My Computer Works – How To Fix Your Internet Connection

My Computer Works – How To Fix Your Internet Connection

Hello, I’m Matt Bauer for My Computer Works
and thanks for watching this video in our HOW MCW series. In this video, I want to show
you some ways you can try to restore your Internet connection if it becomes lost or
slow. The first thing you’ll want to do with this
and MOST computer problems is REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER. This will reset the OPERATING SYSTEM’s
part of the Internet connection. As a sidenote, if it’s just one particular
website that you are having trouble accessing, try going to this website:
Plug in the address of the website you’re trying to connect to, and it will tell you
if the website is having issues or if the problem is on your end. If rebooting the computer
doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll want to look at your cable modem or DSL modem.
There will be a series of lights on it, just like this one. On a cable modem, the lights
will typically be labeled POWER, RECEIVE, SEND, ONLINE, ACTIVITY, and STANDBY. The first
4 lights should be on and the Activity light should be blinking sporadically. If this is
not the case, you’ll want to check your connections from the wall outlet to the modem
to your router if you have one, to your computer. Now if the STANDBY light is on, that may be
your problem right there. You may have accidentally pressed the STANDBY button on the top of the
modem, which would suspend your Internet connection until it is pressed again. If all lights look
normal, you can proceed to power cycling the modem, router, and computer. Basically what
this means is turning these components off and back on again. On the modem and router,
simply disconnect the power from both. Then shut down your computer. Give it about 20-30
seconds, then reconnect the power to the modem, wait about 30 seconds for all lights to come
on, then reconnect the power to the router and turn on your computer. Give your computer
a few minutes to completely start up, then try connecting to the Internet. If you’re
still having a problem, call your Internet Service Provider, such as Cox, Comcast, Qwest,
etc, as there may be an outage or problem in your area. They can also run some diagnostic
tests on your modem to make sure it is working properly. If you’re calling because of slow
Internet speeds, visit before you call. This test will tell you the exact
Internet speeds you are getting. You can compare this to the speeds you’re paying for, and
find out if your Internet speeds are actually slow. If all is clear on your provider’s
end, you can call a computer technician for help.
Finally, a word about wireless routers. Although wireless connectivity has been around for
a number of years, it can still prove to be flaky and unreliable. I recommend connecting
your computer to your router through a wired connection with one of these cables called
Ethernet (or CAT5) cables. It looks sort of like an oversized telephone cable. If your
computer is not located close to your router and you choose to use wireless connectivity,
make sure to place your router as high as you can, such as on a bookshelf, and keep
it as far away as possible from interference items like televisions, cell phones, refrigerators,
and microwaves. As always, if you have questions about this
particular video or if you have any comments or training suggestions on what you would
like to learn about, go ahead and send me an email at [email protected]
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you see below, or visit us online at My name is Matt Bauer, thanks again for watching,
and we’ll see you next time.

96 thoughts to “My Computer Works – How To Fix Your Internet Connection”

  1. Thank you! I could not figure out what was wrong! It turns out I accidentally pressed the standby button on my computer! Thanks again!

  2. ok i did all that numbers of times and it didn't work what should i do?
    my internet is ok and router is good its my computer what should i do how should i do it i only got the internet not ie or the explorer i aint got time to replace me parts

  3. Ok I'm on Xbox Live Then it says Disconnected From Xbox live then I put Test connection and it says internet isn't working and the Lights are green on The Internet Router and I don't know what's the problem

  4. @Victor3615Things thats what happen on my ps3 they said ps3 n xbox use a diffrent part of the internet and dat it might be that your wifi isnt letting the internet xbox uses so check ur wi fi box nd router and the internet company

  5. Ok my internet is sht. Every time someone calls. the internet goes down. then it takes 15-30 minutes for internet to load back up on my computer i have a 4 ram 453 gb laptop. Oh and also the internet just RANDOMLY goes down it it is very annoying it goes down for 10-30 seconds then 1-10 minutes later it goes down again please anyone with good computer skills please email me at [email protected] and help me and my dad and my brother with this issue!

  6. i have windows 7 ultimate and their i can't success to connect internet Coz their u have to load driver or os will not work?

  7. I find it funny how we are looking up videos on the internet, on how to fix the internet. Is that even possible?

  8. Everytime someone calls the house phone the Internet just drops for like half hour and takes forever to reconnect does anyone have the same problem? It also just drops out around 20 a day for no reason, gets really frustrating. Does any one know how to fix this? I got a new router for $300 and another modem the speed is insane but drops out tons and my ps3 says its a DNS error.. Please help!! Dx

  9. My standby light is on, the modem looks the same as the one in the picture but there is no button on the top? I looked eerywhere else and diddnt see one, it has an ethernet cable going to the router, is there a button on tge router?

  10. Ok someone please help! The internet works just fine.. BUt the computer doesnt want to accept the internet connection for some reason.. it wont let me use the internet on the computer.. other than that the other electronics in the house including ipods ps3 and phones all work PLEASE HELP!!

  11. I have exactly the same motorolla modem. If the internet goes down there's only one light left on it, and If you have a router it should blink in red/orange.

  12. this didnt work for me i can get internet on my laptop but not on my computer it keeps on sayin my signal is low or no connectivity but its in the next room??? help!

  13. I need help my computer is being weird it says that it is connected but when I go anywhere it says I'm not I tried everything else but it just won't work please help

  14. Hey I need help I'm on my iPad iPod and computer it says it's connected but when I try and go on YouTube for example it says loading but doesn't ever load?

