Mini VACUUM CLEANER for Laptop Computer Keyboard Powered by USB

Mini VACUUM CLEANER for Laptop Computer Keyboard Powered by USB

Mini vacuum cleaner for pc. As you can see there is no specific brand name on the package of the usb cleaner. It comes with two cleaning adaptors, a rubber one, and a plastic one with a brush on it. I am plugging the USB cable of the mini vacuum cleaner into the USB 3.0 port of my laptop. I don’t think it matters in what kind of USB port you will plug the keyboard cleaner. Let’s start with the tests. First comes the FLOUR. Let’s speed up the process. It gathers most of the flour. Next is COFFEE. I am going to use no adapter this time. Let’s see if the vacuum cleaner will suck better. As you can see, pretty much all the coffee is on the paper. CRUMBS. The cleaner does an excellent job with the crumbs. The ultimate cleaning challenge – STEEL NAILS! I am sorry for the scary prank 🙂

28 thoughts to “Mini VACUUM CLEANER for Laptop Computer Keyboard Powered by USB”

  1. This is an excellent idea. Computers work much better when they're free of dust and other debris. This is a really convenient way to clean!

  2. LOL!!! I knew there was no way nails were going up that thing, but wow! That's pretty freaking awesome. I didn't even know they made such a thing, but next time…I vacuum instead of throwing that sucker away.! Thanks for the share.

  3. Having seen the battery and plug in mini vacs never really "suck" I''m impressed with this. I will say you got some nerve too, a no name brand package and you just dump on the debris. I'll be looking for this one, thanks!

  4. Very good tool clean the dust on computer keyboard where most of the bacteria resides. Love this tool. Will go and order for this.

  5. This mini usb vacuum cleaner looks like exactly what I need to keep my keyboard and desk cleaner, I'm always struggling with dust, I definitely want to order one of these!

  6. This is an amazing idea. I always have crums an dust stuck in my keybord. I also want to use it to keep my laptop vents clean. I love this thing. Im deffinetly getting a mini usb vacume cleaner.

  7. Why on earth do you silly people have to show us all how to take the friggin thing out the packet. Take it out first then review it. Unpacking it in front of a cam makes you look totally brainless.
    Also get rid of that ridiculous music and use your microphone and talk to us. I hope you have a tongue?
    We all like throwing flour over our keyboards too but let me just say one thing.

    These are crap

  8. This looks to be an effective mini vacuum for keyboards, and the fact that it is USB powered is an additional bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  9. The moment they put nails on the keyboard I immediately paused the video, felt something wasnt right. I move the pointer to point at the bar to check the next 10 seconds, saw the face and I were right hahaha.

  10. Ok, I got one also, but mine vibrates soo much, it literrary is vibrating my whole arm while I am cleaning my comp … Is that normal ? Does your mini comp.vac.cleaner also vibrates like crazy while vacuming the comp ?

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