My Ultimate RGB Gaming Desk Setup 2017 / 2018 | The Tech Chap

My Ultimate RGB Gaming Desk Setup 2017 / 2018 | The Tech Chap

This is my current desk setup – and i’m
pretty happy with it. But for this video I wanted to try something a bit different – With tastefulness
and subtly well and truly thrown out the window – I’ve replaced my desk setup
with a whole range of colourful peripherals. So I got in touch with Corsair and asked if they wanted
to help me kit out a cool new desk setup – and the benefit of going for a single brand whether
it’s Corsair or CoolerMaster or Logitech or whoever you like – is you can use their desktop apps
to customise and sync all the lighting together. So I played around with Corsair Utility Engine,
trying out a bunch of the effects. But I settled on a random colour shift pattern WITH the
lighting link option enabled so basically it slowly goes through the whole RGB spectrum,
but all the products are synced up – from the headphone stand to the mousemat so it
actually looks really good. So in this setup I’ve got the Corsair K95
Platinum RGB mechanical keyboard, the Glaive RGB gaming mouse.. Glaive… Glaive. It makes me think of this… the MM800C RGB Polaris Mousemat, the ST100
RGB headphone stand and finally the wireless Corsair Void Pro RGB gaming headphones. On top of the ST100 RGB headphone stand! All in – you’re looking at about £400
or $500 – which is a lot of money – but these are premium gaming peripherals in their own
right – But to be fair yes you could probably save a hundred quid and give the rgb mousemat
and headphone stand a miss – they’re definitely luxuries rather than necessities. I’ve also paired my corsair peripherals
with a couple of Philips Hue smart lights, This is the Philips Hue Go Builb (£60) – which I keep on my desk, replacing an old Aukey lamp. This is infinitly customisable – and I can adjust using the app or with my voice using the amazon echo or google home. If that wasn’t enough – the Ultrawide monitor I’m using – the ASUS PG348Q also projects a republic of gamers logo onto my desk, you can turn it off but
it’s extra lighting option if you want it. So I may have gone a bit RGB Mad – but i’m happy with this setup and I’ve been using it for a couple of days now. There are couple of things I’ve noticed while using these I’d like to share with you. The mousemat – which I do really like – the soft-touch material is really comfortable. But the problem is – when I then use the Glaive mouse You can see the mouse’s cable gets caught on the USB notch/hub at the top which is not ideal – and I think
Logitech have a slightly better solution with the wireless G903 mouse which actually charges
on their powerplay mouse mats – so you don’t get any of this cable bungie-ing. The Glaive mouse is really comfortable to
use, with smooth tracking and 5 different DPI settings and The 3-zone RGB lighting looks
good – and generally it’s a really nice mouse to use. although there isn’t any weight adjustment and with only two buttons on the left side,
it’s got limited customisability so it’s not for pro gamers. I have to say though I think my favourite peripheral is the Corsair K95 keyboard. The Cherry MX mechanical keys are really responsive – and as you would expect it’s really loud! It’s also got 6 programmable Macro keys Full size numpad and media controls. Lighting strip at the top. Fully backlit keys. Really, really impressive keyboard. The biggest issue though is the price at around £160 / $160 Which is a lot of money – but this is a premium mechanical gaming keyboard. But what about the headphones – well these Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB headphones sound great. Audio quality is very impressive – and in the corsair utility software you can customise EQ’s and even enable virtual dolby 7.1 surround sound which is good for
gaming. They’re also really comfortable to wear, but I find the headphone cups have
quite a loose fit, especially at the bottom. They’re still comfortable to wear though – but a tighter fit on the cups would be good. and… they fall of quite easily too heh! The best bit though is the price… At around £80 / $100, they’re good value
for money. And they do sound great. but when I’m finished gaming – what am I going to do with these?? I don’t know how we survived without headphone stands This is the Corsair ST100 RGB headphone stand. Which will cost you around £50. Quite a lot of money – but actually it’s a really well made product. Full metal body – RGB lighting strip – and USB port for charging the headphones. Now obviously all this RGB lighting doesn’t
have any effect on your gaming performance it’s for aesthetics – for looks. it’s
essentially the equivalent of go-faster stripes on a car. But while I personally prefer a
cleaner, more minimalist setup with as few cables as possible – I also really get the
appeal – especially when it’s dark and you’re in gaming mode – it looks really awesome. and all these lights mean you can have a consistent lighting theme across your entire setup. The downside for me is cables – I’m sure
with a few cable ties and a bit better management would make it look a lot better – but I prefer the clean look. and when you’ve got cables for the mouse, mousemat, headphone stand and the headphones
for charging – it can get a bit messy. But that’s really my only issue. So I’ve gone RGB mad as you can see! A big thanks to Corsair for sending all this out and I’m looking forward to Playing with the setup some more, tweaking it, changing a few things up. I might bring back some of my old peripherals as well. But the big question is: Can you have too much RGB? I want to hear what YOU think in the comments and also if you enjoyed this video click the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons below 🙂 and I’ll see you next time right here on The Tech Chap. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I think you can go overboard. Although i love my Lifx strip-light, lamp, and ceiling light for the versatility it creates in my room. Every component in my PC is RGB, and so is my very bright K-type Keyboard. I wonder if i went too far, but i chose a lot of the components based on performance, RGB was just standard. Also, your set-up is much cleaner than mine with the same desk, I have wired headphone, a DAC, AMP, 2 speakers, mic, and webcam. I couldn't do without my audio solutions.

