Monitor Viewing Angle Gauge – STOP using your monitor the WRONG way!

Monitor Viewing Angle Gauge – STOP using your monitor the WRONG way!

Do you process your digital images on a laptop
computer or a desktop monitor with a tilting screen? In this video I am going to show you the best
fifteen dollar gadget that you never realized you needed – stay tuned! Hey gang! As laptop computers become more powerful I
see more and more photographers processing their images and videos on their small laptop
screens. Now I will admit – us old guys – we prefer
bigger screens to work on but even if you are working on an iMac like I do – the screens
tilt. And that is the problem that you didn’t
know you had. Every time I setup my laptop in the studio
I naturally adjust the screen to an angle that I think looks good. But what this means is that every time I set
up my laptop I have the screen at a different viewing angle and it’s not necessarily the
correct one – I’m just eyeballing it like everybody else. Just like everybody else, I want my images
to look their best on all devices and I go to the trouble of calibrating my screens on
all my computers. But you can see here as I change the angle
of the laptop screen the brightness and tones of the image change also. Yes – the brightness of the image appears
to change as your angle to the center of the screen changes. So if you are processing your photos with
your laptop on your lap or even on your desk – there is a high likelihood that your brightness
and contrast adjustments are not what you think they are, because you don’t have your
screen at the proper viewing angle. Now you could buy yourself a protractor – you
know one of those half round things you learned about in math class back in middle school
– or you can get this simple little gadget from the folks at Acratech called a Monitor
Viewing Angle Gauge. This little gadget is brilliant and so simple
to use. It comes from Acratech, the company who makes
the awesome tripod ball heads that I talked about in this video. It attaches to your laptop or computer monitor
with a simple piece of velcro and removes easily when storing the laptop. Acratech has a real simple video on their
YouTube channel that shows you how to measure and attach the velcro at the proper spot – in
less than a minute. Once attached – simply adjust the angle of
your screen until the marker lines up with the matching cut-out and you are now seeing
your screen at the proper viewing angle which means that you are seeing your image at the
calibrated brightness and tones. Easy Peasy! Researchers agree that at rest, our eyes naturally
assume a straightforward and downward line of sight. Numerous field studies among people that do
intense visual work indicate that looking upwards is tiring. So for comfortable viewing of images on a
computer screen, place the monitor slightly lower than eye level. If you are sitting at a desk – make sure that
your seat is tall enough to place your eyes near the top of the monitor and then tilt
the monitor for the proper viewing angle. Unfortunately when most of use a laptop it’s
usually in our laps or sitting on a desk. Based on the science the best approach is
to at least keep the screen properly angled using a device like Acratechs Monitor Viewing
Angle Gauge. Ideal distance for most people is to be seated
with your eyes approximately 20 – 26” from your computer screen. I hope find this quick tip useful
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19 thoughts to “Monitor Viewing Angle Gauge – STOP using your monitor the WRONG way!”

  1. Joe your channel is on top of every other channels. Always to the point and no BS.👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Great video Joe!
    So the correct viewing angle is 90? I may have to use a protractor in the meantime because it seems that Acratech is not yet available to order from an EU distributor and importing with shipping doubles its price.
    Nevertheless, thanks for bring in it to attention. it was something that did not cross my mind before 🙂

  3. This is such a great idea! I'm always paranoid about having the screen at the proper angle. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Or you could look at your reflection on the screen and tilt it until your eyes are central, just as a quick fix.

  5. Just ordered one through Adorama (Because I wanted a red one and Amazon only had the silver ones and they also had shipping cost that was half of what Acratech's site had…)

  6. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for showing me more stuff that I am not aware of but that is very important to consistent photography

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