76 thoughts to “Mosfet 2 -Laptop Chip Level Repair”

  1. Sir in mother board near resistor v can see R . and near capacitor v can see C . For mosfet any identification that v can find that is Mosfet

  2. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) whic is beast for esd can v use wood table for repair how to ground us in better way when v do repair

  3. Source k sath kuch pins par beep dairaha hai drans k sath kuch k sath nahi yeh kya issue hai?
    Mean k source k 3 pins hai aik gate hai 4 drains hai source k pin s sath drains k 3 pins reading dairaha hai aur 1 beep dairaha hai so whats the problem?

  4. Nice video, but sincerely i did not understand all you said. Can you please add an English subtitle so that all could benefit from this lovely video you did.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  5. Good Mosfet 2 -Laptop Chip Level Repair tenex Boos my Bangladesh toun sylhet IT engineer for castle,com facebook/khursedalom

  6. Very useful video sir , but testing me thoda sa dought tha , gate se kyo check kar rahe the aap , drain & source se hee ho jata confirm aur first wala MOSFET bhe faulty laga mujhe . please clear karna sir ,
    Bahut acchi video lagi apki ,

  7. sir pls same video like a diode capacitor resistor coil all smd components in laptop motherboard (how to measurement and check please upload……….at least thank u very much

  8. Hi, I have Desktop motherboard its showing 99 Error in Post Card and POST Screen also, I changed the BIOS but still same error do you have IDEA to resolve it? Please help.

  9. Sir, can we substitute AO4712 mosfet (laptop) with SM3113N mosfet (desktop motherboard) as parameters match except ao4712 -13amp & sm3113n -85amp. Please reply me… Thanks in advance.

  10. Hey, my friend don't lie with the name of the video. If you're Hindi speaking person why you wrote everything in English???🙄 I cannot understand what are you talking about. I'm really pissed of from those Hindi videos.

  11. For laptop component level repair,fault diganostics,upgradation,mother board repair etc…. for high definition full video ,please visit the link https://bit.ly/2KDRZNQ

  12. Very pleased with your information, one doubt in my Lenovo laptop mother board ACLU3/ACLU4 NM-A361 , How to remove the connection of the screen wire from the mother board. Is it soldered or clip type. Would you, please make an video of it.

  13. Your video title is on English please insert translation to English, basic at least. Or any other language.

  14. Sir Mera leptop nx 6320 ke mathar board ka mosfet 4825P jal gaya hai jo nahi mil raha doosra mosfet koi lagjayga jo india market me mil jay ?

  15. Hi, how do you find a suitable replacement? I have one burned mosfet on 1080ti and the writing on top is 7403 GA2E16. I can measure the good mosfet with multimeter but need to find a suitable replacement. Any ideas?

  16. Report for misleading such a waste of time english title and speak hinde indian youtuber is worst than chinese

  17. Asus X551ca laptop on nahi ho rha hai. Na hai power led aur charging led on hai to aap mujhe bataynge ki motherboard ki power supply kese check kare?

  18. Dude… Can you do this in English please? I'm trying to learn Hindi but that is a sloooowwwwww proces. And your material is really good… So… Please? 😄

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