Minimalist Workspace: Easy Tips for Organizing a Zen Desk & Office

Minimalist Workspace: Easy Tips for Organizing a Zen Desk & Office

(gentle music) – Hello, my friends. Thank you so much for
stopping by my channel and especially huge welcome if you’re new. So even though I’m a
full time yoga teacher, I spend almost all my time in front of a computer running my online yoga teacher training, this YouTube channel, and my
Uplifted online yoga community. So having a zen workspace where I feel like I can be calm, mindful, and get stuff done
efficiently is critical. Today I’m gonna give
you a tour of my office with all my tips so you can create a zen, minimalist workspace at home. Let’s get started. If you’re like me, having
a clear desk is essential. A clear desk just makes
my whole mind feel clear and makes me love my workspace. Here’s how I did it. Invest in a desk with
storage space underneath or build your own desk like I did with these three pieces from Ikea. Hidden in this cupboard, you’ll
see I have my podcasting mic which I always place here when
recording my weekly podcasts. Storing it exactly below
where I use it is easy, convenient, and means
I always put it away. Down here I also have my journals and yoga teacher training manuals as I like to have this nearby so I can make notes for our live calls and then quickly slip
them back out of sight. On the shelf below I have a box with all my external hard drives, a DVD player, and power strip. I hated the way it looked to always have external hard
drives cluttering up my desk when I was editing so I
invested in this USB hub which I connect all my
drives and DVD player to and then hide them out of sight. The whole USB hub, as
well as my power strip, connects to my laptop through cutout holes in the furniture and they’re
secured with an elastic band so they never fall apart
when I clean or dust. You’ll notice I have some
yoga blocks under here too and that’s because I put the yoga blocks under various things to
make different setups more ergonomic. Depending how I’m sitting, the blocks help me to elevate
my podcasting mic or mirror so I’m never hunching
or straining my neck. You’ll see I have two
coasters instead of one since I’m always drinking
both water and tea or some kind of hot beverage. I like tile coasters since
they’re hard to damage and easy to clean. The mirror is here because my desk space also doubles as where I put
my make up on in the morning. Instead of forcing myself to
do my makeup in the bathroom since that’s more “normal”,
I just designed my workspace around my already ingrained habits and made this top drawer of
my desk my makeup drawer. One drawer holds my
pens, the other my files. I do everything I can to prevent paper from entering our house. After I check the mail, I
sort it immediately outside and throw the bulk of
it in our recycle bin so none of it even enters our house. Any important docs, I immediately scan with the Dropbox app and
put in appropriate folders. Anything that the paper version needs to be kept for a while, I store in one of my three folders which are color coded. One for my business, one
for my family, house stuff, and one for everything related
to my pregnancy and the baby. Any bills or papers that
need to be paid or acted upon go into my gray inbox
on the top of my desk. My office also doubles as where I workout and store all my workout clothes. I like to always keep my mat unrolled and my yoga pants rolled so I can always find the pair I want. Extra workout props are
in the bottom drawer and in this toy chest from Ikea. I made this mini vertical alter which houses my gemstones and oracle cards so I can easily use them while on my mat and then again easily put everything away. My essential oil diffuser sits on my desk so I can use it while typing at my desk or practicing yoga. I store my oils right below the diffuser in one of the drawers. My last tip is to hide all
of your books out of sight, either in a chest, closet, or in drawers and cupboards like me. This makes the space
airy and clutter free. I hope you liked these tips on how you can create a zen
and productive workspace. I know that when my desk is clear and my office is clean, a sense of peace truly
permeates my whole life and I feel so much more in
control of my to do list. Did you like this video? Please comment yes in the
comment box down below along with any of your own
tips you’d like to share. Thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you
on your yoga mat soon. From my heart to yours, namaste. (gentle music)

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  1. Namaste. I am just in the process of setting up my own workspace, so your tips were very helpful. Thank you!

  2. I loved it,thank you Brett! I usually do not comment,mostly due to a lack of time…this video was a much needed for me personally,as I am about to start deep decluttering! Your passion is what drove me to your channel and I am loving all your work already! Love xxx D

  3. namaste! this is so perfectly timed for me – I've been trying to tidy & organize my home office this week and finding it a bit frustrating. This really helps!

