actual contracts but he’s
definitely seen a lot of the paperwork pertaining to it yeah so I think that’s
about as close as we’re gonna get so yeah we will probably never know what
the deal is for several years but and there’s no way he would publish that cuz
I would Nuka sources yep yeah cuz it’s very easy to figure out what they gave
you can be tracked back to you know the cams periods a you know I mean the FBI
can look they can look at the ink marks from your laser printer and track it to
what you give to somebody so it is what they can add that oh no they can’t yes
yes you know actually where to go talking about GPP though is is how much
credit do we give now everybody’s haters everybody hates them how much credit do
we give to the big vendors the real the real movers and shakers in PC industry
before stopping this if it did if they did because of that last story I think
we saw of Kyle was HP Dell and HP push back on this right for people who don’t
know Dell and HP sell like a third of all the computers in the world probably
so they that wouldn’t even be spreads but it adds up to more than they maybe
more than a third maybe more than that you know 4/5 I know not that much what
about Matt oh no we’re not talking about fractions because the thing is a lot of
the big OEMs and I will say in the past the vendors have gotten into these
little squabbles and they stopped them years ago HP when they bought Vudu
people don’t remember this ancient history but you could only buy a
crossfire board and you could buy and you could buy an
SLI board you could not use them interchangeably you could not run to
Radeon cards in a board that supported us a line no matter what and that was
just simply squabbling between Nvidia and AMD of course AMD said it was never
their fault you know they blamed in video of course but at that point HP
actually came in and said look we’re tired of this crap because gamers one
upgrade they don’t want to they just want to have a choice
give us a BIOS that supports both of these and they were actually able to to
push through a system the one of the original Vudu system from HP that could
run either crossfire and SLI and that sort of started this avalanche of oh
yeah okay let’s just just stop this whole silliness I’m just bringing up the
hey now that’s a good point because I mean really we don’t know there are a
lot of forces a lot of money a lot of politics that were moving behind this
with currents but I gotta say if there was somebody who did stop this I would
think it’d be the big OMS because there they have the money they buy enough
parts they could say luck we’re not gonna we’re not gonna play this way and
then people in forums and on Twitter and stuff are like oh it’s cuz you know
European regulators are looking at it in US but I mean I’m sure that before this
got rolled out Nvidia had an army of lawyers looking through it all to make
sure it’s all technically legal yeah so I’m inclined to believe exactly what
you’re saying that somebody’s like no we’re not we’re not interested in this
whatsoever right I just I just want to give a shout out because I do think
probably that had something to do with it and you know the whole internet
although all the lot of people don’t like you know the big Tier one guys gals
but you know good give him some due credit for this probably I think yeah
nice nice yeah I still don’t know the glass thing was so you know we actually
we did have somebody I’m not gonna be able to find it quick enough
Vignesh ball us or mean Young says he got the con kite reference yeah see one
person on YouTube who got it’s alright to you because Adam gets my name wrong
all the time yeah you touched a life today Gordon before we move to the next topic though
I want to do a quick you know PSA to say you know thank you everyone for tuning
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what he does yeah you just yeah you know he’s just never you’re never gonna get a
Red Sox fan to hug their Yankees fan and I don’t care if they’re they’re on fire
they probably wouldn’t pour that bucket of sand on them it’s just not gonna so
GPP is dead but something else from him that he is about to come to life yeah
finally here after what a year and a half yeah 2017 CES it was an accident
yep remember that and I gotta say because I it’s the second time I’ve seen
it since CES or 2017 it looks just as good Jason Casey are finally here the
long waited g-sync HDR so yeah you went to an event last last week right yeah
got your some screen time with it with an awesome console game final fantasy 15
is it I didn’t know that was a very final fantasy as a console game really
it was born on the console it was on the console for a long time that was vest on
PCs it was just weird to see you play Final Fantasy in that video everyone
should go watch it it’s I mean got a phone already
I use a keyboard and mouse before it yeah
and let’s I’m sorry consoles don’t exist anymore they’re just pcs that don’t work
with mice and keyboards but then why do you hey so it has been a year and a half
he give us a rundown what do you think HDR is so jisuk HDR is basically it is
HDR brought down to a computer monitor we had a long talk about this what
exactly does it mean you know does it does it mean it’s I’m gonna say this to
make one certain YouTube fan happy does it mean it’s you know a plus two you
know with firm rate control or is it true ten bit is it a thousand nits the
panel I saw which was the Acer X 27 I believe there’s a thousand nits 25 by
1440 you know 2560 by 1440 144 Hertz over closed it for k o4 k you’re right
no wait yes sorry it’s it’s been a week and a half already I can’t remember it
was a 4k panel you know and I think it was high frame rate too so I drew 44
yeah 144 for K and a thousand nits and I gotta say next to it they had an older
Acer 27 inch IPS 4k IPS against and we’re not talking crap and that that
that g-sync that X 27 with g-sync HDR looked fantastic
so HDR makes a huge difference you know like when I got my new TV it was a
upgrade from 10a to 4k and then sure you see a little bit more you know
resolution detail but man that HDR when that kicks in like that’s that’s a huge
difference yeah yeah yeah and they were they you
know Nvidia was talking about there were a couple different effects and I
unfortunately don’t I don’t have the notes in front of me but they’re there
there are two things that happen when you crank up the brightness it actually
increases perceived contrast and colors you like to things just look better
because it was brighter like there’s actually some some dude it’s named after
and the second thing is if it’s brighter you actually perceive more resolution
which is pretty interesting I think I I don’t know why that is but I just like
it’s so amazing because the 4k IPS panel just look just dull next to the tastier
panel and and I gotta say I can’t wait to try it I saw it at CES 2017
first announced and it blew my mind to see it like I have said it in the recent
freesync to review to an explosion went off on the screen and my body actually
physically like jumped away from it so I’m really interested to see how this
turns out yeah and you know its own lit so they
basically have I think it was three hundred eighty four zones on this in
order to hit that that thousand nits and brightness and just look really good it
just making you think like oh maybe this is it’s worth it you know to do an
upgrade you know I’m not sure I’m really into 4k but you know I’d probably wanted
25 by 1440 did they talk any about the the details of like latency or you know
what kind of card it’s gonna need to drive this I mean probably a TI right
there’s no card that will drive that at its max frame rate I know it makes you
wonder if maybe they’ll be announcing a video card that can support it you know
maybe it would have been launched by now because I’m shocked that they’re
launching these monitors when there isn’t you know graphics cards that can
support it it seems weird right and so and again you’re asking me about latency
they did say it’s so the interesting is as like well so does g-sync HDR mean it
has to be a certain latency does it have to be a certain you know respond it just
and they’re like look what it means is because they’re gonna you know other
vendors from making different class will be going to you know their monitor
partners and they’ll be making these panels they will just like g-sync just
like everybody hates about g-sync right although there’s probably the one thing
that makes juicing so awesome is they send it to nvidia and video looks at it
and they go you need to work on this we don’t really like like how this looks
so it really is it just means and I gotta say this is the hard part it just
means it’s g-sync HDR and it meets our standards what those standards are we
