Networking Tutorial for Beginners – 3 Ways

Networking Tutorial for Beginners – 3 Ways

– On this video, I’m gonna talk about three
ways to network effectively. One of the biggest problems
I see a lot of people do when they’re networking, they’re always handing people cards and always trying to get
people’s contact details I guess without their solicitation thing. Number one is you want to find out what is it that people want. And quite often sometimes,
I always get people who always want something from you rather than you wanting
something from them. When you’re networking,
stop trying to think about oh, what can I get from this person? Just come with that whole
mindset of what can I do for you because the moment you
come up with that mindset, the mind starts to open up, and then even if you
can’t help that person, you want to try and see
what you can do to help them because you might have a contact, you might have a strategy, you might have heard a
story from somebody else, you might have heard of something that can just add a little bit of value. I can tell you from all the people who I’ve been able to
work with over the years has come from me asking
this one question is what are you working on right now that I can help support you with? I just always lead with that question and if I can’t help people,
then I’ll find out some way, I’ll do some research to
genuinely try and help that person because remember, if you
want to get what you want, you have to help other
people get what they want and that’s exactly how it works. So the first thing is
find out what people want. The second thing which is
really, really important is you want to make sure and genuinely, genuinely
try and help them. Right now, my goal to
all the people there, for the millions of people
that follow me on social media, is to really find out what
is it that you guys want so I can really create the
content and help all of you. Messages I get from people saying, “John, this video changed my life.” or, “John, I’ve been
able to quit my job now, “because of that one
strategy you gave to me.” or, “John, oh my god,
I’ve overcome my fear.” To me, that’s why I do what I do. That’s why I fly all around the world, that’s why I create multiple
seven-figure businesses because my goal and my mission
is to genuinely help people. And a lot of people say, “Well, John, don’t you
charge for what you do?” Yeah, I do. I do have services that I can charge for, one-to-one mentoring or
one-to-many mentoring but I also put a lot of
stuff out there for free. I spend hundreds of thousands of pounds putting on events for
free for people to attend to learn this stuff. That’s part of my mission. And I know that sometimes when I do this, I’ll give an example. So I recently spoke at
a big business event and in there I met a contact who now may become a business partner and a strategic investor
in one of my company and so it’s me just giving first, and when you give then what happens, you start to attract into your life what you really want so
number two is make sure that you genuinely want to
just help and give and serve. Number three, which is
really really important, I see a lot of people get this wrong, is that they make content just like I said at the start of this thing, they get all these business
cards, and they don’t follow up. The fortune is in the follow up. How many times have you
met somebody at an event at a networking event or at a conference and you’ve got their business card. Hell, you’ve even got
their telephone number but you don’t even make contact. If all you did was go
back to all the people that you met and just
got in contact with them, have a coffee with them, right? I mean the point is that you
need to follow up with people. you need to contact them and say, hey, you need to remind them, right? Remind them where you met them, and what you want to do is
get someone to remember you whilst you’re in that place. So, for example, I might say, I’m the guy that wrote the book “Business Hack.” I’m the author you know
that you met because so when I’m sending the email, say, hi, it’s John Lee here. We met at a blah blah blah conference, I’m the guy that wrote the book, in fact, I gave you a copy
of the “Business Hack”. Rather than giving business cards, now I actually give a book because people carry the
book around with them. People are less likely
to throw a book away than to throw a business card away. So these are three tips that really led us really helped me create
multiple seven-figure businesses that have now allowed me
to have a listed company in the stock exchange and raised millions and millions of pounds just
on the power of networking. Remember, it’s not who you know. It’s who knows you and it’s who they know. If you found this useful do
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of “The Wealth Dragon Way.” Bye for now. (peaceful music)

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  1. Love your videos and ideals man, massive respect! I'm working on my inner self now to let go of attachments , and the law of attraction starts to get more clear every day.. Still, even by helping others, the ego keeps finding ways to be lazy and selfish.. How do you balance serving others while also taking full control and actions towards your bigger goals?

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