Nintendo Indie World Showcase: All The BEST Games From The Show!

Nintendo Indie World Showcase: All The BEST Games From The Show!

yesterday Nintendo gave us a good look
into a bunch of new indie games coming to the switch and in today’s video we
round up all the best of the surprises sequels and ports shown off over the
course of the event first up and one of the two games on the showcase that’s
available to play in full today exit the gungeon while first out on the
apple arcade in September of last year is now out on a timed exclusive on the
switch it’s a spinoff from the incredibly popular enter the gungeon
with it being a bullet hell dungeon climber with players tasked with
ascending to their escape by way of some reasonably unsafe looking elevators each
route is unique and having already had a few hours with it
exit the gungeon would likely become a highly regarded sequel to the original this is shell mustn the next
announcement a really spark our interest comes from hollow ponds the creators of
Hohokam and Wilmots warehouse said to explore the afterlife I am dead with its
island setting reminds me of a Cornish seaside town and this puzzle adventure
game will come first to the switch as a timed exclusive later in the year another game to come first to the switch
platform summer in Mara will see you taking care of your own little island
while you explore the surrounding oceans in this bright and ever so cute looking
seagoing farming adventure as in keeping with such other games players will be
able to craft tools and such other items with summer in Mara also featuring a
strong and wholesome overall narrative this one should be out first on the
switch sometime this coming spring now the first game to feature in the
show was probably one of the most intriguing
they’re also posing as many if not more questions than it answered blue fire
from Roby studios will have players embark on a journey through the desolate
Kingdom of Panem where you discover the secrets hidden
within this long-forgotten land you’ll come across other characters and
undertake many a side quests to the main campaign to unravel the dark world that
awaits blue fire comes out on the switch and as yet another timed exclusive at
some point is summer coming up next in the game we featured a few times here on
the channel and one we back during its Kickstarter campaign the good life from
swear E’s white owl studio sees you become a journalist from New York having
swapped the city for a little village out in the English countryside while
looking ever so quintessentially English rainy woods as many a secret to tell
with a murder for you to solve oh and a few other things such as the inhabitants
well they can change into cats and dogs this as we say is looking right proper
bonkers and will come to the switch and other platforms later in the year the
following message is brought to you by moving out another game to feature in
the show which we already knew was to land this coming April this announcement
focused on the free to play demo which can be picked up from the eShop having
played moving out a few times over the past year or so were pretty sure this
puzzle physics-based home moving simulator will become our most loved
couch co-op game with it having over 50 levels across arcade story and vs. modes
moving outcomes on the switch this coming April 28th first shown off a good
few years ago the last campfire comes from hello games of course you know was
the team behind no man’s sky graphically at least it was one of the standout
highlights from the entire showcase there’s still plenty of questions on the
gameplay and what players will actually be doing although it promises a
mysterious and moving tale of magic and mystery
while no firm date was given the last campfire is expected out on the platform
this coming summer next up and yet another time switch exclusive Baldo
looks every bit like an anime film you can control this action RPG is said to
be full of puzzles and elaborate dungeons with in an open and interactive
world like many of the games shown off in the
countdown Aldo will hit the platform in the summer months later this year
perhaps the biggest surprise of the showcase hexyl Jung Eden too was shown
off for the first time here you jumped swing and spin all around the world
collecting pollen while taking out invading creatures that are really
clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time
like the original you play as a small little Grimm with you essentially
working towards making your gardens flower and bloom away the originals
color aesthetic and techno driven soundtrack also seemed to be replicated
and built on within this surprise sequel as for the launch date yeah you’ve
guessed it pixel hidden junk – will be coming out in the summer quantum league
arguably one of the odd ones out from the show given its a first-person
shooter is looking to become a competitive online time manipulation and
paradox affair in quantum league players will do battle
within a time loop mechanic where you buddy and team up with your clones of
your character based not only on your past but expected future moments within
the game with it predicting how you might play a given scenario based upon
historical data coming out later in the year this FPS could off with a switch
and the genre something that little bit different the boss rush gameplay shown within the
eldest souls from fallen flag studios well it put us in mind of many other
games within a subset genre we’re not going to name although it pixel art and
overall atmosphere does have us one thing to see more of this ASAP from what
we know so far Elder Souls is aiming to offer players a
brutal challenge with high levels of player customization all within a
sinister dying world Nintendo switch owners will have the
opportunity to play Elder Souls first with this once more being a platformer
timed exclusive for the switch and yes it also comes out in the summer heading
towards the last few games of the show we wanted to feature in this wrap-up
video sky rocket with it’s ever so bright and vivid colors is a rare mix of
a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up all mixed together with block breaker components
and on the face of the trailer it’s all looking to be a huge amount of fun just
like exit the gungeon sky rocket is available to play in full right now with
it getting released just after the showcase ended before we move into the
final sections of the video other announcements from the show included
info on a number of ports coming to the switch highlights of these included the
news that the psychological horror thriller Blair Witch from blooper team
will make its way across to the platform to try and scare us all senseless in
other news sky children of the light from that game company well it’s also
making its way off mobiles and onto the switch where we all think it’ll find a
happy home while best played in co-op mode online with strangers it’s almost
as good to play solo where you’re able to wander the open world to your heart’s
content and the last of the ports we wanted to mention comes by way of dicey
dungeons a roguelike deck building game from terry cavanagh with it being
expected onto the platform at some point in the year ahead
speaking of card based games the last but one game in this video Bahria
features a unique living board where players will build and craft not just
their own but also the world around them you’ll be
able to build forests fill lakes or harness the power of the sands in the
deserts with over a hundred hours of solo content co-op missions and puzzles
this one will be out towards the end of the month and now on to the last game
from the show we wanted to check out bark is a shoot-’em-up with an emphasis
on co-op play for up to four people here players will navigate the galaxy all
while blasting their way through a space Armada or with fishy themed enemies
you’ll be able to customize your ship and you can add ever so wacky weapons
and do battle with some big bosses all inspired by creatures from our ocean
depths said to be a game for the whole family
this one will be out on the switch in late 2020 so there we go those are all
the best bits from the March edition of the Nintendo switch indie game showcase
like many of you would hope to see and hear more news on when hollow knight
silk song will be out although of course that wasn’t to be please let us know
which ones you’re most looking forward to down in the comments and while you’re
here and while you’re here please like the video and subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already many thanks for watching we look forward to seeing you
all again here soon for more indie game videos

