Nat & Friends: Computer Vision Sneak Peek

Nat & Friends: Computer Vision Sneak Peek

SPEAKER 1: We live in a visual
world full of rich detail. But to a computer, our world
is just a bunch of numbers. So how does it see? This week on “Nat and
Friends” we explore the field of computer vision. SPEAKER 2: In
computer vision, we try to teach
computers how to see. And that seeing can refer
to understanding scenes, reconstructing 3D objects,
recognizing objects. SPEAKER 3: I guess I kind of
believe in magic in some sense. What I really love
is taking pictures and revealing something
about the world that you can’t see otherwise. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts to “Nat & Friends: Computer Vision Sneak Peek”

  1. Okay computer, now this is the face of John Connor
    Now search and kill him….
    Humanity is doomed.

  2. 😭😭 I hate you guys how can you do this to me (Nexus 6 user) I love my phone but you're killing it in October 😭😭

  3. كيف استرجع حسابي نسيت كلمه المرور كلما ادخل يقول كلمت السر خطأ

  4. If only Google could learn how to "SEE PEOPLE AS PEOPLE", they might then learn how to not fail so miserably at social time after time. Google forgot what made Google from Day 1. PEOPLE. Webmaster's were their partners with AdWords/AdSense and put the little Google search box on millions of websites. That MADE Google every webmaster's friend and partner. They have now cut-out the middleman (their partners) with every other product and become a large unfeeling behemoth that believes that reducing everything to numbers is the answer. That has spelled failure for Google in social time after time after time. Google's people mean well, but they simply don't know how to market and sell to people. Even Google Fi, another example… the best phone service available but they don't know how to market it.

  5. there is no world without google like if you agree.

    some would disagree like what about ancient times iam talking about technology.

  6. AI without basic emotions can be harmful to humanity. After a lvl of development it can evolve itself. with much higher processing power and intelligence they will outsmart us so pls give it some bottlenecks. 😓

  7. So great it is that's is much much better and greater than any of those stupid religions of the world and make ppl., much more happy and friendly. Thank's to you all good people of the entire planet earth. and google too…

  8. it would be like an external brain to evaluate things by visually seeing them ,It will reduce human efforts for speaking!!

  9. this is a dream come true for me and my family I hope it's so true I hope it's not as your hand this will help us so much so many problems we together we try

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