MRI Research Decoding the Human Brain

MRI Research Decoding the Human Brain

– When the subject gets into the MRI, we are trying to collect a
brain scans from the subject while the subject is watching a movie. We take brain scans every two seconds, and we look at the whole brain
to see how the brain activity goes up and down at
every place in the brain. After we acquire the brain
scans from the human subjects we use deep learning models to
reconstruct what the people see. And what is more interesting
is that the model also can predict how the brain
interprets what the person see. For example brain sees a person, then the model can predict it’s a person. – What’s new in this study is
that for the very first time we show that we can use a
convolutional neural network to understand how the
brain processes information while a person is watching a video. A major goal is to use submersion learning algorithms to help understand the brain and then to use what we
understand about the brain to advance Artificial intelligence.

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  1. It must take an insane effort of mental gymnastics for religious supernaturalists to see this and still deny that our conscious minds are a pattern of activity physically embodied in the brain.

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