Newshosting Usenet Browser - Surfing the Usenet....

Newshosting Usenet Browser – Surfing the Usenet….

surfing the Usenet with a noose hosting news net browser getting started to explore and browse views that has never been this simple with the news hosting using a browser you can create share talk about and download anything on the internet with these the news hosting Usenet browser brings together everything you need into a powerful super fast user friendly application that you can use to completely check out everything that the user has softened News host things using that browser comes complete with this simple yet very powerful Usenet finder that works sort of like Google or the Usenet it will allow you to search across everything on the Usenet letting you quickly and easily search the things that get you out of bed in the morning get you excited and really get you fired up a quick search for the word Apple will give us a picture of a basket of apples also if we want to download files you can search for something random like boon to Linux to satisfy your inner geek as you thumb your nose at Microsoft and download the latest freely available ISO a quick search for Kubuntu Linux gives us the list of files in to download one we can either double-click the one you want or we can right-click it and go to download after our download starts we can watch how long hair download will take by jumping over to our transfer Center by clicking on transfers the Transfer Center we can watch the overall progress of everything we are downloading as well as what parts are being downloaded from the Usenet at any time from here we can easily change the transfer order of our downloads and move things to the top or bottom of our list and we can also delete any unwanted downloads by right-clicking on any file and choosing salute we also have more control over our downloads by being able to pause and resume them on demand to pause our downloads all we have to do is click pause and when we're ready to start our downloads again we click resume after all of our files have finished downloading we can go check our files out by clicking download folder on a side note we can also download files using open and ZB which will dump an NCP file into our browser and start to download moving back to our new toasting Usenet browser we can also explore and check out what else is on the Usenet by looking at particular news groups to find more fun stuff let's switch the term aviaci├│n to see anything on aviation we click on use group and do a search in the news group finder the news group finder will show us all the groups we can check out that have anything to do with aviation to get started browsing the group we double click the group then pick the folder we want the bookmark to be under after that we click on the Aviation Group in our bookmarks to show us everything that is there we can filter everything that is there by clicking on our different categories like video audio humans etc or we can just leave the browser on everything they show us all the file groups available for download those of you who are familiar with Usenet know that there is a ton of pictures and picture groups to check out it just so happens that our aviation group we bookmarked is a picture group and see those pictures all we have to do is click on the Images tab and that will take us to the image Center in the image sensor we can pick single pictures by clicking or selecting them or we can select them all by clicking on the green check mark on the bottom left corner once we have everything picked out that we like all we have to do is click download images in the bottom right and the news hosting Usenet browser will put the pictures in our download folder lastly we can also post messages to the news groups by visiting a group you like so we can share something with others for example let's say we are really into cooking and we have just stumbled upon the most amazing way to cook the fish pepperoni pizza but with the news hosting use that browser we can share our cooking genius with everyone by visiting our favorite food news group rec top food cooking and posting our new recipe there we will share a message by first going to our cooking group and then new message from there we will fill out the form and click okay that's all there is to sharing fun stuff on the Lee's there are just a few more things we need to be familiar with in our news Hosting Usenet browser one is the connection graph it shows us how fast our downloads are going next is our nntp Activity Monitor that shows us what is being downloaded the messages Center gives us the latest updates from news hosting and finally your account center where you can track your account usage and fully control all of your account settings from all of us that use hosting we would like to wish you safe browsing creative posting and happy downloading for more information about news hosting use net browser or its features please visit our site at News hosting com or email us at support at News hosting com

12 thoughts to “Newshosting Usenet Browser – Surfing the Usenet….”

  1. That service is crap, nobody has to use it. The technical support is a joke (nobody answers you anything), and your client is a shit that does not work and always gets stuck in 99% or 100%.

  2. The only reason I spent the $14 was because it claimed to offer a FREE browser but I never got the fucking browser!

  3. I don't get it. I spent a few bucks for this but all I have is a VPN. No way to browse files or search files. WTF?!

  4. The soft is ok but it lacks something so essential that basicaly made me not use it… the list of previously downloaded files… it's so simple I don't know why they didn't implement it..

  5. Newsleecher year subscription deprication really put me down (the search engine was very nice), and since I'm a newshosting member I tried their client.. and guess what.. IT'S VERY NICE AND IT HAS A BUILT-IN SEARCH ENGINE TOO !!!!

    So, no newsleecher guys I discontinue my trust to u, the moment u killed year subscription (my favorite in all transactions of similar kind).

    Newshosting client FTW !!

  6. Yes, they have Windows, Mac and Linux Versions, even for 64bit.
    Since it is free for users of their service i just tried it out, turns out it's actually better and has more features than NewsLeecher, which i used to use.
    Saves me USD 29.99 a year on the NewsLeecher license ­čśë

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