  4. Love the video! I have a very similar philosophy about my workspace. Come visit if you're in Florida! One different thing is that I like having books on the bookshelves around. They are located behind and to the side of my desk so I don't see them when I'm working but if I'm reading in the lounge chair it makes me happy to see the books around (I can see the bookshelves from the chair.)

  5. Hello Brett first thing first i love you a lot i am a huge fan of ur vibrations ur visions ur baby boy<3 and of course ur yoga class, i would like to see one second of fascia video but i cant pay for the moment.. ,MY QUESTION IS: i really want to know more about all ur books and all those things i can see but cant read clearly on ur video even if i play pause,lol i really dreamed about one vid especially about that, lots of thanx and love from France NAMASTE <3 Marion 31yo

  6. A lot of personals info in the drawer paper shots… not afraid ? I will never post things that personal…

  7. Love your pen drawer! Most of these tips wouldn't work for me simply because of the layout of our apartment and how my wife and I work from home, but I always enjoy seeing how other people have arranged and built their workspaces. Namaste!

  8. You shared several great tips I wouldn’t thought about! My best gift to myself before leaving on maternity leave was cleaning my work office. I walked in and was greeted with a sense of calm, kicking things off so nicely! (At least for the first hour!) 😬. Time to do so again.

  9. Namaste 💖 I love your office! This video gave me some ideas I'm excited to try, especially storing my yoga clothes near the rest of my yoga supplies.

  10. Yes!! I am striving for a home that is a haven; a place for rest, fun, love, family, relaxation, and rejuvenation. I am recovering from some difficult health setbacks over the last 5 months and I love the way you have incorporated so much into your office area and it's still so neat, organized and beautiful😍

  11. Thank you Brett! I'm moving in a month and I'm totally using this tips to set up my new office space 💙

  12. Namaste 🙂 Sone of the tips were useful, I would definitely welcome some lifestyls video every now and then 🙂

  13. Yes loved it! Please do more videos like this one a peek into your daily life. Would you consider doing a video about other exercise you do, daily routine, food prep, or ways to manage time wisely. Thanks Brett your amazing.

  14. That meditation cushion is so cool. I liked your helpful hint. I share some of the same solutions and love how it feels.

  15. Love love love! Thank you for sharing your home, Brett! Can’t wait to try some of these ideas in my own yoga space❤️❤️❤️

  16. Namaste! Loved it! You are very motivational and inspirational! I'm going to reorganize my space right now!

  17. Brett..I not only love your zen work/beauty/yoga space but I totally agree with creating a space free of wires and papers. I’m in the process of creating my zen space in what used to be our dining room. It is small but I will make it work for me just like you did❤️ Namaste Lady

  18. Yes.

    I’m new to yoga and meditation. I am a 46 year old hairstylist with a bad back and neck and I suffer from SINUS TRIGGERED MIGRAINES. I’ve been doing hair for 27 years and getting burnt out and would like to learn more about yoga and meditation!
    I’m just learning but have felt like, for a while now, that there’s a pull to learn and then TEACH! I have a long way to go but I am NOW feeling motivated.
    I enjoy your videos very much. Thank you!!,🙌🏻🌞🧘🏼‍♀️

  19. Brett you are absolutely the best! So simple, sophisticated, and most importantly do-able!! As always, your tips inspire me and I cannot wait to better myself ✨

  20. UPLIFTED! 🙂 Love this video. I really need to clean up my desk, your tips are really going to help me with that!

  21. Great Tips Brett, thank you! I have two book shelves in my living room that my husband mainly uses and I've grown to hate them, unless you keep the books stack neatly, it makes the room look cluttered to your point.

  22. Namaste! Wow, you have great awareness (duh: yoga teacher!) to know exactly what you use often and where. I love the use of the yoga blocks. Clever! Thanks 🙂

  23. I LOVED this video Brett and the timing is super good for me. I just started a new job and now that my predecessor quit (I shadowed her for a while) I've started to declutter the workspace. Not done yet, I'm allowed to do changes as I see fit by the boss. But at the same time she is used to how it used to be, and doesn't understand why I want to change it "so radically". She also uses that workspace at times, but it's considered MY desk now 😉
    By the way all of your energy feels so different! You are so much more grounded, simply a different person. You are a mom now 😀
    Also where did you find your altar shelf? And what diffusser do you use?
    Lots of love :*

  24. The state of my mind is almost always reflected in my living space. When I'm feeling anxious or scattered, my apartment is usually a mess! I've found that cleaning up my space or simply making my bed does wonders for my mind! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I loved this so much! I will definitely be taking a lot of your tips from this video! Thanks so much!

