My life as a programmer (my story & earn 1k closes tomorrow…)

My life as a programmer (my story & earn 1k closes tomorrow…)

♪ Listen ♪ ♪ check it. ♪ ♪ I didn’t became a developer
by just doing nothing ♪ ♪ I worked hard ♪ ♪ I worked at it ♪ ♪ Then I launched my course ♪ ♪ Earn 1K with Python ♪ ♪ This was one of the best
courses I’ve ever launched ♪ ♪ It’s one step to take you from zero ♪ ♪ To earning your first $1000 ♪ ♪ Like don’t miss this chance
low like what are you doing ♪ ♪ I want you in the course today ♪ ♪ Click the join button now ♪ ♪ Kick the description ♪ ♪ Check the link so that you
can learn about it ♪ ♪ Listen ♪ ♪ Don’t miss your chance ♪ ♪ Coz it’s only come by one time ♪ ♪ Baby I want you inside ♪ ♪ Baby ey ♪ ♪ That’s what she said but listen ♪ when I started I was
broke, I was in Parkistan, from a place called
Peshawar, I moved here, I was scrawny, weak and
unattractive, 110 lbs body weight, went to religious school, got bullied, had a terrible childhood
okay, but I grew up, I discovered coding at a certain point, it completely fuck en changed my life. But for me it was never
about trying to save money, it was about making more money, having entrepreneurial mindset
and making coding the vehicle to change my life, afford my mom surgery, help my parents pay for
their yearly expenses, travel more than I ever have, go to three to five different
countries every year, travel to ten different
cities, I go out to eat at fancy ass places, I
live in LA Hollywood, my rent is $3 200 a month. Let’s take a real apartment
tour, this is my window, I come out here to box in the mornings, this Is where I do some of my kickboxing, here’s my apartment view, let me show you my indoor
theater this is pretty cool, bring dates and everything,
have fun, here’s our sun deck, this is awesome I come here
to code once in a while, helps me relax my mind, nice views, let me take you to the hub
which is also pretty dope. We got a fire place again,
really cool chill spot, have fun, good time, good dates, good conversations, that’s the sun deck you just saw earlier, I’m going to the dog
den right now, dog den, you can bring your dog or you can workout, I meditate here, I sit
in those little teepees that you see right in front
of you, super adorable, here’s the Zen garden you
saw from the balcony earlier and I sometimes will sit in those and now we’ve come a full circle, let’s get back to the video. Instead of catering to these
stingy ass programmers, I realized that my style is different, I’m just gonna cater to the fuck en people that I actually care about
and I’m just gonna say, “fuck you to everybody else.” And the lifestyle I don’t
want is on a personal budget, I even saw a recent video by somebody, I’m not gonna name any
names but it’s like, “personal budgeting” and
why this person is so stingy and everybody is like, “oh
this is so good, save $5” but remember, please remember, there is a limit to how much you can save but there’s no limit to how
much you can actually earn. So if you keep that in your
brain, then you can have an amazing lifestyle, while
being a programmer and so for me I know I’m not
gonna appeal to most people and in this point I’ve just
stopped caring, I wanna appeal to only people who this
resonates with, coz I’m sick and tired of just tryna please everybody, I just wanna be around
people who are like this, who wanna live an
entrepreneurial lifestyle, who wanna do more than
even programming one day, who want to make higher
than six figure income, who can see the vision of
having other people freelancing for you one day, who wanna be able to work from their laptop, any
where in the world and have a fuck en free truly lifestyle where they can be anywhere
in the fuck en world and have a lifestyle. Where every where I go this
building is called the Camden and you can look it up. Everywhere I go essentially,
I’m buying whatever type of food I want, if I’m on a
date I’m paying for everything, I never have to look at my bank account. When I go to places outside
and I wanna just have fun with my friends, I can splurge
at any trip that I go to, I was in Colorado Springs
with my friends and I just went on fuck en
splurge, we got sick ass cars, we got sick ass cabin, that’s the type of lifestyle I wanna have. And when I travel with my family
I can just pick up my bags and go right now, I can
go right now if I want to, I can go at any time. My friend Adil, he came to LA and instead of doing something boring we went jet skiing and
that was a Wednesday for me. So I have my own clients, I can hire and fire my own clients, I
have the freedom to travel, I have a laptop I can work from anywhere, I can freelance from anywhere, I can develop apps from anywhere, coding for me was the vehicle
that changed my entire life, so if you are in it to just
make a little bit of money I’m not gonna do it for you, go find some other
coding tutorial and stuff and stick to that and that’s fuck en good, but if wanna live a lifestyle
where you truly free, you can go from Peshawar, to live in one of the
best place in the world, in the middle of Hollywood,
like Kanye West says, “I’m not an actor, but I’m in Hollywood, but I’m not an actor.” So what I’m trying to
tell you, its possible, you can be making In high income, you can have an amazIng life lifestyle and I wanna appeal to the
people who can sense this, who can feel that there is
more amazing lifestyle to have than just the nine to five
monotonous grind, the soul crush, having a boss, I don’t have a boss, I’m my own boss, I’m my client’s boss. I do the work from my
heart, I give them a 100%, I enjoy my work, I love what I create, it makes an impact in the world. Clients love me, they respect
me, they appreciate me for what I do and it all
happened for me from coding, so this program is designed to
take you to that first step, help you make the first $1000
in six weeks, six weeks, six challenges, zero
to earn 1K with Python. And for me again, it’s
all about the lifestyle and how big of a difference it makes. So if you got anything out of
watching this video is this, it’s possible for you
the opportunities killer if you wanna work remotely,
be your own boss, choose and hire and fire your own clients, you want to make more impact in the world, you wanna have time, money and
freedom then get off your ass and let’s fuck en get started. Let’s take that first step,
let’s get you your first $1 000 in coding even if you’re
a complete beginner, you don’t know anything about coding, this is perfectly fine. That means you’re a clean slate and if you are in the
media then coding will all that means then is just
that you can just focus more on the freelancing part. So all the tools are there,
all the steps are there, this course is all about
action, this course is all about doing and this
course can change your life coz programming did change my life so go and jump in to earn 1K with Python I wanna see you inside. ♪ Forget that sexual in do endo what ♪ ♪ What I would do want you to do ♪ ♪ Is get inside of the course though ♪ ♪ Please join the course
so I can have you inside ♪ ♪ And you’re gonna like it ♪ ♪ You’re gonna make your
first one thousand ♪ ♪ You’re gonna check ♪ ♪ You’re gonna see what
the possibilities are ♪ ♪ Your mind is gonna expand ♪ ♪ Your brain is gonna expand ♪ ♪ Your skills are gonna expand ♪ ♪ Your mind ♪ ♪ Your brain ♪ ♪ Your life ♪ ♪ Your
life is gonna expand ♪ ♪ You gonna be like oh man
am I even the same man ♪ ♪ I’m doing like a burning man dance ♪ ♪ What the fuck is going on ♪ ♪ Am I burning sanders ♪ ♪
Nah you gonna look at it ♪ ♪ You gonna be like man
I’m a fuck en commander ♪ ♪ Your papa Python commander ♪ ♪ With the poppa Python
seven commandments ♪ ♪ Following that shit ♪ ♪ Making some money ♪ ♪ Getting on the road map ♪ ♪ To making your six figure developer ♪ ♪ Getting remote opportunities ♪ ♪ Getting the ability to get jobs ♪ ♪ Getting the ability to earn an income ♪ ♪ Not just for yourself
but for your family ♪ ♪ Being able to make that
impact in the world ♪ ♪ Like this is opportunity man
like we know what I’m saying ♪ ♪ It’s time to join now ♪ ♪ Don’t think about it ♪ ♪ Jump in take a chance now ♪ ♪ listen man I’m rapping
this shit for you ♪ ♪ Because that’s ♪ An incredible video that
I want you to go and see that I’ve put together,
this video is unbelievable, this video will show you how
I went from being a dumb, broke Oakland Community College student, to making a $104 000
a year as a developer. I’ve put together What would it mean for you if you made your first $1000 from coding? What would it mean for you
if I revealed to you my step by step system that I use to
go from being completely broke to then learning how to
code in just a few months, landing my contract as
a freelancer with Python and being able to make $20
000 while I was a terrible Oakland Community College
student and to then being able to live the lifestyle
I want on my own terms and have the ability to have
my own time, freedom, money and have the ability to
make an impact on the world and at the same time
travel with my friends, be there for my family. When we hit three hundred
thousand subscribers, go to all these events
even now I’m in Miami, at 10X Growth Con with Grant Cardone. How does that lifestyle come about? As a Python developer I was
able to create that lifestyle for myself and in this
video I wanna show you that how you can do that for yourself. Take students like for
example John Navarro who went from working with me from complete zero, to becoming a senior data scientist or Nazar Mally who landed
a $130 000 contract and now he’s moved to
Germany with his family and living an amazing life or Afrin Shaik, who was able to make $20
000 after she took one of our programs but before we continue, I do want to talk about the
opportunity that exists in 2019 and moving forward as a Python developer So please go and watch this video, it’s a epic video I’ve put
together, click on the link below in the description and
it’s gonna take you to it with that said, thank
you so much for watching. As always I love your
face and I’ll see you in that other video. So go click there, I’ll
see you right there. Click there, do it, do it, do it, do it. Ah!