don’t know again it doesn’t mean it’s it’s 6+2 doesn’t mean it’s 8 + 2 doesn’t
mean it’s true 10 bit you know I I don’t I don’t know they basically are saying
no and and also for latency they’re like look it also means you know because
clearly they’re saying look people like say oh why would I just why would I do
this why not just good a TV right 4k TV HDR and they’re
like those things suck you know the input latency is horrible because
they’re not made to actually a lot of them are getting better the new TV I got
had the real high marks on our arting ratings whatever I say guess we’d have
to find out I mean yeah I mean I think the thing is I’m sure this is better but
maybe the remainder the latency I really talking about for gaming actually they
were measuring the input latency yeah they have they have a sub sub number
just for gaming that includes latency and a bunch of other stuff so don’t have
to see but I mean that again I think one of these uses Adam if you go to Costco
and you buy the first one that’s so from or so of quaza soap oh it’s just HDR I
know it’s good right oh yeah panel for gaming so what their size good and a lot
of TVs that do have the gaming modes work great if you’re sitting on the
couch but if you’re buying it to play counter-strike with a mouse and keyboard
or whatever it doesn’t meet those standards right and it is a little I
mean I mean with g-sync we you knew it meant variable refresh rate but I guess
if in there it didn’t mean it necessarily had to hit a certain refresh
rate though it just it just it just means their standards so which is what
everybody has never liked about do you think because then now you have a delay
getting product to market and then people don’t like it because they charge
you to get that certification and testing well this sounds like really
bleeding edge stuff that they should charge a premium for it because we’re
focusing on the HDR we’re focusing on the g-sync but like this is gonna be
these are gonna be one of the first 144 Hertz resync juicing panels or just
panels whatsoever 4k that’s the word I’m sorry there aren’t 144 Hertz 4k panels
right now so I’m really excited about that what are you on the HDR beyond all
that stuff speaking of premium how much we talking yeah they didn’t say I gotta
say they did not they didn’t know cuz I don’t know they’re just kind of leave
and that means are they’re gonna shock you because it’s a good price or shocky
because I mean I can’t imagine this is gonna be anything but
you know premium pricing because exactly of what Brad just said using this first
4k 144 Hertz panel that also has g-sync and HDR and 384 back laid stones I mean
that’s a lot quantum dots to make it the HDR look even better did they say last
year what it was I mean is I almost kind of got the feeling it was gonna be like
$800 but what never guessed 1500 yeah mm yeah I would do like 800 you’re talking
about a standard g-sync panel and baby is running at 25 by 14 at maybe 75 Hertz
bump up into a B of Gd then I mean I shudder to think what those are gonna
cost those are the 60 inch right 60 inch I think they are theoretically I think I
think they’ll come on Adam no wrong just add add 14 months to it it’ll come out
just in the side speaking of g-sync panels man that Best Buy had a deal
earlier this week for a 240 Hertz Alienware g-sync panel for three hundred
and thirty bucks I’m just like mmm great prices on monitors since fall last like
Black Friday last year for some reason it was like monitor season and Elena
didn’t you get a new monitor oh I did just buy new years I finally got a 4k
panel what do you and you were complaining it’s got free sync correct I
didn’t complain about it you heard it as complaining because I mentioned
something that had to do with consoles I got a 4k panelist resync support and
it supports free sync over HDMI which means I can use it with my xbox one X if
I want to with white awesome I know I said that’s one in the HDR oh this is an
HDR panel anyway never meant ignore me no no
no there’s no way cuz the only name putting off 15 no I know my budget was
like around 300 so I said alright that’s crazy though still for K variable
refresh for her yeah it’s IPS – Wow an IPS yeah no I didn’t want a TN panel huh
I don’t really play a lot of twitch games hmm get a good deal I got for
about 320 that’s not so when so when are these juicing HDR panels coming pretty
soon I think they were imminent basically within like I think they
should be arriving probably within a few weeks so but you know I got a so if this
thing is $1,500 right I’m for lucky if we’re lucky
just I’m gonna guess that’s too high I’m gonna guess it’ll be on bucks
I’m guessing thousand dollars paper is way too much for a desk Oh have you seen
how some expenses some of them are I think I was looking at one the other day
that was like 1300 yeah if you look at them pro-grade HDR here’s the thing
though isn’t this because I justify it now freesync versus G Singh no here’s
the bring it to bring it bring it back this to freesync versus g-sync I gotta
say are you really gonna go on buy a expensive freesync panel to couple with
what your rx 580 card or maybe a Vega view lucked into one it’s just like I
mean it’s clear that there’s a new part coming from Nvidia you know you’re gonna
be able to push 4k with whatever this thing is you just don’t know when the
hell is AMD gonna come up with something you can use you’re making a big
investment on panel do you want to really invest in freesync you know just
did $300 that’s pay for breakfast for Elena through oh wow mr. 1% the 0.1% of
gamers who are in the market for 144 Hertz 4k monitor and the hardware that
you drive it that’s like such a minority yeah I think free sync and Radeon do you
just find I mean do one forty-four Hertz monitors especially
with Vega but isn’t there like a I mean do people are people really are they are
they going all in when they do that because I sort of think since we already
know 70% of people run g-force it’s you know you go to buy a new monitor you
think maybe it’s time to get you know g-sync panel you know I just kind of
wonder at the high end of freesync to really makes any sense with the current
cards we mean by high end ok paddles yeah I mean anything that costs $500 to
me and up is is a high end panel I mean sure but I don’t think you’re seeing a
lot of freesync panels in that range mm-hmm
there’s a precinct two monitors that came out recently there’s there’s been a
few few other ones yeah I mean it’s also possible that one because we’ve talked
about this on the show before where a monitor is something that you kind of
invest in right could you’re expecting it to last you like what eight ten years
people using so it could just be a thing like me where I’m not me playing at 4k
on my PC but I have it because one I’m going to use it for productivity and two
in the future eventually my hardware will catch up to it because I’ll have
that panel for a good ten years at least the panel and replacing is ten years old
so you’re locked into Radeon probably I mean if you get it because you have
Radeon today there’s no reason you couldn’t use it doesn’t cost you extra
beyond minimal amounts to get a free synced panel no you’re locked in your
well I’m just saying the main one of the most awesome features is variable
refresh rates and you can’t you know if you can’t use that but realistically if
you’re not talking honors who are in that lower range
realistically how many of them are actually going to be spending extra on a
g-sync panel so it’s not really reaching that audience the part of the audience
anyway so if they happen to have a monitor that supports free sync it
doesn’t really it’s just like a wash period I know I mean I I think if you’ve
got the money to buy you know to GTX 1080 T eyes to power cut 4k 144
leading-edge jisuk HDR panel if you care that much you’d probably be willing and
able to swap those components out three or four years down the line true dove on
youtube says the cheapest g-sync HDR monitors 3000 including that according
to an antique article on April 10th that popped up in stores in Europe it popped
up but you can’t take European pricing as a given for us or even official
announcement pricing those weren’t officially prices I don’t think that’s
true but still that’s a Hut’s a lot maybe that’s in whatever the currency is
in Greece so not to make fun of Greece’s currency situation not to make fun of it
but we’re making fun of it I’m sure it’s bad wherever it is oh I
did hear something I want nothing when I was at the meeting
they did talk about a new program because they think people are not going
to understand g-sync it’s g-sync partner program with HDR interesting so that’s
not anything they just want you to brand all freesync as stuff that sucks vendors
may not go for that I’m just kidding I made that up completely nobody still
