MONSTER 5″ Exhaust Installed – Banks Power DPF Back 2017 Ford F250 Superduty

MONSTER 5″ Exhaust Installed – Banks Power DPF Back 2017 Ford F250 Superduty

time to move some cars all the way and
get the f250 up on the lift not that I can’t probably do this on my back cause
it’s trucks are kind of high but you know if I have a lift sitting right here
why not just stand up and do it while you lay on my back so here we go alright I’m ready to throw this thing up
on the lift but first let me start it we have the engine up a little bit let you
hear the stock exhaust then I’ll put the new one on and we’ll see what that
sounds like that’s the best I can do right now alright let’s slap this exhaust on and
see what it sounds like all right well I get this thing down
here prepped I think I got to cut like 16 inches off of a straight pipe to
match this truck let’s take a look at the stock stuff it looks like it’s
probably 3 inches stock I don’t know maybe it’s four but we’re gonna attach
right here look up over the top go over there and pop out first thing we want to
do is get some wd-40 on these get all up in there so we can get this thing out let that soak for a little while I do
this I’ll move over here and this one right
here this one right here I’m gonna have to
cut about 16 inches off of it for the instructions because I got the short bed
shouldn’t be that big of a deal I got tools for it nice what a nice guy
thank you banks for making my life so difficult I had to cut one piece of pipe
man this is hardcore work right here I’ll tell you what for that nice
straight is out all right with everything off
here’s what we got we got the factory exhaust to the left banks to the right
so what we have over there is a three and a half inch pipe and what we have
here is a five inch pipe so probably gonna sound a little different I’m gonna
have to steal these little rubber pieces from here and put them on there hang it
up bolt it up this thing is probably almost done put the little bun back in
the bumhole fire it up pretty easy put this thing up I think we got it good
to go the Florida senior clearance are their merits right here nothing looks good oh we got do not
start it up so I’m good okay yep quiet I can do the
turbos more now it’s planning on doing this cool
little video showing what it sounds like on the inside with how loud it is I
didn’t expect it to be loud up but I did think it would have liked a little bit
more of a rumble it’s actually kind of quiet so this video from the inside the
cat isn’t going to be not awesome but this one it sounds like basically in
here probably can’t hear nothing actually up at these higher speeds feels
like I can feel a difference I don’t know I don’t know who knows I mean
that’s just me kind of getting on it a little bit nothing wild at all it’s got a little rumble it’s kind of quiet I can hear the turbo
is a little bit more so what did it sound like when I took off was it good
or what yeah like a little Rumble to it yeah
well everything seems to be working well I like it it’s nice I’m quieter than I
thought it was gonna be I thought I was gonna have more of a rumble than that
but that’s okay because I didn’t do any kind of a delete all my stuff is still
intact is this California car I’ve approved it’s legal it’s not attracting
any special attention but they do say inside of the manual inside the spec
sheet that it does have some benefits it’s not just a pipe I mean it is kind
of disappoint but the way that the tip is said I was supposed to do something
it’s supposed to help you in some way but it does look good on there up next
up is the programmer I’m gonna start working on that probably tomorrow or the
next day and then I got the air intake already ordered it’s gonna be here
probably in another I don’t know a couple weeks or something like that
they’re working on it’s a brand new one that’s legal in California as well so
that’s what we’re waiting for the intake I’ve already got the programmer will
plug that thing in we’ll get the a-pillar hooked up and we’ll see what
kind of power we can make out of this thing until then thanks for getting
sweaty with me and I’m out of here

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  1. i showed some of this LIVE today while i was doing it…don't miss exclusive daily streams on my IG channel – follow me at

  2. I thought this truck was a gasser this whole time!! And even after you installed the exhaust halfway through the video lmao. I cannot believe how much they choke diesels down from the factory these days. I do understand you’re in Cali so that’s why you didn’t or couldn’t go louder. But either way it’s a nice clean exhaust that isn’t too loud to daily drive. I like it

  3. That moment when you're lowering the truck and my mind expects it to continue down and it stops. The 2 fiddy is a huge beast👌

  4. Yeah the Banks exhaust looks real good specially with a black tip once you get the programmer installed and you get your new air induction boxing that's when you're going to notice some horsepower to the wheels

  5. SO SO SICK STEVE!!! That is one sick truck. I just got. 26” rims on my Yukon just now so stoked that this video came out right now. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO STEVE!! You do so much for your friends. MOST AWESOME DUDE OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! Have a great week!!!!!

    Looking good too wish I could loose that weight!!! I’m working on it doe!!!!

  6. You and I have similar taste i daily a Black 2018 Esky on 26s with norcalss drop and willwoods, and my toy is a black edition 2016 Ram 3500 mega cab 8" BDS 4 link kit, fox shocks and reoil bars. Also its tuned and deleted. Your channel is my favorite on the Tube.

  7. Working on brand new vehicles is so nice. I did the exhaust on my '12 Duramax and had almost every exhaust stud strip out and my hands looked like I've been living in the desert for a couple years.

  8. Could definitely hear the turbo spool a bit more. That new set up fits that lifted beast! Side question- is the Lexus still around? Not sure if you covered that already, sorry if you have. Sick F250 man!

  9. Man I love that truck ! I drive big rigs pulling low boy trailers pulling 26k pound farm equipment. If my loads wasn't that heavy this would be my next move . ♥️ those thing

  10. I love your videos. Some of the best stuff for car guys and Audiophiles. The attention to detail in your work is impeccable.
    Keep up the good job. 👊💯

  11. Great up date big bro I just cant say it enough I'm loving that damn ford but like I told u I'm a Chevy man all day but that's hella nice bro

  12. они тоже из гаража садятся за руль с грязными руками 🤚

  13. I thought it would have a little more rumble too, but honestly I prefer quiet exhausts (I get annoyed hearing them after a while), so if it helps performance and still be fairly normal sounding, that's good! Great video as usual!

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