MVP PRO Auto Key Programmer Review | Mr. Locksmith Video

MVP PRO Auto Key Programmer Review | Mr. Locksmith Video

(Safe unlocking and opening) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Terry. – And I’m Randy. – And this is the continuation of our automotive series
on automotive programmers. This was really my first
programmer I bought. It was the MVP, now we’d
call it the MVP Classic, it was token-based, it
was very very effective for North American cars
and over the years, buying all the bits and pieces for it, just loved it. It was good. I hate the tokens, but it worked, and it was very effective. Bought some clones of
this, offshore clones, because I’m always
trying different things, and I probably bought four clones. – Four, at least. – And – we could have more – and there was no consistency in the quality. – Some would work on one thing and others would not work on anything. – The dongles would break
left, right, and center. You could have the same car and you’d have two of them wouldn’t work, the third one maybe would work, and you put this in and
it worked every time. So, that’s one of the arguments over some of the offshore-made clones, which are not proper,
versus the real thing. As a professional locksmith company, doing automotive work- – You want to have
equipment that’s going to do 99% of the cars out
there on a consistent basis. – And that’s it – we want to be consistently making money and that’s been the biggest problem with some
of the offshore-made stuff. So, again, we’ve had really good luck. Now, our two main machines we use is the MVP Pro and the Hotwire. We’ll talk about why we do that. But, this has been a good product. I should actually, we
should be upgrading this or sending it in to get a new one, or do they still have it? – I don’t know – We’re going to talk. We loved it, it’s been a great product, time to… It was fantastic. I bought this, I don’t know how many years ago at ALOA. And I got it off of H. L. Flake, they had a really good deal with tokens, this was my machine, it’s how we started doing transponder work
with the automotive world. Great product, let’s talk to the guys, let’s see if we can update that. Here is our workhorse. – This is the MVP Pro. It’s compact. It does everything you want it to do. It’s got great consistency. – This is the one thing I love about this, compared to other products,
a manual. Fantastic. It’s detailed, it’s thorough, it’s absolutely fantastic. And when you’re using products like the Autosmart books, they relate to your MVP.
It is one of their top- – Yeah, they’ll mention MVP,
they’ll mention HAA TKO, which is the big brother to it, they’ll mention Hotwire – is a specific. They build a good solid unit. It’s a unit that you don’t have to baby. – We’ve been using this
one for how long now? – About 14 months. – 14 months – it still looks brand new. It’s in the service truck 24/7. Not 24/7, we take it in at night. It goes to bed at night out of the truck. We don’t leave it in the service truck. Even though the service
truck is very well equipped, this is our baby, this
is our bread and butter. Now, you can go token-based, we go monthly subscription. – Token-based can get as
high as $37.50 a token if you’re just buying 10 tokens at a time. If you’re subscription-based, $37.50- – That’s 10 it’s eaten up. What’s the subscription roughly a month? – It’s $2.85 a month. And that’s US dollars,
that’s the only thing. But everything is US
dollars, but if you buy a monthly subscription
and you do 20 or 30 or 40 or 100 cars a month, it
just makes more sense. – And who cares if it eats up tokens? Sometimes it’s our error
or the car or whatever. How many token did you burn up, in theory, the other day? – 4, at least, on that Ford. Different ways, and I didn’t care. – We don’t care how many tokens. If we make mistakes, the car or whatever, we’re monthly subscription,
we do enough cars per month that this is a fantastic system. So, we love it, its our workhorse. What else? It comes
with- we buy everything. – When you buy it, it
comes with individual dongles that you plug into the unit for the different systems in the different cars you’re working on. MVP recently has come
out with a smart dongle. The smart dongle is a unit
that will do all the cars, except the older Nissan, where you’re not plugging into the OBD 2, you’re plugging into an OBD 1. So, and the dongle for that is this one here. – So again, this replaces
all these dongles but one. It’s called the Super Dongle, isn’t it? What’s it called? – A Smart Dongle. – A Smart Dongle. It’s
well worth the investment. – And it replaces this too. I guess you’d call it a converter. It would take the codes and convert it. This does it automatically. This was always a problem with people complaining that it broke, and that they had all sorts of problems with these things. Now
it’s eliminated completely. The next component to
this is what they call the Smart Aerial, which will allow you to precode keys for Fiat
and stuff like that. So, the Smart Dongle, the
unlimited token program, that’s the way to go. – So again, this is our
workhorse, great user manual, heavy-duty rubberized unit, Smart Dongle, absolutely fantastic.
It’s our go-to machine. However, we still find the occasional vehicle that this won’t work, that’s why we still use two main machines. We use the AD MVP Pro
and we use the Hotwire. This is fantastic, I love
the subscription model. It’s expensive in theory,
but if you do enough cars, it’s not a big investment per month. – If you’re in business,
you’re in business to make money and if you’re buying tokens, you’re not making money. – And profit is not a bad
word. We want to make money. – Profit’s a good word. – So again, stay tuned
for our other videos in the series. This is
the MVP Pro. Thank you. (voiceover) I hope you
enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry, and my non-destructive methods of entry. (safe closing and locking)

11 thoughts to “MVP PRO Auto Key Programmer Review | Mr. Locksmith Video”

  1. Im currently paying 4usd per token on the unlimted plan with what I have. The smart dongle has also saved me in multiple situations especially with newer fords and chryslers with 5 pin codes. Also agree on your zedfull review. Not much if anything to offer there.

  2. Been using my MVP for 5 years, 2 with the smart pro… 300/month unlimited tokens and its in my opinion the best programmer for the price. Only problem is nissan conversion codes which uses a separate attachment but pays for itself if you do 8-10+ a month in sales. Every once in a while it wont pull a dodge/Chrysler skim but otherwise the best programming equipment on the market

  3. There are some decent alternatives, out there, these days, Autek i820, Xtool AutoPro Pad.. They are much more affordable and don't have a "Token Hole". AD was purchased by ilco and support has gone done the crapper. The MVP Pro/Smart Pro/Zed Full could still be used, as a "Last resort" hail mary type of device, if loaded with 250 tokens ~ ( 2500$) at a time. But the subscription model is too expensive when there are alternatives like the ones mentioned above that will do 90% of the car's on the road for no token cost, and even lower upfront cost. Buyer Beware, this video's outdated now. Most knock-off's and cheap ebay programmers are garbage, and can't be relied upon for a serious locksmith. And while the above tools are not american made, they are sold and supported by american distributer's, and are not the same thing as ebay knockoffs.

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