sore over those enigma tastic BP the other GPB g-sync partner program you
already here first we made it up completely not true at all enigma tastic
on twitch says or he’s wondering addis fast sync is that compatible with Vulcan
I don’t know off the top of my head I haven’t used it with Vulcan you know I
have to look up fast think now I haven’t even heard of it is that like I think is
Oh like it’s good it’s good if you’re playing very very high refresh rate
games interesting and I’m not sure if it’s compatible evoke in you’d have to
google it sorry man I don’t know that’s the top of my head all right well I guess we’re gonna get
one in for testing at some point right yes yes and I think their variant
shouldn’t see how it does against that Samsung you like their so much Brad so
am i I’m very interested as well because I really like this I tested for the
people who don’t know a few weeks ago Samsung Precinct to monitor and it’s not
perfect but it’s one of the best monitors I’ve ever used if not the best
monitor I’ve ever used but did have some flaws and it’s only 600 nits of
brightness which has been a problem with some of the early PC HDR panels so I’m
really curious to see how g-sync HDR and a full thousand its holds up you know I
do want to mention this is one thing we saw on dfgd at CES this year and I did
again see this I don’t know if it’s ever really going to be solved immediately
but so it’s a thousand nits so you can imagine it’s like staring into a super
bright flashlight almost you have the shutters in the LCD they flipped a block
block light out of it but the intensity of that light where the shutters are
open just for like small game you I kind of stuff it has kind of a global cue to
it right you know we’re talking about we saw with the BFG D where at one point a
mouse got moved across the screen you could see the zones lighting up and they
would turn off so local dimming yeah so yeah which is it which is a good feature
you know when you need it but yeah when there’s a stark contrast and especially
off axis like even on my new TV you know I came from how many local dimming zones
it is but you know on axis it’s actually not too bad and yeah I’m at a distance
for a TV but on a monitor when you’re up close and you know maybe you’re moving
your head around like cool you start to see those zones and it can be it could
be bothersome I’m curious to see a normal sized monitor like the ones that
are coming out soon because I imagine on those BF gd’s that are you know 60
inches big if they still only have 384 zones like these other ones then I mean
that would you know intensify the issue yeah and I will say I didn’t see it
wasn’t as bad you couldn’t actually see the outline of the zone which we saw on
the early BFG that all engineering samples suffered yeah or looser
I didn’t see the actual zones but there was kind of a global kind of globe or
the UI was like if you had you know like letters in one area and you moved across
the block dark sky will just kind of I mean you also gotta assume it at a
thousand nits you know like whatever that the is on the screen you know so
whatever coding it is like that’s bright enough that that that could be
reflecting off of the inside of that glasstor panel or whatever and just you
know like yeah and yeah I think it’s very much like if you take a flashlight
you shine it through your hand you can’t see through my hand but putting a bright
and a flashlight on there really solve that this may be something we sort of
have to sort of accept I kind of wonder maybe game developers can fix it by
changing the UI so it’s you know this doesn’t pop up 100% brightness yeah like
you yeah but I gotta say look it looks spectacular and Brad knows you’ve seen
it and you’ve seen it as well Adam right HDR yeah yes side by side not side by
side but there’s there’s a difference for sure yeah do you’ve seen on a
console does on a TV and that Dell we looked at alone for me I think at least
in the demos I’ve seen at trade shows and now that I’ve tested this freesync
to monitor even though it’s a lesser amount to me I think that HDR looks more
visually impressive than upgrading from 1080p to 4k oh yeah so I’m really
excited to see him coming out yeah I agree with that for gaming hell yeah 4k
is nice only to me on a huge monitor like 30 I’d have to have 32 32 inches
right cuz that’s everything the UI is just gets a little tough but 32 it’s
great it’s it’s it’s great to have the real estate but like a 20 remembered
that Dell made that 24 inch 4k panel it looked great though the pixel density
was just like in same twenty sevens not bad yeah I just have to scale up scale
up the windows yeah pumps we have a 15 minutes left to get
into our last top and yes are we gonna do we got any questions left
we’re good right now nobody in the audience is planning on buying a $3,000
GC KCR panel USD no st. Greek dollar yeah whatever they is but of course last
topic of gratefully up a was it a is it a retailer yep
I’m an IT services supplier oh my god blue chip creating computers apparently
posted the what to expect from Intel and AMD for the rest of the year I think
right they posted a video on YouTube yeah looks like it was supposed to go to
their partners but was accidentally made public yeah you want to put that up
there I’m gonna bring it up here yeah seems like somebody the company was like
yeah I just you fire me well it’s the graphic is gone Adams can try to get
let’s let’s let’s tell people what they’re seeing again we are seeing a
apparently accidentally leaked on purpose a Intel and AMD chipset update
slide from blue chip creating computers the big news I haven’t from me here I
gotta say so that little dashed line is is kind of where we’re at right now and
then what you should expect in in July is the AMD be 450 chipset not too
exciting wait there’s something before that oh there is oh yes June 18th yeah
it’s not weird who made this slide well no because the copy Texas that divider
yes copy text so basically they’re kind of using that as a divider in the year I
think I see which copy Texas is in about three weeks and we will see the first
eight core engineering sample target June 2 2018 for CFL s which is of course
coffee like s part desktop LGA 1150 one part
days and it sounds like it Computex we’re gonna be seeing a mdz for 90
motherboards – is what this says yep yep yeah Jim’s gonna be new there I’m very
interested to see what’s what’s new ones I mean the new the new 4×4 70 boards
they basically have storm I they have improved power handling for the new
chips so yeah it’ll be interesting to see what more they add and then also of
course again B 450 which sounds like just probably a you know low in part
right well that’s copy text I mean that’s an upgrade – I do have a question
going back to the Z yeah 490 like that seems very confusing that they would
actually choose the same letter that okay no I know y’all like that if you
look at it yeah I can’t keep them straight last last year they purposely
chose X right and that kind of distinguished it like why would you
anyway yeah well now there are a hundred ahead though see they’re at 490 in tells
it well theoretically at 390 perfect it’s just like it’s so easy to even keep
the model number straight because they overlap so much it’s like so what so
August oxo let me save this where they August 18th we should expect thread
Ripper TR for Colfax I don’t know that Colfax says it’s a
basically the second generation of thread Ripper
you know I’ll basically expect it to be like um Zen plus right these are just
the better better dies much improvements and a new X 399 chipset what’s Intel’s X
299 it’s gonna do a new X 399 chipset yeah yeah they just keep going keep on
keeping on see now I – I people look people need to just like oh this this
this I could be totally up with Intel or AMD coming out with chipset partner
program okay they’re coming out yeah nobody keep the damn chipset names
straight I mean you got a point on that right front for sure the only reason I
pointed out the z1 is because I feel like Z 370
a much more common sort of thing that people will be looking at rather than
the X 299 X 399 chipsets there’s just much
more room to confuse a whole bunch of people yeah I mean we’re look we follow
this all the time and even we’re like I mean it’s insane and at this point every
time I I buy something for work because we don’t have the part I always make
sure that the socket is there right that’s the worst thing ever that whole
coffee like does not work on on kb lake sky lake but at least I know I’m not
getting the wrong manufacturer that would suck – right but thank goodness
for a PC part picker we have new Intel chipsets look we got third quarter
there’s gonna be Z 390 which is an improvement over Z what’s the – 703 370