  2. That's a great set up. It's lovely to see how your editing has consistently improved throughout your videos. Hope you make it to 200 k Subs!

  3. Hey nice video btw but you can easily fix the mouse mat problem by spinning the mouse mat by 90 degrees to the left and.routing the cable.of mouse mat mouse and keyboard through a single cable. It will make the setup look much cleaner and stop the notch problem with the mouse and mat wire. Happy Christmas!

  4. ASUS pg348Q?i have bought this monitor cuz of u .best gaming monitor.u deserve more subscribers .and nice setup btw .Merry Christmas 4 all the christian.

  5. I like RGB but try to use it in a functional way for example, I used to suck and keyboard and mouse but then i created a colour profile on my keyboard that displayed the keys i need to use when playing certain games and I have become much better that using a controller feels sluggish to me.I have got RGB mouse, on my case fans and a light strip but i think that's about as much as I will ever put on my PC. The head phone stand, RAM or mouse mat to me is a bit excessive

  6. This is great, that would be me dream setup really, I did enjoy it just by looking at it, amazing video!

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. been going in the same direction with my pc desktop, rgb. but that was all keyboard and case only..yours looks really awesome.

  8. I called Corsair to send me the same stuff. They hung up? Joking. Good video. Happy holidays to you and looking forward to more great videos in 2018.

  9. tip for the mousepad, rotate it so the usb-port is facing the keyboard and roure the cable together with the keyboard, looks really clean and prevents the issue of your mouse cable getting stuck

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  11. if you decided to use razer you could have synced it to HUE and made it match your games. But looks good (and no one makes better KB than Corsair) (Razer switches are complete sh*t but man the RBG is turned up to 11 on them)

  12. you should also aquire the lg 32gk850g 31.5" monitor that also has a backside rgb which is awesome and goes very well corsair's rgb

  13. I have a similar setup. I have a Corsair MM800, M65 pro (instead of the Glaive), Void Pro USB (instead of wireless), the ST100 stand and a K65 (instead of a K95).

    Also, the ST100 has a built in DAC, so plug your headset receiver into one of the USB ports and it should sound even better

  14. Hey guys, i like the whole set up but i really like the wallpaper on the monitor, can anyone tell me where can get it ? Thank you 🙂

  15. I have the wire headphones and they preety goood sounding but like there not sound proof or like there still loud even tho my volume is low like my parents can still hear them even tho they on. I want that to be changed well even tho they good sounding but like when i go voice chat my friends say they can hear my music Haha

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