  15. If i keep continuously disconnecting e.g every 5 seconds – 20 minutes what is a good solution to this?

  16. You should try restarting your computer and router both. If you are still having problems, contact us ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I'm using my laptop, but my desktop comp has no internet connectivity whatsoever. It works perfectly, just no internet. I'll try your methods and see if it works.

  18. If your still having no luck with internet on your desktop, give us a call and we will take care of you!

  19. um when i pla online games the connection is fine for the first five minutes then boom Disconnected what do i do

  20. I have a router and my network shows up but when i try to connect to it its say "unable to connect to ____" Everything seems fine, i dont what to do.

  21. my problem is everytim im on the internet it says local area connection is unplugged then it says that im connected again plz help :((

  22. The green light for online on my modem won't come one someone please help me. Message me if you know what the problem is


  24. When I plug an ethernet cable to my computer, it isnt able to find my network. Altough it worked fine 3 days ago. I have done everything in the video, but it still doesnt work. This problem came after I was at a LAN party, if that information helps. Please help someone!

  25. hello um my wifi is working but like when i try to use it with my phone it doesnt let me use it and my computer loses connection when ever i turn on my router can someone please help please

  26. my computer decides to disconnect from the internet although there is internet available and I don't know what to do,it disconnects at least 4 times a minute its driving me crazy. please help me out I've tried to fix it myself but its not working.

  27. i just build my own pc and it wont connect to the internet no matter what i even bought a pci express wifi card but it also wont work PLEASE HELP ive spent lots of money and its not working

  28. I have two wireless connections, one is strong the other is weak, my laptop used to connect to the strong one, but now it won't, it just shows the weak one, my laptop is Dell inspiron 1564, any one could help?? :)?

  29. MY problem is that. We have 3 computers in the house and all other computers get 18mb/s and my computer gets onyl 10 mb/s WHY HELP?

  30. Is your computer connected wirelessly? Also how old is your computer? Depending on the age of your equipment the speed can be effected. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-990-4629.

  31. My computer is 2-3 years old. My brothers computer is over 4 years and still get better connection. i have kabel from the router to my computer hope on better connection. i have try without kabel but not better. PLEASE HELP!

  32. So I have a Netgear N300 and it only have 2 lights ๐Ÿ™ how do I fix it? ๐Ÿ™ my mum is sooo gunna kill me ๐Ÿ™

  33. My problem is that, I was deleting some programs on the other computer (we have two computers and one laptop) since it was slowing the computer down. Then, moments later, I opened up Google chrome only to find it saying I didn't have Internet Connection and when I checked, it was working perfectly fine for the other computers. Help for this one?

  34. Were any of these programs you removed labeled as Intel. Sometimes manufactures will put programs within your control panel that will allow connection to networks to be managed and if removed will cause the connection to be broken. Also if any anti-virus software is removed improperly it can allow disruption to the network your computer is on. If you would like we can see if a remote technician can get connected. Just give us a call at (800)465-0582. Mention YouTube for a free month of service!

  35. so my internet provider sent me the one modem that is the stock one, however over the years it has gained a few devices that connect to it, it is also too far away from my computer for a wired connection but thats another question il ask later, first of all whenever i am gaming or even browsing the web, i disconnect and it tells me my dsl connection is down, then 20 seconds later its fine, but the problem is frequent, second question is what does a secondary router do? does it increase connect??

  36. i have 3 laptops in my house and one old computer that i have just tried to start up again i have done everything you said but the internet still dosnt work . help

  37. My laptop just got rebooted, and windows 7 got reinstalled, now it says that my adapter for networks is having trouble, I can't see a list of available networks and a internet cable doesn't work either, what can I do? Reboot again, or reinstall windows again? Or anything…

  38. Not so long ago I got windows 8 for my computer and just last night every thing was working fine but now nothing on Internet will load and none if the games I have will load what do I do?

  39. I just bought a 1000 dollars, and my upload time and download time are too low. Ive checked my other devices and they're fine. ive been told my computer isnt fully compatible with my router. If I changed to windows 7 would my computer be compatible with my router???

  40. My pc downstairs is wired to my router however my new pc (upstairs) has a wireless card. The internet downstairs gets 8 ping 20 download speed and 1.2 up. Mine seems to go from 0.5 – 16. It fluctuates alot throughout the day and my internet seems very slow even thought my new pc is an i5. The internet also today just completely disconnected even though the pc downstairs (wired) didn't. Please help! Thanks

  41. Can someone help I can connect to my internet but a yellow bar comes up above the internet saying no internet connection help pls

  42. Need help. Each single time I play a game after 20 or 25 minutes my connection stops and I'm literally as close I can get on my cable for WiFi. Please help me ๐Ÿ™

  43. my phone can surf the internet fast but my pc 2 days now surfs the internet really slow i rebooted my modem oc and rooter but nothing happens

  44. Hey i need help! My computer most of the time doesn't connect to my router and they are right next to each other. One of my friends told me that in most of the time it justcaptured long distance router. What can i do?

  45. Help! Aaaahhhh!
    My internet on my computer just stopped working the other day. It's not the internet, it's the computer (my internet still works for my iPad and iPhone). It's a PC, and the router and modem are up stairs. I've never had a problem before. My brother said he may have deleted a program by accident, could that be the problem? This things so old/not user friendly that I really have no idea what I'm doing… Please help!

  46. My desktop can't find a specific network but, my laptop and cell phone connect to it easily. The signal level is 2. Is it the problem of my desktops wireless adapter?

  47. My inernet connection doesnt rlly work and im watching this video to fix it because it took me all day yesterday to fix my inernet conection๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  48. I don't know what wrong it's just that when I'm on my labtop the connection just keeps going in and out and when I play games they long off my games what should I do

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