370 yeah and that’s for canon lay and it says cnl which i’m gonna assume is canon
Lake PCH so it’ll be a new chipset for Ken the
cannon like CPUs which I can’t remember those are 14 plus plus plus plus plus looking at this road map is that it was
expected Z 390 with launch to support the new 8 core chips like Intel is
rumored to have an 8 core chip coming out but if you look at this road map
right underneath fed C 390 it says the first 8 core engineering samples are
going out to people in June but it’s expected to launch closer towards the
end of the year huh so you’re right I see that that’s why that’s down there
outlined interesting that that’s the part that made me go hmm interesting
because I speak them to lunch simultaneously but I mean Z 370 is
lacking some stuff compared to the lower end chipsets like native USB 3.1 gen2
I think the fast one which was support the ticket per second one yeah the fast
the fast USB is it’s now built right into the chipset on like the H 310 and
the other new Intel boards is not into the Z 370
I’m not surprised to see a refresh it also has better Wi-Fi and stuff so it
makes sense to release a new motherboard for them yeah it’s just interesting it’s
so late though that’s I know we just saw I mean those chips were delayed yeah and
nanometer chips were delayed they’re gonna be rolling out whisky lake at some
point so I just hope that I swear to God if this eight core Canon like you know a
eight core whatever it is the eight core 1151 part comes out and it’s not
compatible with XIII 70 right I mean you would think that they would just like
okay hey here’s a core 370 was engineered for that it’s gonna work but
if they’re gonna say yeah you got to wait till this Z 390 chipset in q4 but
we don’t know because Intel is very conservative with chipsets they’re like
oh you know we don’t want to get sad so we’re gonna make sure everything works
so a lot of people give an A and D crap because if you buy a new one the new
chips with one of the original gen motherboards then sometimes it won’t
boot because the motherboard was built for first gen resin so you have to get a
boot kit I like like some people complain about that but I think that’s a
great program I’m glad to see Andy does it because I think it’s you know keeping
motherboard compatibility for longer is a greater good then yeah the
inconvenience of having to go through the boot process ya know it’s worth it
and and it does make everything very easy it’s like I mean it’s really funny
because they’re like I think I’ve seen facts or be like oh can I use a you know
z20 2700 on this chipset is it m4 yes can I use it on this board is it m4 yes
you know basically if it fits in the socket its am for its isn’t gonna work
that’s pretty much the easy way whereas like that whole coffee like KB Lake just
sucked I was like we’re looking at doing a a Pentium Coffee Lake build it was
like oh wow this does Z 270 board is really cheap right but or not z2 so many
but you know it to Series board was like wow that’s pretty cheap but no does not
work with he with coffee like even the bottom n1 which it just that’s insane to
me just bitching cyber wolf makes a funny joke that I
know how Elena and I will enjoy if it fits it’s it’s if it’s it’s it’s yeah
that’s a good one Wow okay I wonder who got fired over
this though or maybe they don’t Yeah right I really yeah if an employee
intentionally posted it as a screw you guys an out thing that’s one thing I can
tell you that was not intentionally posted by the corporation itself it does
definitely put to rest those theories like oh well into a lynnium do you are
intentionally leaking these roadmaps well this is both of theirs in the same
one so oh maybe they’re cooperating on the leak to help you get ready for to
not confuse Z 490 and Z 3 and D and X like they need some sort of partner
program yeah can’t they just like getting a room
around table I mean he’ll we’re going to North Korea did you like they should get
together and just say okay you can have X and we’ll take Y we’re like no no no X
is cooler than Y okay you could know what he likes why everyone likes X and Z
why is that what’s wrong with y Y is like actually I like the Y’s extreme
it’s one of my favorite Star Wars ships the white-winged he did look good but I
got to say it never ever did anything never in the Star Wars universe well it
did some bombing runs did it yeah I think so I just seem like pretty
unsuccessful but I would rather be in Y wing than the B wing I’m sorry no dude B
wings my favorite P wings off you’re just no I’m not no it’s awesome I love
that design have you ever seen the Lego of the B wing like the one that’s like
thousands of pieces like let me tell you in the star wars stripped I have written
that they did not take at Disney they’re like we’re making our attack run you’re
like okay a wings go on the left flank Y wings on the right wing
okay X wings Lock s-foils into Attack Position and then I look over and you’re
like well B win what are you doing I’m rotating the
which is awesome what is that what does that do because we spread that that’s it
makes the lasers go right but the b-wing is like this your whole thing is you
rotate around that center shaft yeah but then how does that work does that do
until you go in for the bombing run and then it locks up position I’m just
saying like like like you’re distracting me with your rotating B wing B wing
flight can you green green fly can you stop rotating it doesn’t do anything it
doesn’t it doesn’t do anything and it’s like it’s like going really fast like
wooo it’s like it’s like it did whatever they just spin or no it’s like slow it’s
like a rotisserie chicken thing that’s gonna throw that tie interceptors no
yeah man you can’t you can’t lock onto those B wings you know stop rotating now
okay we get it you can rotate B wing green flight we get it we’re going for
our attacker and stop rotating okay look what went we really how did you get into
this being one what were you flying before a cloud city patrol car oh the
thing with two cars yeah you weren’t even the pilot you were the copilot of
the cloud city why not just put the C the other guy behind the other cow like
why is it like separated member of this discussion is that something from Star
Wars got compared to rotisserie chicken well that’s pretty cool if you look
green flight if you stop rotating your B wing he might actually hit it stop
rotating I mean I would expect their like inside
behind their pilot there’s probably actually a rotisserie chicken like it’s
actually let me out of here let me out of there being three wings are awesome
pirates so leaked CPU roadmaps anything else we want to say before we have to to
get out of here Q&A this meeting any last question I just gonna ask if
there’s anything else for the the CPU roadmaps I was just looking up b-wing
stuff hey I’m rotten I mean just to see how
third wrapper does you know to me that’s the exciting thing on them the roadmap
yeah you think they’ll shift prices with thread ripper like they did a second gen
rising it’s possible back on topic here sorry oh here’s my question sorry Brad
if everybody hasn’t go in the bathroom how much is a core coffee like asking a
call 205 yeah Wow really they haven’t really been trying to compete on price
five because that’s gonna be the I mean it’s gonna have the exact same core
count and the IPC and single thread lead it’s gonna be like especially if they
brand it like what was it called the 808 six anniversary edition if they like
managed to tie nostalgia to a team well that would be cool five hundred bucks
with a special box it would come in a retail box
justic slot exactly like they were gentle 8086 which i don’t even think you
probably could get retail but no and then they could take our advice and have
it make the sound when you open it up we’re at the premium yeah yeah I haven’t
I mean but none I mean they can’t all be that much though right I mean besides 80
I think that 86 isn’t that just gonna being a limited edition kind of thing or
you think the whole lineup will be I wouldn’t be surprised there’s only one
eight core chip Wow mmm at least a start like if they make it hey this is the
fancy 808 six anniversary edition eight core chip 500 bucks and then for whiskey
Lake or whatever we might have more options we got people
in the chat we’ve got a lot of people you know II Lopez says 350 Leslie and
rusty say 400 Samsonite says 460 to 500 people under the lowest I would
realistically go for probably like 450 but because you already have the six
core chip at like 360 right now 350 yeah but you compress the stack when it comes
out I’m with everyone I think 350 you know 359 six quarters I’ve had that
price Coors now mine six core is every bit as good as eight cores oh no it
cores out better than ten six cores I’ll never slashes their prices like the way
