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  1. I’m currently in the 9th grade and I’m trying to study calculus. My physics teacher has become a really close friend of mine so he helps me all the time and i think I’ve understood integrals and I’m happy 😋 and I’m really inspired by u as well❤️

  2. Nunca comento vídeos pero esta vez no he podido evitarlo.
    Te escribo en español pues me ha gustado como lo hablas.
    Saludos desde un estudiante de física en Madrid que se siente muy identificado con tu vida, desde lo de "From the top of the class to happy to pass" hasta lo de ser un entusiasta de los experimentos y optar por la rama de electricidad de la física.
    Un abrazo desde España de uno que ha visto su vida reflejada en tu experiencia y espera seguirla.

  3. So even when women have all this intelligence they just end up as youtube thot? What was the point of pushing her through STEM?

  4. This video was really great. I’m currently studying an undergraduate degree in mathematical physics and love watching your videos.

  5. Calculus in the 9th grade is impressive. I was a math geek. I took geometry in the 8th grade, Algebra in the 7th, 800 on my math SAT, but calculus in the 9th grade is, wow.

  6. I feel I share a lot of interests with you. I'm a freshman in college just about to begin my second semester. I'm hoping to major in physical sciences, but my biggest concern is that I may not like "researching" as much as everyone else. I love to learn about physics, but "doing" physics may not be my thing. With so many students in my college so into research already, I feel a turbulent tug towards something I don't feel passionately about, and so I am constantly left with the feeling that I am not doing something I should be doing, when in truth, I don't even know what I should be doing. I just like learning at the moment.

  7. My friend from Syria wanted to study Mathematics or Physics but his parents forced him to study Md, what a waste…
    He LOVES math…

  8. wait a 35 from 100 is a D????? WTF HOW ? The min. for us is 50 and sometimes 60 to even pass?! I'm gonna CRY

  9. Dianna made video on how to get into MIT and also if u love physics then make video on paper of IIT JEE advanced problem solving my challege

  10. your so cool! im going to high school next year and they made me choose and general career path i wanted to follow. i know i want to do something that includes math and sciece but i don't know what. i chose engineering and software devolpment but i think the medical path might be right for me. like you i might just try out everything before i chose.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing what you've done so far! It's really inspiring to me. I'm planning on majoring in Electrical Engineering, but I really wanted to do something with physics (and eventually) I would love to work in optics because it sounds really interesting, so it was really cool that you mentioned that!

  12. I think my mental health is I don't know. It curretly says st CIA from becoming the number 1 space conquerors. Decide fow yo'self

  13. Hİ Diana! My story have some similarities with yours, but also some different points. Science fascinated me at a young age, too. My dad used to read me NG Kids until I start primary school. Watching documentries was also one fo my favorite activities after school. I was so derterminated about being a astronaut or a scientist when I was in middle school. In high school, my interest were still the same, but that's when I realized that it's better be more realistic. Being an astrounaut was impossible for me, even though I work really hard enough , I'm not strong enough to bear the harsh conditions of space environment. So I held tight the ideo of being a scientist, It'd be awesome if I could have a contribution to humanity knowledge, even in the small scale. Specifically, I'd like to study Astrophysics more than everything. We have a little bit different system here for attending university after high school. Of course we take an exam, too. My results were pretty good, I could attend to the best universities in my country, only except one. I could also choose any kind of enginnering so my teachers expected that I'd choose engineering. However, I thought that being an engineer and working for fixed hours in a stabil job was not the career I'd like to have. All of those bright Scientists were my idol, my inspiration.( My dream job is working at NASA, despite the fact that I am not an American or European citizen, I have to achieve a few times more to be an exception, I guess. I know that I have a little chance, but I'll try my best.) So I attend to Physic major in a university which I think is the best at this department. I studied in English prep school ( English education in our high schools is inadequate, and I'm sorry for the mistakes I made writing this ) for a semester and I've just finished my first freshman semester. Nevertheless , I can't say that I did well. I feel like I hit my lowest point, I have seen such low grades I had never got before. I 'll probably get B- or C+ for from Calculus and Physics. I'm really scared of the fact that if I 'am not capable of what I want to be, for all these years. I know that it's necessary to have a high GPA in order to receive PhD so I think I have to take them again at the next term to raise my grade. I'll also use the office hours this time , like you said. I alos decided to take some engineering classes as electives too. I'll be studying hard this summer. Do you have any suggestion? Like a method or any kind of source make things easier to learn for you? By the way, I want to thank you for being a perfect inspiration.