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  1. When you purchase the course, I will manually enroll you in because I want to know every single one of you! So PLEASE BE PATIENT. After you join, send us an email at [email protected] and title the email โ€œE1K MANUAL ENROLLMENTโ€ and I will be on it as soon as I can! LETS GET YOU IN THERE GUYS! ๐Ÿ’ช

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    """ Create a program asking user for hours worked

    and hourly wage that user works at. The program will

    calculate gross pay as well as net pay """

    # Ask user for hourly wage

    wage = input(" Enter your hourly wage: $ ")

    # Ask user for hours

    hours = input(" Enter your hours worked: ")


    # Converts the strings of hours and wage to float

    hours = float(hours)

    wage = float(wage)

    # Decision to be made on whether hours worked are over 40 or not

    if hours > 40.0:

    regularPay = 40.0 * wage

    overtimePay = (hours – 40.0) * 1.5 * wage

    grossPay = regularPay + overtimePay


    grossPay = hours * wage

    # Taxes to be calculated, and taken out of paycheck (only America),

    # and to convert items to float.

    federalTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.0 *grossPay))

    mediTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.0145 * grossPay))

    socsecTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.062 * grossPay))

    ficaTax = mediTax + socsecTax

    # Calculates net pay from gross pay, with taxes taken out

    netPay = grossPay – (federalTax + mediTax + socsecTax)

    # Last of converting string numbers to floating

    ficaTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(ficaTax))

    grossPay = float("{0:.2f}".format(grossPay))

    netPay = float("{0:.2f}".format(netPay))

    # Displays results of hours worked and wage earned

    print(" Your gross pay is: $", grossPay)


    print(" Your federal tax this paycheck is: $", federalTax)

    print(" Your medicare tax this paycheck is: $", mediTax)

    print("Your social security tax this paycheck is: $", socsecTax)


    print(" Your total fica tax this paycheck is: $", ficaTax)


    print(" Your total net pay this paycheck is: $", netPay)

    Hope everyone enjoys this rather quick program! (Had to make a small fix that I saw when I reran the program)

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