AMD has well they have they’ve done some price compression I mean yes like by ten
or fifteen dollars well yeah you know it’s funny because I think we all get
very excited about well 87 inch okay we’re like wow six core CPU
incredible for 350 sorta if you’re lucky but there was that six core broadly part
and right so those were about 320 those LGA or the X X 99 remember that broad
Willy and the as well yet parts they had this they did sort of have those 356
scores before so I guess it hasn’t really gone down I guess if you think
about it that way it hasn’t so I can’t imagine that they would bring out a core
and say hey you know how much we used to charge for these here have it for 350 Oh
River to ruber to on twitch thinks 420 you don’t don’t feed Adam that’s a I
think 500 bucks 450 at the lowest okay yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s
just an introductory taste if it’s the hey it’s the 806 anniversary edition
this is like it’s many courses you can get match and rising higher IPC higher
single thread this is B chip to get 500 bucks and it’s playing on your nostalgia
yeah I mean and also the other thing is if we’re looking at q4 launch because
what they have to do is they have to get the clocks and thermals
and yields to get to where it’s going to be faster than a 2700 X right and so
yeah I could be fairly limited that would be kind of a bummer but I just
think it’s got to be I don’t know I just think they’re just gonna it’ll be 359 my
guess is 359 it’ll slot in at the top at the top top consumer park paper retail
price because of extremely limited availability will push it up into the
380 390 I mean it would be sweet if that happened but I just don’t see it as a
realistic thing I’m bettin time it’s it doesn’t make sense to sell for $5 that
sounds like you want to put it on paper how you having the problems of that I
just don’t think I just at $500 then you’re like what are you looking at $500
and CPC says you’re quite up against the red were practically you know that’s a
tough fight going up against that eight courts Red River part I haven’t even
looked at sky like X prices lately but are they
what’s an eight-core go for I haven’t looked at those in a long time five ish
I forget I know everybody’s kind of like yeah but it’s I don’t know I I think
they’re gonna start compete on price yeah I hope they do they haven’t so far
yeah they haven’t so far which would support you but ATS the point I do think
there are there are some things where they’re giving you more threads before
right you’re getting a you’re getting a what six core non hyper threaded part
four to something you can never get that before thank you AMD and you’re getting
hyper threading at the low end where you never got that before so there’s a lot
of things I think they they recognize the realities have to fight a core war
so they have to write but they haven’t changed their position on price is what
I’m saying yeah because they’ve been able to at least say that hey we’ve got
better IPC performance justify not having to lower their prices it is it is
just 5% at this point though it’s not as big as its he was last year 5% and then
the other clocks they can still market that yeah they chopped that out yeah
that’s true okay well we’re gonna see in q4 who’s right
is everybody agreeing with me or them nobody’s agreeing with you Gordon that
was completely transparent and also a little brutal so we have we have some
quick questions if if we want to hit him we got companies yeah we’ve got a place
to be in about eight minutes all right maybe a couple of them all right real
quick then we got a couple people asking about the there’s a lot of people asking
about the the memory lawsuit something about the memory price-fixing
investigation did you guys know anything there’s a class-action claim being
brought against the big memory suppliers claim it that they’ve colluded to
inflate RAM prices I believe it’s by the same company that
won the last one you know a decade or whatever ago and we’ll have to see what
happens in court but it’s here I was surprised wasn’t rambha’s part of
the the sewers this time I think all right forget who are they part of the
Penn suit so I’m horrible at pulling legal information out of my butt
oh no you know just a random question that’s the kind of stuff I never just
want to like start guessing names at yeah you would think though if they you
know they’d be a little smarter about you know keep you know maintaining
prices it’s like gas stations there’s no collusion but the one up the
street is always one cent less or at the same price but it’s easy for them to
look down the street and say hey it’s that much okay lower two penny I mean they who knows but they have been
found guilty of it before so we’ll have to see clay as a follow-up question on
that if if they do lose the suit does that mean the prices will come down that’s right I think there’s probably
market forces at work more than anything but it is a chance in long term it could
come down but I think you just have fewer people making memory DRAM for PCs
so it’s not just PCs either it’s smartphones
eat it everything needs that these days right so it’s it’s just tougher you know
there’s nobody to force him to make many four pcs I don’t I don’t I don’t know
we’ll see though a real quick one from Dragon Curt on twitch what headset do
you use Brad this is the Razer Kraken V – my wife got it for me for Christmas a
couple years ago nice also on Twitch tour 94s do you think AMD AMD will make
the epic version core count into thread Ripper refresh like a 32 64 gig version
I I think Never Say Never although I do think we are at the
practical limit of what consumers need with applications maybe but it I I don’t
think it really gets them that much more at this point if they can improve the
clocks on unthread or burden I mean it’s probably doing really well on based just
on pricing against sky like EXO did increase I would be surprised if it
increased all the way to 32 I would did increase that expect like a mid step
like 224 or whatever yep yeah and they’ve never actually told me that the
second dummy dies on there in the socket are or I’ll connect it electrically but
there is a refreshed chipset so maybe this new x3 99 plus supports Paul 4 dies
so it’s possible to more real quick thank you for everyone calling in but or
chatting in but we have to go soon Derek Morrison as saying 2800 X when the z4 90
board comes out 10 core chip possibly very possibly who knows corn
someone who thinks it’s happening I’m what right it was no no I said no I said
no no on the 2800 x oh no I think 2800 X is just gonna be higher clock you don’t
think it’d only get I don’t think it’ll increase core count but I do think it’s
possible we’ll see it when the new chipsets come out yeah it possible say
one surprise and there will be the best of the best the ones that world
I mean clearly there’s 2017 it’s still you know didn’t have the overclocking
Headroom of 67 okay let’s get a course but which is what some fans would say
the the 2800 X the cream of the crop may get higher in the in the four gigahertz
wrench that’s what my guess would be alright and last one is from somebody
who redacted it but I saw it before you took it away can and right on YouTube
and this is a one-word answer from all you guys is PC gaming dead holy smokes
did they just you word answer was a two-word mouth that’s a word right it is
now an acronym I didn’t did you that’s my word what what I like did you
just like Doc Brown just get you back here and DeLorean because just the same
this is a 2005 pretty clear PC gaming is the place Elena will tell you that too
Elena will say that Gordon we don’t use a controller to Adam around it and PC
gaming is well alive console game yes dead because all consoles are pcs they
are just a mouse and keyboard yeah we want it we did it we did it we’ve done
the warrant one hard thing done I think though yeah we’re gonna have the epic
writers you know about this I’m gonna play Adam God we have happy to go I’m
gonna play Willis another person here at the company I’ve got Elena too we’re
gonna have one keyboard mouse the obverse is like multiple people
controller no strike great show I think is coming check back next week for your
fix of PC talk on the full nerd for audio listener subscribe to us on iTunes
and also leave a review every time you do a b-wing starts to rotate slowly also
you can listen to us on google play and stitcher same questions that comes to
the full nerd at pc will calm thanks for coming on gore bong with brad charkas a
Dios lady rotisserie chicken an animatic Mercury Marie merci merci I’m doing that
because you met everybody’s name up in the chat will take us out let’s see if I
can hit the right button this time yep those are know finally

