Must Have Laptop Accessories 3.0 – Simple, Portable, Surface Go

Must Have Laptop Accessories 3.0 – Simple, Portable, Surface Go

As much as I like connecting my laptop to
a powerful desk setup. I often like to take my work on the go and be able to jot down
notes and work on documents whenever and wherever. And while a good laptop alone is all I really
need for this. I found upgrading my setup with some USB C power bank and chargers helped
reduce the amount of cables I need to carry, a new favourite portable bluetooth mouse that
makes it simple to quickly switch between all my devices and the Surface Go pairs nicely
as a secondary portable device for everyday work, or even as a second display when I’m
on my main laptop. Hi I’m David and this is my Laptop setup
for daily productivity with a focus on portability. So it might sound a little counterintuitive
but I find having two laptops helps me be more productive and portable with this setup.
I’ll have my Dell XPS 15 for power hungry tasks from video editing to graphic design,
but more and more, I’m finding that I’ll just grab my Surface Go 90% of the time now.
Being a full Windows 10 PC, I can do all my typical work from word, powerpoint, excel,
to even some light photoshop editing right from this device. This lightweight, and smaller
size that really lends itself to being carried on a regular basis, and used in situations
that weren’t as comfortable with a large heavy device. But when I need a little more screen space
to multi-task, or a little more computing power, I can turn it into a secondary monitor
for my main laptop on the go. Windows 10 includes this projection feature built-in, and I’ll
link some instructions to setting it up below, but after that it’s a quick Windows + K
key shortcut away from connection. As far as I’m aware this can be done with any Windows
PC, so It even works when I want a little extra screen real estate on my desktop setup.
This works over Wifi direct so you can do it pretty much anywhere even without being
on a network, But keep in mind there can be quite a bit of latency depending on your environment,
so I find it works best for reference materials like a web pages, emails or chats. Alternatively iPads and Android tablets are
getting a little better as a laptop replacement, but as a power user I still prefer having
the full Microsoft office suite, a desktop web browser, and the capability to run my
custom user scripts and file management with the surface Go. I’ll be honest the Surface
Go is not perfect, being a little slow at times with an underpowered CPU, and the Battery
life is okay at best usually getting me around 4 or 5 hours. But thankfully USB C power banks
and chargers are an option to provide the extra juice I need on the go. For power, I bought this powerbank that delivers
up to 45W power delivery over USB C, and this wall charger that delivers up to 60W. These
aren’t the highest available powered devices in the market but are decent without being
too expensive. This is more than enough to quickly charge my surface go, and while it
doesn’t quite meet the 130W of the original XPS charger. It enough to slowly charge it
during basic tasks like web-browsing and keep it topped off during video rendering. While usually I like to keep my setup simple
and lightweight. I usually need to carry a mouse when dealing with more complex work
from excel spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations. I’ve been using the Logitech M720 mouse
as my travel mouse. I find the lighter weight and smaller size more comfortable than my
MX Master 2, but it still keeps the profile switching feature so I can quickly switch
between using it on my Surface Go or XPS with a quick button press. Since this setup is pretty compact and lightweight,
I find myself just throwing it into any of my laptop bags I need for the day. I can be
as light as I need from just carrying the surface go. Or opt to bring the power adapters
in a cable bag, and the mouse and larger laptop when I need a little extra power and screen
real estate. Or I can just always bring it back home to my desktop setup when I’m home
for the day. But that’s how I take my laptop on the go and stay productive with this simple
and flexible setup. But hope you guys enjoy this one. You know what to do. And I’ll
see you in the next video.

52 thoughts to “Must Have Laptop Accessories 3.0 – Simple, Portable, Surface Go”

  1. Could you maybe provide the link as to how to set up the Surface as a second display? I can google but a lot here would love to have a quick link 😉

  2. Anyone else incorporate a tablet or iPad into their productivity setup? What are your thoughts? Should I give an iPad Pro a try?

  3. Does that M720 mouse work with Logitech's Flow feature? I find that invaluable when working with two computers at my desk.

  4. Loved this and love my Go. Hope the next gen has better battery and a little more power, but tbh it's enough for my use anyway.

  5. Are my eyes deceiving me, or do you have the most crappy and overpriced watch on your wrist. Please tell me its not a Daniel wellington.

  6. Your videos are as clean, crisp and classy a video can ever get. I enjoy watching your videos and setups, I would love to have a setup as cool as yours.

  7. When you wear a $20 watch which is made in China and sold for $200, you loose credibility to review things. Stop buying DW watches dude. 😅

  8. What would you consider your current job / career
    It looks like you have the set up of an entrepreneur who has to go to a lot of meetings

  9. I am actually interested to know how you clean all these gadgets (e.g. keyboard) and about the cleaning products you use. Though I know this suggestion doesn't sound exciting at all… Heh heh.

  10. Is there any way to use the laptop with closed tap? I intend to use it with a monitor. It's a nuisance to open it up every time you need to power it up.
    I've been doing some research about it and found nothing…. the only way is through BIOS but in my laptop is not supported.
    Thank you.

  11. I use my razer blade stealth for every day productivity, certainly more portable and powerful than my work laptop, but would like more battery life. I think the power bank idea would help

  12. Thanks for the recommendation. Was looking for something to replace my wireless Microsoft. Scored a new 720 on eBay for $23!

  13. Great content, as usual, but I particularly enjoyed the short length. More of these could be good, in addition to your normal longer length videos.


  14. WHAT? You can use your laptop as a secondary screen just by using a Windows feature? I've been looking for something like this for the past 2 years.
    My mind was blown, holy crap this was the first time I've seen this feature!

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