Network Technology – New Data Center/Cloud Computing Program at Clark College, Vancouver WA

Network Technology – New Data Center/Cloud Computing Program at Clark College, Vancouver WA

We’re installing a new data center product, which is a course that we’re going to be
offering here at the college starting Winter Quarter. And it’s also part of a one year degree
program in data center, or cloud technologies, so students are going to start learning how
to start to build Google type clouds used across the Internet. Well, our program is really keenly tuned on preparing
our students to go into the workforce. Although, some of our students do go on to four year university programs. There are fourteen 10,000 square foot or larger data
centers right here in the Portland-Vancouver area. In fact, there’s a couple of them within walking distance from the college, and these data centers run 24/7 around the clock all year long. And they have to be staffed with students like will graduate from our program. We got some funding from the state, and we
were able to buy $300,000 worth of equipment for this new program, and we’ve got some
SAN, which are Storage Area Network appliances, so we have two of those. [Student] These are the Dell servers, and these are the
SANS, and we have the fiber optic switches up there, and we ran all the power to them all. Each one holds about 15 terabytes of information, and then
we’ve got 9 servers, and 2 LAN switches. And there’s a lot of fiber optic cabling that
connects them all together, so they use light to communicate between the devices. They’re going through RAM upgrades. We’re upgrading all the PCs with more RAM. We’ve virtualized more than one operating system on the computer, so we’ve done a RAM upgrade, and we’ve been
doing that in all of our labs. We have nine students that are volunteering their times in an unpaid capacity. They’re spending their whole week with us, and they’ve been doing all the work. The lab is being entirely rebuilt by them. They are learning a tremendous amount, and giving
a tremendous value to the college. Fifty percent of our training is actually hands on in
the lab, touching and working with the gear. [Student] We have eight of the nine servers on right now. The idea is that when they show up for the
job that they’re not shocked by what’s there. They recognize it, and they say, “oh, I’m ready to go
to work. I know what to do on this.”

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  1. I walked into the old router/switch room chatting with Andy Grimes yesterday evening and wondered what whirlwind hit the place. Although I'll be finishing up the EWU BST program next year, I may have to squeeze this program in as well. If every school had a program like the one Dwight has put together, businesses would be much better off.

  2. Some of the cabling is done with a patch down tool. I dont believe Google done their datacenter cabling with a patch down tool.

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