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    if only i had a razorblade at hand, would've been a lot quicker… but it lived to be my secondary shitbox to this day nonetheless 😀

    also, i once took out a very very tight IDE cable from a hard drive like 17 years ago, and the cable decided to amputate a pin with it still in the connector… well that one never came back

  2. This is not for "gamers" this is for rich ppl. Ppl who'd buy something from a single titan v to a couple those v100 quadro card that cost 9k

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  4. ROG has been around for a long time and to say Nvidia is helping AMD with the brand recognition is forgetting years of AMD of also competitive in the past. Just because they lost market share the last 3 years doesn't mean they were not part of also establishing the ROG brand. I had a fantastic Asus ROG laptop with a blazing fast and highly competitive RTG 5870M in 2010.

  5. It wasn't about just Gaming Brand's or Not wanting people to buy AMD GPU's, (People already don't over Nvidia anyway), The REAL Nvidia (CCCP LOL, No Seriously LOL, GPP, Wanted to be the first name on any device, laptop, tablet, or desktop.. They wanted it to say for example.. Nvidia powered, Then windows, then Intel last on the device.. And that was never going to work, being that Microsoft and Intel more than any of them, controls DELL, Acer, HP, and Lenovo already.. Microsoft and Intel were not going to be the last names on the device or Box not ever!!! And will never allow that.. Everyone keeps talking about Asus and MSI, They are small fish.. Nvidia was after Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo, And that's what really happened!! GPP ran into a Brick wall, that was Intel and Microsoft.. To late Nvidia Intel all ready pulled this move 20 years ago… SMH…

