My Desk Tour – The Perfect SmartDesk For Any Entrepreneur, Review

My Desk Tour – The Perfect SmartDesk For Any Entrepreneur, Review

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from were videos for non-techies and this is a totally different type of video
that I’ve made before but give a product review in a desk tour of my new desk and actually
get to see the equipment that I use but more may lamina talk about the desk that I have
and how it is really helping me with my video content and a Y that he is but it’s always
interesting sometimes to peel behind the curtain and see how someone set up is and I’ve been
asked many questions before on my set up and I want to share it with you today so first
of all in my office inuring to see the moments I just got a new desk this whole year I’ve
been working on redoing everything upgrading all my equipment my entire set up getting
it all in a better position to create more video content faster and even better so I
want to show you this new desk that I had I just got in this video and it’s called the
smart desk it is from this company autonomous AI and what I did is I wanted it an adjustable
height desk now they make manual ones were you hit a crank and you can crank it up or
down but I wanted one that was mechanical actually I weighed the pros and cons but I
really felt that a mechanical desk would be better now the reason it helps me a lot is
number one maybe like you are behind the desk all the time and I would prefer to not be
stuck sitting in a chair the entire time so I can up in my desk and I can put it in a
standing position and use it as a standing desk or I can push a button and it will go
down and it will be a sitting desk and what’s nice about this adjustability is for my camera
which sits on top of my monitor I can adjust that perfectly so when I want to make videos
and right now I’m at the height for making videos to show y’all that in a second I first
wanted to show you the desk right here now the reason I bought it from them is because
it is so inexpensive and I don’t know how they are doing it or I just think these motorized
desks are overpriced to begin with because their desks are so affordable in its shocking
to the nearest quality one would be maybe double or triple the cost so I got the base
model that would ended up being $299 and this is it right here and I chose a white top and
I chose for the legs I chose a great color so this is the desk that I have exactly another’s
other options I considered paying an extra hundred bucks for bamboo and then paying an
extra 50 bucks for this cut out and perhaps those would’ve been good things but I wanted
to just get the least expensive one you tried out and that was this right here at the wide
and not having it cut out now they also have the home edition in the business edition the
main difference is the home edition which I have has one motor and I’m in a show you
that and the this is addition actually has two motors now actually I didn’t pay 299 I
got a $25 off discount and I also have that for you have got a link down below and the
pin comments and when you click on that they’re in a take $25 off of the cost of your desk
if you did want to get that a desk from these folks so these are the main differences they
also have a wider top I went with the the more narrow topic as I don’t want a disco
that is that why and the only other thing on the note before I show you it is it has
these little slider things on the bottom and you can actually take those off and you could
put wheels on it which is something that I didn’t do when I purchased it and assembled
it but I’m probably gonna order these wills are these are called MA casters and eight
casters and get them on Amazon for like 10 or 20 bucks are not really that expensive
at all so him to go ahead and get some of those casters for myself but I’m not showing
you those in this video so normally I don’t make videos like this but here it is the desk
and so I use my iPhone to take the video of it and I’ll just narrated so this is the desk
right here you can see everything I have on my desk just mouse and keyboard that little
black knots right there on the top right that right there is the control panel on a ministry
that is second yes that is an insanely huge monitor that’s a 40 inch monitor and I should
make a video on that as my fact that will put it down below one of the nice things on
this wood tapas I was surprised the quality of it it doesn’t feel like cheap IKEA plywood
and has like a rounded edge there so if you’re sitting there with your your arm on it it
doesn’t start the herd it has that rounded edge and the rounded corners on the desk as
well and then on the back there’s these two areas where it has a place to put some cables
through I’m not using it I haven’t really fully set up my cable management just yet
and there’s a control panel might be hard to see but you can see there’s has numbers
one through four it has up-and-down and the M button so you can have a memorized set a
height so that’s what I’m doing right there I pushed number two which is my standing height
and you can see it’s going up like that and it’s very quiet when it doesn’t is very sturdy
when it goes up and down like that and you can see now I met a standing desk height there
is the monitor it’s on the right hand not the monitor the motor and it’s on the right-hand
side and I haven’t done my cable management yet so don’t judge me and then it has that
little metal bar like that that allows the other side to lift as well now when I did
set it up initially there was some weird noises you have to that will not there you have to
adjust it so that you don’t hear any weird kind of knocking noise when it’s adjusting
up and down and then you have these nice holes underneath the table if you want to attach
any kind of devices or cable management supplies which is something I intend on doing so and
you can see here is the paneling you can manually go up and down if you wanted to and this is
how you memorize is said to memorize a setting you push and hold the MT and you hold it and
then everything the numbers on the left/and then you just tap the slot that you want so
I just saved 37.7 to slot for so now you could see him pushing three it’s going down and
in number three I have said as my normal sitting position and then you can push on for and
it’s gonna go right back up to 37.7 and that’s that memory spot that we just set up so you
have so much flexibility with a desk like this and you can see on the top of my monitor
right there I have my camera and that’s the camera that I used to record my videos and
what’s nice is I really want that camera to be just a tad bit over my eye level view would
slanted down or just ever so slightly and it’s really easy to adjust it to the exact
height that I want with this desk set up so anyways I do have a link down below I’ve been
using it for this desk for her know it’s been maybe two weeks now and I love it it really
met all my needs but what is also believable is the cost is so low so I paid $274 you have
to pay to ship it and I did I actually could have driven there because one of their centers
is really nearby so you have to pay to ship it to you and then you have to pay tax I don’t
know if they charged acts in every states but they definitely charged me some tax so
I think I ended up paying $340 for this amazing desk it was shipped and packaged perfectly
and I’m very impressed with it the only thing I probably would’ve done differently as I
might have maybe paid the extra amount of money for this business edition so it takes
it from 299 up to 399 I might have done that it goes a little lower and then it goes a
little higher I don’t need the height and it can handle more weight although even with
the home edition 220 pounds is a lot of weight I mean I don’t know what you would want on
your desk that would even reach that wait right there are so but then you also get a
boost in the warranty so anyways this is my review of my desk set up and the autonomous
smart desk to which I gotta say is just been a really good buy for me and it’s so super
flexible because you made it to the end of the video I have a free gift for you but before
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  1. More info and $25 discount:
    (you will see the discount when you add it to your cart)

  2. Very cool desk, and great video as always! Any videos on those glasses (computer glasses, I assume)? They look quite stylish.

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