    Amber Talarico

  26. Thanks for the tips! I especially love the hiding and getting rid of papers! I’m writing my thesis For hard school and easily get distracted so this video was very helpful. Getting rid of the paper folders into a drawer will help out my desk situation. Thanks so much Brett! Namaste.🙏🏼😘

  27. Great Tips Brett. I would try to incorporate them to my life. Thanks a lot. Especially with sorting documents or throw them out immediately or scan them directly to the Dropbox folder.

  28. Clever idea having the make up station nearby the workplace. I often skip make up but it would be a nice pause from work from time to time! I will do that!

  29. Hi again. 8 gotta say and been meaning to for past 2weeks, I've put books in dresser drawer, tidied my spare bedroom and tonight put journals in my divan drawer! that was a biggie for me. really appreciate this vids inspiration

  30. At last I made time to watch this video. Yes and namaste 😉 thank you for sharing your tips, your nice workspace surely makes one want to work in it !

  31. YES!Aloha Brett, Since stumbling onto you when I availed of the $1 a month Trial subscription of FMTV, (I'm sure I won't be the first to say so, but..)Something in your Be-ing just captivated me. I only saw ONE vide of you .. (Fascia yoga)!!!Confession: I didn't even become an exemplary yogini, as I only began doing it with you the one time.But I knew .. (sorry if that sounds creepy?!?) ..simply felt a resonance with the strong, focused, loving woman (siStar??!) there. I loved what FMTV offers, but had to let it go for now. Couple weeks later I remembered your Light, and found you on YouTube. Wow!!! Check in you out on your own did not disappoint; what a lot of love you pour into your work/passion.I know you have a baby now so Welcome to earth, wee one, & welcome to Motherhood, precious Sister!Signed up for your making list didn't I? And guilty of just not opening emails (so many, frm so many other amazing beings on the planet at present), when I did finally clic on a link it was for this one.And then it was just an uninvestigated open tab on my device here for…..em..weeks.. Maybe two weeks.(Can see why this particular video/topic grabbed me to begin with tho)Finally. Tonight, I view.Afterward, type.Copiously.Have you ever had that feeling, of appreciating so much the essence of someone you don't even personally know..Being aware of a wonderful empathic alignment with someone, of receiving tangible love from this persona on a screen, that you just desire to share likewise transparently what it means to you?Well, all I can say is Go raibh maith agat (THANK YOU)! Slán agus Beannacht. Blessings and goodbye for now… XPeneleapaí

  32. My desk at work sometimes gets a bit cluttered and I can live with it for a certain period, but there comes a point where I think, “I don’t care how busy I am, I can’t think until I’ve tidied my desk”. Your office is lovely and gave me some ideas, but I won’t be putting books in drawers because I just love them so much. For me books “spark joy” even when they’re on a dull topic (as long as it’s a topic that is useful). I’m always trying to arrange them so that they’re as tidy as possible and in an order that makes sense to me, but always visible.

  33. I really like the idea of having a vertical altar! I'm gonna incorporate this in my future yoga space ♥

    Also, isn't it hard to find books if stored like this? I really like the tip for feeling clutter free but I feel like it's not easy to access the right book. Maybe it's just because they're not stored vertically ^^ Plus I imagine that when it's your own books it's easier to know which is which 😀
    Anyways, rant over!

    Thank you for the tips! I'm going to keep them in my for when I move 🙂

  34. Very useful your video. Thanks for the shine in your face, that reflects what you has in your heart.

  35. Hi Brett! Thanks for sharing this! Do you have links to the items that you purchased for your space?

  36. Great video! I total agree! A clean desk space makes the mind so much clearer. Highly underrated philosophy!
    Thank you for sharing!

  37. Hi just discover your Channel. Your desk and your office so clean and organized. Also Yes I really enjoy this video. Can you help me be flexible in yoga Please.? ☺

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