  6. Time Stamp: This is why me and Gordon go back and forth so much about Monitor's and 60Hz/FPS 4K VS. 1080P, Because Consoles are starting to do 4K games comfortable at 60FPS, and Gordon can't stand that! And Keeps smashing me about the 4K 60FPS that I prefer on MY PC Gaming Experience, HIS Steam Hardware survey, over 1080 at 144HZ.. Because it's a proven "Scientific Fact" That a Human Being can't react to those kind's of frame speeds… IDK, I just love my 32" 4K which means 4 X's better picture at 60Hz, Then 1080 at 144Hz or 300Hz which is ridiculous… IDK, My Eye balls are only Human, they are not anhanced or alien in anyway, And 4K is the way Better investment, Better than Ram… LOL Love Ya Gordon..

  7. PCWorldVideos

    Intels IPC advantage is 3% not 5%…look up Computerbases article on Ryzen 2nd gen, or watch Hardwareunboxeds IPC comparison video

  8. AMD needs to stop the name stealing………create a great product then have to troll the name. asking for troubles…

  9. I believe ASUS uses the designator “X” (X470) for AMD chips, and “Z” for Intel chip motherboards.

  10. Time Stamp: 49:00ish The AM4 platform was the best thing to come around for PC enthusiast's in a long time, no matter what updating and flashing you have to go through, I have the 2700X on an X370 Taichi, and people will say why is that, Well I had a 1700 that could not hit 4.0ghz.. Or run memory past 2666, with out the CPU over clock being brought down from 3.9 to 3.8.. It was a Bad Binned chip I think.. But now that I have a 2700X and the latest BIOS and FlareX 3200 14T I'm more than good on X370….. OH Yeah a TIP, Don't even overclock the 2700X it performs better with a Good CLC, AT Stock…

  11. And Finally U can use a Controller, Gaming Pad, or what ever to game on PC with, totally acceptable in 2018… Gordon.. A lot of the people who grew up on consoles, Like Sega, Nintendo and PS1 and just got used to having a Game Pad in there hand's over a Key Board and Mouse, That doesn't mean that they should miss out on PC gaming because of it…

  12. G sync is amazing , and actually guys, ; you can buy a Dell G-Sync Gaming Mointor for $299 and $399 for 24inch and 27inch, at local best buy

  13. the Dell 2716DG is a tn true 8 bit pannel , and outperforms every other tn pannel / some lower end ips pannels to. Very Impressive Mointor

  14. Amd Gpu Department Needs to Bring some damn Performace to the table, there gpu's are very simialr all the way back to 290x gpus ,

  15. I paid $1100 for my 35" 3440×1440 100hz panel a year ago. I hope to keep it a long time, but I probably would have bought a BFG or a 4k high refresh rate monitor if it were available.

  16. just a quick devil's advocate on GPP……we do know how AMD is trolling Intel chipsets so whats next the RTX1180Ti from Radeon?