  14. Great video–nice to see you're wearing your Brass Rat! I graduated Course 7 many years ago–and at that time, the tuition was $3900 per year! And I was lucky enough to take 8.01 with Victor Weisskopf.

  15. A bit of the future where desalination and thermal heating and electric generation will be the norm according to this Video.

  16. This provides great insight into the art of being genuinely interested in science. I really appreciate the content on this channel.

  17. You're 'my' beloved witch Sabrina^^ if you allow me to gently say so (ok…too easy) and before all an inspiration for my daughters and boy.
    You're smart as both multilayered 'composed' and simple like stg obvious that can't be denied. Everything's relativity lets me guess even relativity is relative too, so there finally must be some absolute we touch through numbers thinking and deep inside feeling too.
    Your being beautifully alive and generous is no detail for me. Grant Life I'm immune to love 🙂. Thanks to your dear sources

  18. Cube root of sin square and cos square is always one. Similarly higher root of square of sin and cos is always one. Which means surface integrals of sqared wave patterns are unity. When ripples spread total energy content is unity.

  19. Epstein as a college drop out funded Hawkings. One scam artist to the next. He also funded quantum computing. This is also a blabbering scam. Modern Physics is explaining less and less and creating more and more fancy words. Is modern Physics desperate? They need Epsteins to survive. They now create fake pictures to prop their fancy word nonsense. Modern physics is starting to sound like a clown show. The best addition to the standard model on light is in Lesseirg papers @ and the mischief of black holes @

  20. Well i feel confused just like you were. I am into physics, mathematics, programming, engineering and also neuroscience. I have two years to decide what i'm gonna study at university(i'm 16). I wish there was a test or machine could find the best one for me…

  21. I took AP physics 1 my junior year and I hated it 😂…I got a 4 on the AP test but I hated that class 😆

  22. If I ever had the chance to go to school, it would definitely be MIT! Every time you see something impressive in the nerd news, MIT had something to do with it. They do so much and so well. Great minds! Unfortunately, I had to jump into the working world right away. It's cool, though. Ended up with my own business, so I got that going for me, LOL. Plus, I've got all these awesome videos to learn from! 😉

  23. Our understanding of physics is just a tip of the iceberg,
    The greatest out comes of physics
    Is to defy and change the very laws of physics its self. Will then our specie of humanity will becomes God in our own right.

  24. Like a lot of events, luck has a lot to do with the event being realized. With that being said I feel luck was with me when I stumbled on your channel by accident. I love your interest in the sciences and your sharing the notion that science is fabulously fun.
    I have a graduate degree in pure mathematics where most of it came out of UAlbany. What I would like to see may never occur, but I can always hope.
    What do I mean?

    I became disabled in 1991 and at that time I had worked in the construction industry. Only after I was well enough 10 years later did I start from scratch as a 42 year old freshman and 8 years later exit with a graduate degree in pure mathematics that focused on probability theory. The rub is, I was never able to really use it. So, what I hope for is that people realize that there is talent available to be mined that does not fit the typical 8 to 5 workday and take advantage of it. I think this could only lead to a win/win or perhaps that is just my biased wishful thinking.
    None the less, Best Wishes and have fun. If you have fun its never really work, is it?

  25. cool perpsective. Reminds me of how I decided computer science as my major and career when my family was not at all involved in any of that and from time to time would encourage me out of it, just out of fear of the stress.

  26. Man, they did not make girls like you when I was young, and I feel SO cheated! 🤨 I had an awesome Physics/Chemistry teacher in high school and he changed my whole world in terms of learning. He was brilliant but also hilarious! Such a great combination for learning!

  27. I have a physics degree from MIT. It turned out to be not all that interesting. So much for the School of Science. Fortunately, I did two simultaneous majors, the other in the School of Engineering, and that one was a lot more worthwhile.

  28. How much did you pay MIT? Because they offer 100% of their course material online for free and yes they'll even send you a degree upon completion. So again. How much were you swindled for? Only 10k? 30k?

  29. Hi girl, can you light a bulb with just one wire without connecting to ground ? I challenge.. if you want to know how you can ping me!!

  30. are you try to extract energy from atmospheric pressures difference's by using the siphon under pressurised chamber and its work rapidly so it can turned the turbine and generators setup and produced enough energy which can pour the water again in reservoir🐥🐥🐥🐥

  31. use virtual tool for doing physics experiment, it's very much required since poor country like India have not so much funds for arrangement of materials for laboratory

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