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  1. Do what did you think of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase?  See anything you liked or perhaps had hoped to have been shown off?  Let us know here in the comments.  Thanks everyone and please, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.  Cheers! 

    Games featured in the Get Indie Gaming Nintendo Indie World Showcase wrap up video: 
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    I Am Dead:
    Summer in Mara:
    Blue Fire:
    The Good Life:
    Moving Out:
    The Last Campfire:
    Pixel Junk Eden 2:
    Quantum League:
    Eldest Souls:
    Sky Racket:
    Blair Witch:
    Sky: Children of the Light:
    Dicey Dungeons:

  2. Great video. Just some feedback on the reactions video from yesterday, it would be nice if you spent another couple of minutes at the end of the video talking about the direct in general and first impressions from it as opposed to the video pretty much ending right after the direct ended.

  3. I can’t stress enough how great it is to have this channel to help break down all the new info. Love your live stream keep up the good work!

  4. I love the look of Eldest Soulds. Hopefully it won´t be just a boss rush, since it seems like it has a good enough gameplay to work on some more rpg~ish stuff.

    I liked it. A lot of new games, most of them really interesting. I wished there were some more news on Silksong, or Spiritfarer, but oh well. Soon enough, I´hope.

    Great content as always.

  5. I’d like to see a let’s play of exit the gungeon. It looks good but it looks super similar to games like dungreed and neon abyss.

  6. Awesome video! I had to wait all day to watch it, because I didn't want it to influence mine! I'm so excited about the announcements this year!

  7. The way they describe Faeria automatically made me think they need to do a Magic the gathering game like this where you can hop between the planes and your deck warps the world around you.

  8. Looking forward to Blue Fire, The Last Campfire looks good but HelloGames have a long way to rebuild the trust they lost, The Good Life looks bonkers, Baldo looks delightful and I'm so excited that Sky" Children of the Light is finally coming to proper platforms this year (I've been waiting for the Android port for what feels like years, I might as well wait for it to come to the switch).

  9. “Eldest Souls reminds us of a subset genre we are not going to name.” Well, it’s right there in the name. Anyways, great video as always, keep on going.

  10. What lovely indie game could I play to make me feel happier and relax in these moments of pandemic; let's see :
    I Am Dead.

  11. The Last Campfire looks promising despite what happened with Hello Games with the development on No Man's Sky. I think they should try to stick with less ambitious projects from now on, and this game appears to be a step in the right direction. I would have also love to see the Joe Danger games get a re-release too, though that's asking a lot from a company that has lost of lot of reputation from one game, but I still like to dream the possibility.

  12. I think Exit the Gungeon was a cool announcement, and there were many new games that looked interesting, but there were several things I wanted announced that weren’t. Here’s a few:
    Hollow Knight Silksong
    Cuphead DLC (it’s been 1 1/2 years now, but it is DLC, so that was expected)
    Deltarune Chapter 2
    Info on Supermash
    Hopefully the next Nintendo direct showcases some of this information. You’re the best, Get Indie Gaming!

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