  17. @PCWorld
    I think that you guys miss an important element of GPP: it was (also) aimed at the mobile market. Nvidia doesn't care much about AMD cards having the same ROG/Aorus branding, Nvidia dominates that market (70-75%?) anyway. However, if Nvidia would sell a lot less graphics hardware to OEMs for laptops, that would hurt them! It seems to me that GPP was mostly aimed at CPUs with integrated or onboard graphics, like that Kaby Lake G. For laptops you have the following requirements: thing, light, low power and two in one. Now many people still prefer an Intel CPU but Intel already has AMD grahpics. Now think about what will happen in the next few years: more segments of Intel CPUs with AMD graphics or AMD CPUs which get a lot more powerful (Zen2 on GF/TSMC 7 nm.) with onboard graphics…
    Nvidia doesn't stand a chance to keep its majority market share in the mobile market. Nvidia saw this coming and tried to force OEMs (HP, Dell, MSI, Acer…) to not use their gaming brands for thse products. Nvidia made two mistakes: it didn't realize that HP and Dell are not impressed by their threats and it failed to take into account that Intel is the bigger dog in this fight.

  18. i'm with Gordon on this. locking into freesync right now is a nightmare, we know nothing about Navi and what it will bring, worst case you have nothing for the lifetime of the monitor.

    Gsync may be more expensive, but you KNOW you will get the hardware supporting it. it breaks my heart, but thats how it is right now.

  19. Acer Predator X27 4k 144hz Gsync HDR price listed on Canadian website $2799 http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_1195_700_1104&item_id=122062

  20. The thing with GPP is Its their GPU series as the owner of the brand and the product they have more than any other right to say it needs to be marketed and presented separately from their rival AMD in branding, TBF, its their right to do so, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that, they have the right to protect their product from being mistaken by a rivals clear, plain, and simple………..Yes you could Asus came out with boards that had a separate daughter card that you could plug in to change compatibility between Crossfire and SLI………..HDR's main problem is compat. is absolutely abysmal in Windows, Its janky at best, On a side note to get 4k with higher refresh rates I assume it has HDMI 2.1/ DisplayPort 1.4 from everything I understood earlier standards didn't have enough bandwidth to support the data needed for >4k60htz adding in HDR signaling and the added data from that and I assume it cannot be replicated on previous renditions…………It will be at $1k to 2k, when the market normalizes……………AMDs market share begs to differ, In fact I am willing to bet the entire industry begs to differ, all these "Higher" end products exist because they can sell them(and they do) currently the market is saturated because the market exists, while the 1060 is NVidias best selling GPU for gaming keep in mind if you look at Steam stats, for ever how reliable they are, most are running several panels at 1080p or 1440p this is due to the over gouging the LCD panel market is currently in.  – also keep in mind the average person is spending upwards $2k for an HDTV that is curved with HDR just to watch Football………….that goes with their $3k MacBook, and $1k IPhone, and another $2-3k for an Imac, and 500$ or more a month for their leased Merc/BMW/Audi. SO………..yeah. But but they have no money for a PC…….FFS FRO………..There are 3 separate customers that exist in the market.Mainstream – which buys cheaper products on a more consistent interval, however this part of the market collapses when people stretch outdated lower end parts for longer.Hardcore – spends money for the newest and greatest at way more expensive pricing but in way less intervals.Business – buys based on needs at very unpredictable intervals and based entirely on different individual needs and company needs…….Keep in mind Consoles exist for the mainstream in gaming, they at the very definition of Casuals.

  21. Does anyone notice how G/N took down their Nvidia GGP Video.. Steve the mad mumbler is so tough, He took down his vid, smashing Nvidia.. SMH.. Or at least hid it.. Go to their website on YouTube and it's gone…

  22. The 384 dimming zones aren't about creating more nits of brightness, they are about controlling the contrast, the intrinsic purpose of HDR when paired with that brightness.

    I don't see how an IPS panel, even with this technology, is going to present a better HDR experience than VA, which both has faster pixel response times here in 2018 and already has over threes time the static contrast as IPS without local dimming. Slap a quantum dot filter onto that and IPS's tiny color accuracy advantage disappears completely. All it's left with is viewing angles, which with a 27" 4K panel makes sense since you'd need to smash your face up to it to take advantage of that PPI. Which wouldn't be very comfortable when 1000 nits of blinding light is shot straight into your eye holes from 19 inches away….

  23. I'm concerned about HDR for PC gaming monitors to be honest. I don't know if I'd like a bright ass light in my face late at night when playing a game. If I have to squint or look away because its too bright during every damn explosion, then all of a sudden the static backlight of regular monitors will start to look like a valuable feature.

  24. The 32" Samsung Freesync 2 CH70 is $700 and is an utterly PoS panel. The 32" G-Sync LG 32GK850G absolutely destroys it and is $800. This Freesync is "way" cheaper nonsense is all lies and comes on inferior products. You get what you pay for. G-Sync is simply a verification process, it's a standard.

    The LG's G-Sync range, without trickery is 1-165 Hz. The CHG70 is 48-144 Hz, with trickery to simply to go to 30 FPS (@ double the refresh, which causes artifacts). You can play at a smooth (slideshow) 11 FPS with G-Sync if you so chose.



    You folks really need to read some in depth technical reviews of panels.

  25. I dont get why you all got so crazy over the GPP, GPP would have been awesome, it would have forced AMD to rebrand under a new name and force them to make better graphics cards. This in turn would have finally gave Nvidia competition and then we would have gotten insane graphics cards at reasonable prices, now everything will go back to being expensive and bland, great job. Running around screaming like your hair is on fire and now we will all suffer, great job.

  26. GPP is only Dead with the OEM's Like Dell and Hp, who had other deal's in play with windows and Intel.. I believe Most AIB's will stick with the program.. And I got the Concrite References, He always took his glasses off to show how serious the situation, it was….

  27. No way Intel is going to sell an 8 core 16 thread part for 450/500… The 6 core is almost $400 after taxes.. No way.. That part will be selling for $560 to $600, and by the time U put a CLC on it to keep it properly cooled you are taking at least $600 to $700.. Also even if it does come out at $500, Newegg and Amazon will have it jacked up to that price anyway.. They were just selling there 8 core broadwell E for over a $1000.. ANd they will justify the price by saying , Hey we are Intel, We are to cool for school.. Buy Us.. OH and god forbid all U can get are Delid's U are fucked

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