39 thoughts to “Natural Language Processing: Crash Course Computer Science #36”

  1. Probably the best channel/playlist that I have encountered on youtube till date apart from 3blue1brown.
    Carrie Ann, Carry on!

  2. Do you, as AI makers, identify as humans because I can see it benefiting humanity trickling down from the AI-creator elites getting max power but once you've fully quantized a human, reproduced one, and surpassed one.. why would you care about a biological one, or is 'human' obsolete and to survive we MUST augment to AI then full upload to the AI-net?

  3. What bothers me about those "speech recognizers" is. Most of the time we humans don't say things like "I <pause> am <pause> going <pause> to <pause> …". But talk more like this "Am goingto" (yes, I exaggerated a bit). So, we combine two words, because you talk faster. Or we even skip words. But the computer is programmed to recognize each word individually. Which isn't the way humans naturally speak.

  4. The best part of this video is when she spoke in Shakespearean to Siri. Who here can also fluently speak this language? I know I can.

  5. A video on
    1) firmware, drivers, microcontroller, daq and PLD
    2) database
    Would be very useful and complete…

  6. Absolutely fantastic video. A great overview of the topic making it easy for me to learn more about the parts that interest me. I will be watching more of these this weekend

  7. Omg, your videos are good, but you speak really fast. Could you improve that?

  8. pro tip, turn the 12 minute video into 15. Give the viewer consistent and natural pauses between sentences and concepts, and let them absorb the information. If people want to speed it up they can, but at least the pauses are natural.

  9. LMAOOOOO I had my phone with me and siri was activated on my phone while this video was playing hahahaha I was like WTF hahaha

  10. apart from the vocabularies concept can you give short description on Entity extraction, aspect of entity extraction , like how can these interrelate to Natural language processing.

  11. the mongols rose from leaves? does it mean mango grow up from tree or mongols came from grassland?confusing…

  12. Oh, I just watched 3Blue1Brown's video on the Fourrier Transform a couple of days ago!
    If you don't know him yet: Definitely check him out, he does the best videos visualizing and explaining all sorts of mathematical … things 🙂

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